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Horse Of The Week – Blake, Sayyad & Max.

Blake 1

7-year-old Welsh Section D, Blake.

Lynn Hutcheson and daughter Karen Johnson, have a favourite Feedmark supplement, which they feed to all of their horses. Karen explains: “We first used Gastric Comfort on Blake, our 7-year-old Welsh Section D after a recommendation from our vet Simon Constable. I was very skeptical as I didn’t really believe in supplements, but I was willing to try anything!”


Sayyad 1

Sayyad, the 6-year-old Arab.

Blake was unrideable for two years prior to this investigation which started just over 12 months ago. After adding the Gastric Comfort to his diet ee are now back on board, riding, and improving all of the time!”

Feedmark’s Gastric Comfort has played a huge part in helping my other two horses, My 6-year-old Arab gelding, Sayyad and my 10-year-old Welsh Cob, Max. .”

Max 1

Max, 10-year-old Welsh Cob.

“Our future plans are to get Blake back to the Show Ring next season; Max will compete at County level; and Sayyad will go to Producer, Clare Fitch to start his ridden career under saddle.”

“I now feed Gastric Comfort as an essential supplement to all of my horses that are in work, or stabled a lot. I have seen huge improvements in their work attitude, and in their all-round health.”

A FREE tub of Gastric Comfort is on its way to Blake, Sayyad & Max for being our Horses Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Patti.

Patti 2Meet Cranwood Magnolia, also known as Patti. She is owned by Philippa Harris who told us: “Patti only stands at 16.1hh, although she looks about 17hh! She is by Jumbo, out of a Show Hunter mare called Matera who was Hannovarian X Thoroughbred, perhaps with a little Irish Draught. Patti has over £100 from British Showjumping; and 180+ points from British Dressage.”

“The supplement that I really, really could not do without is ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips. I first started using this when Patti was about 14 or 15 years old. I believe this was before the Rosehips were added, she is now nearly 23 years old. I believe that if I hadn’t kept her religiously on the ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips she would never have coped with her workload so well.”

“We were competing at Elementary and at Medium level affiliated dressage at the time. Patti Patti 1has been a very tricky horse ever since I got her as a 3 year old and I have never given up on her, even when the professionals have. She is an absolute delight to look after, and is my best friend. We’ve done everything together: Eventing; Showjumping; affiliated Dressage; Showing – Veteran classes and Hunters; Pony Club and Riding Club Championships; and Hunting. Although she’s never made it to the very top of anything she’s learnt to work with me and gives me her all where no one else could even get her to walk! Patti has done some Veteran classes at Windsor Horse Show, and some locally to me. We narrowly missed out on Olympia qualification two years ago, she was too lively apparently! I’ve had her for 19 years, we have lived all over the country together, and have spent nearly every day together. I cannot imagine life without her, she’s a legend to me.”

“As Patti has become older I have increased the amount of ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips and Feedmark’s Boswellia, and she has stayed sound as a bell. We have not been to any shows this year due to the cost of hiring a box, I’m a single parent and have another young horse (by Future Illusion) as well, so it is hard to juggle Children, Work, Home, and two horses on a very low wage. I’m happy as long as the horses are both sound and happy, especially Patti. I have tried many other companies’ supplements over the years, but nothing works as well as the ExtraFlex Ha with Rosehips, so I will never take Patti off of it.”

Patti 3“I have nothing but the utmost thanks and praise for your company. Everybody is always so nice, cheerful, and helpful when I phone up. I’ve never had any problems whatsoever.”

A FREE tub of ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips is on its way to Patti for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Double Vision.

This is Double Vision, also known as Andee, who is Feedmark’s new Horse Of The Week. She is a Andee 617-year-old, Thoroughbred cross Irish Draught, standing at 15.2hh. Her owner, Rebecca Cross, explains: “Come February, I will have owned Andee for 11 years. Together we do a bit of everything, she is a true all-rounder. Over the years we have participated in hunting, show jumping, cross country, One Day Events, showing, pleasure rides, beach rides, dressage, we have tried side saddle, and have represented our riding club at area qualifier events. She is kept at home now where I do not have a school, so all of our schooling is done out hacking.”

“I am very proud of the rosette collection that we have acquired over time. Back in 2013 we won our riding club points Championship which was a real achievement.”Andee 1

“Having owned her since she was 6, Andee has had only one previous owner. She was very green when I bought her, having been broken at 4 and then not doing much at all. The first time I tried Andee I fell off her, as she displayed her impressive rodeo skills! I’m pleased to say that over the years our relationship has gone from strength to strength and she never fails to impress me, it’s easy to forget how far you actually progress. My plans for the future are for Andee to stay fit and sound and continue competing. I would also like to carry on representing the riding club in area events.”

Andee 2“Andee lives out 24/7 with her pony companion. Due to her EMS she has to be managed very carefully. She’s a tough old thing and I’ve been very lucky to have few problems in the time that I have owned her. She is also your typical sensible but unaffectionate, moody mare but I wouldn’t be without her. She looks after her riders whether it’s a show judge, or my niece on a lead rein who has learning disabilities.”

“Having been a long term user of Feedmark’s Clarity
supplement for my pony, I felt confident that starting my mare on ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips would be money well spent. Quite simply in 11 years, of owning my horse we have never placed higher than 5th in a dressage competition. Since feeding her Andee 3ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips in the summer to help support her mobility we have been out and won three dressage classes! We’ve been scoring 7’s and 8’s which is fantastic, not only can I feel a difference but clearly it can be seen as well! Talk about coming back with a bang! A great supplement which is now a permanent fixture of my feed room shelf. It’s always great to find a supplement that works rather than waste hard earned money on no result. Another bonus is the free shipping and regular offers Feedmark have, it really does all help when you have an expensive animal to keep!”

Andee 7“I also feed Andee the Clarity, having seen first-hand the amazing results on my pony, I started to feed it to her as standard to help keep her airways in tip top condition. I’m a firm believer that the respiratory system must stay healthy, otherwise it can cause serious performance issues. Thanks to Feedmark, Andee is in perfect condition, so any performance issues are down to myself!”

A FREE tub of ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips is on its way to Andee for being our Horse Of The Week!

Each week, the Feedmark team select a horse of the week from reviews, letters and emails sent to them. If you would like your horse to feature, then please send your horse’s details in to [email protected] or go online and write a review.Andee 4

Rest, Review, Plan and Prepare. – Annie Joppe

Winter is definitely here.  In the UK endurance is seasonal, confined to the spring, summer and early autumn.  Few of us are lucky enough to have horses to ride on the other side of the World so it is now a time to rest, review, plan and prepare.  Watergate Endurance is no exception.

The resting part comprises of Dilmun and Fantom spending lazy days in the field, growing fatter and acquiring a liberal coating of mud, as extra insulation of course!  The humans go on holiday too, the annual trip to Portugal to do absolutely nothing (just like the horses but not for such a long time).

Wiz long trot ANNIEJOPPE


This leaves Chiara and Wizard who have actually increased their workload.  This is the time of year when the school is needed most; unfortunately it is also the time of year when it becomes covered in leaves which impairs its ability to drain the surface water accumulated from raining almost every day.  Whoever builds a school surrounded by tall, deciduous trees?!

Wizard is now 20 years old and endurance-wise takes life a little easier.  He takes ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips for his joints and Opti Muscle to keep him supple.  To keep him interested during the winter, a dressage outing or two are planned and a little practice in the school is useful.  A schooling session twice a week interspersed with hacking and the occasional gallop in the huge fallow field over the lane from the yard keeps him happy.  Next weekend he will get ‘all dressed up’ for Christmas and attend a Christmas pleasure ride of 16 kms as an escort to young Chiara.

My attention has now turned to Chiara who still has so much to learn.  Throughout the winter it is schooling time; endeavouring to establish basic flatwork, possibly with a dressage test for her to do later.  At present we are concentrating on walk and trot, especially rhythm and transitions with a little pole work included for variety and to get her attention which sometimes falters when she sees the gorgeous Dilmun in a nearby field watching her – such a prima donna! Once we have the walk and trot established (including free walk which she thinks is a cue for marching at 100 miles an hour!) we will perhaps attempt an intro test.

Chiara dec 2015 ANNIEJOPPE


Chiara is also hacking out on her own regularly.  This can be an exciting experience in the high winds we have been experiencing almost every day for the last few weeks.  However, she is gaining an enormous amount of confidence from this as she sees so many different things and just has to get on with it.  We have even opened our first gate!

When Chiara first came to me she didn’t have the hardest of Arab feet and would pick her way carefully over hard tracks.  She has now been on Hardy Hoof for the last four months and she now has harder feet than both Wizard and Dilmun and can happily trot over a variety of terrain.

Next week is MOT time.  Vaccinations are due for Dilmun, Wizard and Chiara and it’s teeth time for all four as well as wormers.  I am very pleased to have found a new equine sports massage lady who will sponsor me for 2016 and all the horses will benefit from having regular sessions with her, an essential requirement for any competition horse.

The Endurance GB AGM and awards dinner have been and gone and unfortunately this year I was unable to attend but, by all accounts, it was a good bash and a new, streamlined Board was elected.  Hopefully there will now be more involvement by the members enabling endurance to move ahead and increase participation in this popular sport.

Plans for 2016 are still very fluid.  As my main aim is to offer at least one if not two horses for selection for the 2018 WEG at Bromont, it is necessary to see what qualification changes will be approved by the FEI.  In the meantime there is, of course, the World Endurance Championships scheduled to take place in the UAE in December and the 2017 European Championships in Belgium in between.

Horse Of The Week – Freddy Breeze.

Freddie 1Meet Freddy Breeze, our Horse Of The Week. Freddy is now 18-years-old and is a much loved and exceptionally kind hearted horse, according to his owner Caroline Horsley.

Caroline explains: “Freddy has a large fan club, who all love riding him, hacking him out, and competing him at shows. He is an excellent schoolmaster, and is hacked out every day. I have hunted Freddy for many seasons and have won Working Hunter and showing classes over the years, and this year also. I am sure he has only kept going due to Feedmark’s Flexamine 10:10 which has helped with his mobility and with Zerobute when needed. I also feed him Feedmark’s Herbalicious treats all year round, to keep him sweet!”Freddie 2

“Over the winter we plan to treat him some more with Energize, to help his performance. He is such a lovely horse, and I hope that with all of the fabulous Feedmark products, he will be around for many more years to come. Next year Freddy will hopefully do all of the Riding Club Team Events again, as he did this year.”

“He is all clipped and ready for winter now, and he looks better than ever. Thanks to us spoiling him and tending to his every need. Standing at 17.3hh Freddy is a huge horse, and larger horses can be harder to keep sound, but fingers crossed we have managed it. With winter approaching Freddy will have to be kept in the stable a lot of the time, so no doubt he will be appreciating his usual Flexamine 10:10 and Zerobute to keep him fully active.”Freddie 3

A FREE pouch of Flexamine 10:10
is on its way to Freddy for being our Horse Of The Week!

Each week, the Feedmark team select a horse of the week from reviews, letters and emails sent to them. If you would like your horse to feature, then please send your horse’s details in to [email protected] or go online and write a review.