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Ben Haslam Racing.

Our jump horses have been doing us proud this summer, and we are delighted with the 60%Ben1
strike rate they are operating at. Ever So Much (right) has now won twice this summer, putting up a brilliant performance in the mud at Towcester to cruise to victory in a hurdle race. He was then a little below par at Cartmel next time out, so has had a little break to freshen up after a long campaign. We are thrilled with him though, as he has now won 7 races for us in those famous green and gold colours of J.P. McManus, which is a huge source of pleasure for
everyone here.

We were delighted to be sent a lovely new jumper in Ben 2June,who goes by the name of Saint Charles (left). Also owned by J.P. McManus, he is a big, scopey athlete of a horse and we were very excited to be given the chance to train such a gorgeous horse. He came with a reputation for pulling hard, but seems to like the routine of a smaller yard, and got us off to a flying start at Southwell when he ran away with the 2 mile chase there. We are excited to see what the future holds for him, and are looking forward to getting him back out soon.Ben 3

The flat team are proving a little more frustrating, and are running consistently well without quite making it to the winner’s spot. Our two-year-olds who have run have now all managed to finish 2nd, that most irritating of places – although better than last! Our latest debutant is a cracking little filly we got from the Goresbridge Sales called Quiet Moment (right), and she ran a cracker at Nottingham to finish 2nd on her first start. We still have plenty of ammunition to unleash in this department, and hope that some of our bigger, later maturing horses will be putting up some good performances later in the year.

Horse Of The Week – Black Magic.

Black Magic 7This is the story of Black Magic, our new Horse Of The Week. Magic is a Full Cob, standing at 15.2hh and was born in 1995. Her story is told by Hazel Elliott: “I keep my mare at a lovely livery yard in Hampshire, everyone is very friendly and we all look out for each other and our horses.

One young lady Nicola was a passionate lover of animals, her mare “Magic” was the shiniest, most
pampered equine on the yard. Nicola’s husband used to say that he knew his place in the pecking order: Horse, Hamster, Husband! Nicola adored all three of them.Black Magic 1

Some years ago whilst having coffee, Nicola and Lynn, a lady from the same livery yard, made a pact. They agreed that if anything happened to either of them, then they would take on each other’s horses, never thinking that it may become a reality.

Tragically, Nicola was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last year. Magic was her inspiration to keep going. We all admired and were moved by Nicola’s determination not to give in, she continued riding until a few months Black Magic 2before her death earlier this year.

Lynn is an amazing lady who has two horses of her own, but without question she took Magic on. With the help of others on the yard and one new lady in particular Donna, whom is new to horses but has enthusiasm in bucket loads, Magic continues her life at the farm.

Black Magic 4Donna enjoys riding Magic, but was finding her behaviour difficult to manage at times. I recommended Hormonease as it has been a revelation for my mare.

Within a few weeks of taking it, Magic was a reformed character, she was very relaxed and the stress of those seasons had vanished. She now has a purpose, and is proving to be a joy to ride. Donna’s confidence has increased, and this new partnership is developing well.

Black Magic 3So, a big thank you to the Feedmark team for a great product, which enables both horses and riders to benefit.”
A FREE tub of Hormonease is on its way to Magic for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Annie Joppe – Now it’s Chiara’s turn!

Things have moved on swiftly since my last blog and this one is, I’m afraid, rather late.
The first goal set was to complete a second 40 kms novice qualifier with Chiara.  She didn’t get a lot of work since completing her first 40 kms in May; one full week off followed by rather intermittent training and schooling as everything was based around Fantom’s training for his 160 kms 3* ride.  We didn’t even get a chance to do any loading and travelling practice at all.

I had made arrangements to ride with my crew Katherine on her new FEI horse; only a small ride for her!  This was reassuring as Chiara can still be somewhat erratic and still needs a little confidence boost.  Chiara had been on her Steady Up Advance supplement for a few weeks now and it would be interesting to see if she is more settled and less tense.

Loading actually went smoothly with only a small hesitation and travelling, once we had started moving, also passed without incident and Chiara only had a sweat mark on her quarters where she has a stiff muscle area.  Note to self; arrange a massage for her to work on this area before her next competition.Chi at Boconnoc 2016

On arrival she did seem a little calmer than usual and behaved beautifully in the vetting,
standing quietly to have her pulse taken which was only a little elevated.  Tacking up as usual was the most stressful part, attempting to ‘decorate’ a moving target is no mean feat!  Off we went with our companion and Chiara leading most of the way through the beautiful Boconnoc estate (an area where horses are usually forbidden).  The course was lovely through ancient woodland and tracks finishing with a long canter through ‘Paradise’ – a truly stunning park, complete with herds of deer.

After a little cooling (she didn’t need much) off we went to the post ride vetting.  Cool, calm and collected; Chiara had a low enough pulse for the top grade.  An excellent result and an enjoyable and fairly relaxed competition, the only blot being me managing to get my foot under one of Chi’s.  Sound horse, lame rider!

Now the focus was firmly fixed on Fantom, although Dilmun had started some gentle exercise as a precursor to topping up his fitness for another 1* in August.  My aim with Fantom was to build up the targeted training to total approximately 80 kms a week for the two weeks prior to the tapering week.  This consisted of a mixture of sustained canter work either on the beach, around the cross country course and around a large sandy fallow field close to the dunes.  We mixed this up with interval training, schooling and work on the Pessoa interspersed with strategic rest days after the more intense work.  By the time the tapering week had come around I was fairly confident that the training Fantom had been doing was spot on and he felt good.

My own training, however, was definitely not all it should be.  When competing at Euston Park with Dilmun I had managed to forget my all-over fleece saddle cover and I therefore had to do the whole 80 kms without.  Not only did I have scrapes and blisters on the inside of my knees, but also wounds where a seam on my thighs had been rubbing.  The following week doing 68 kms with Fantom complete with saddle cover, I had taped up the grazes but found to my horror that all around the edge of the tape my skin had blistered! I spent the next couple of weeks pretty sore and unable to do my leg exercises or much running.  Another lesson learned!

Fantom had his new shoes with front pads put on a few days before the competition and benefited from a message from Kate McCarthy who had also obtained a small gadget that fitted to her iPhone enabling her to take thermal pictures of Fantom highlighting any hot spots – absolutely fascinating.

After a long drive of 8 hours, via Bristol airport to collect Kiwi our Dutch crew, we arrived at Fant finishing Kings (002) 2016King’s Forest.  What a beautiful venue and so well laid out.  It’s amazing what a bit of sponsorship can do to transform what is one of the UK’s top endurance competitions.  The following day I had a little ride out in the forest to familiarise myself with the start of the various loops.  In the afternoon was the pre-ride vetting.  Graham was to trot up Fantom for me so we had a little practice.  I have never seen Fantom behave so badly!  He alternately stood on his back legs and kicked out behind and sideways, eventually managing to catch Graham’s arm with one of his back feet.  I trotted him up in the vetting not wanting any of my crew injured.  This was the only time I have ever felt fearful doing a trot up but, of course, Fantom behaved himself perfectly…

5.30am and start time!  It had been light for hours and Kiwi and Katherine had also been up for hours feeding and walking Fantom.  The tack went on, more walking in hand, then up I went to do the warming up at a slightly faster pace.  Oh no, Fantom was back to the bad behaviour, leaping and making butterfly motions with his front legs (he must be double-jointed he’s so flexible).  Off we went with Fantom taking a bit of a hold but then settling into his stride just Crossing the Line King's 2016behind the leading pack.

Loops came and went in a blur with quick and fortunately uneventful vetting in between.  We maintained a good pace averaging about 16.5kph for the first four loops riding with the leading group.  Disaster struck when the sun burst through making the already humid woodland pretty unbearable.  I had to take a 10-minute break at a crew point and receive some intensive sloshing myself which completely revived me.  Unfortunately, that meant that I was a bit off the pace and posted quite a slow loop.

I had such great comments from the Dutch vet at the penultimate vetting that I decided to go for it and see who I could catch on the last loop.  As it turned out I only managed to overtake one rider but clocked my fastest loop at just under 18 kph and cantered over the line into 3rd place and a Championship qualification.

Well apart from the small blip, the ride went to plan and Fantom will now have several weeks Fantom King's 2016off, possibly coming back into work in October to do some schooling and low level dressage as a base conditioner for his bid for the Euros in Belgium next year.  I had prior to this ride decided to withdraw myself from the squad for this year as the Worlds were re-allocated to Slovakia in September rather than the hoped-for France in October.  This would not have allowed sufficient recovery time for Fantom and would have involved a long, long journey across Europe.

On my return I discovered that somehow Dilmun’s mane had been shortened (this is his crowning glory).  Wizard’s tail had also been drastically and mysteriously shortened over the last few weeks and now I know the culprit – little Miss Chiara!  Total disgrace!  Horsey hair extensions anyone?

Horse Of The Week – Emma.

Emma 1This is Emma, also known as Running Riot. This lovely Irish Sports Horse is owned by Louise Robson who explained: “Emma is 34 years old and has been a very busy girl in her younger days. Emma loved nothing more than popping fences and has competed up to Fox Hunter in affiliated British Showjumping. That’s not a mean Emma 2feat for a little 15.2hh Irish sweetheart. She is such a special horse, one in a million with a super temperament and a heart of gold.”

“Emma has had a very busy life, and we needed to find something to help keep her mobile.  After trying various different supplements, we found Emma 5Feedmark’s ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips and it really suits her! At the grand old age of 34, Emma is still loving life and bossing her field pals Emma 4around. It helps to keep her joints freer and more mobile. She is our little star and we love her loads.”

A FREE tub of ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips is on its way to Emma 3Emma for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Milly.

Meet Tailor Made MJ, a Welsh Cob cross Trotter. Milly is her stable name, and she stands at 14hh. She is owned by Elizabeth Taylor, who explains: “Milly was born and bred by my Mother, and we have owned her ever since. At 19 years old, Milly will never leave us. Due to her age, we mainly do showing but we still do the odd bit of show jumping too.”

Milly 1 EDIT“Milly was born on 6th June 1997. My Mother rode her as a teenager, and then my sister rode her as a teenager, and now I have her for showing. Milly has won numerous rosettes and trophies through showing, showjumping and gymkhana. She has also won at some county shows such as The Bakewell Show, The Suffolk Show and The Royal Norfolk Show. I showed Milly at The Suffolk Show recently, and came 6th out of a very strong class. All of this is in aid of our dream to qualify for Olympia, as we would love to compete there, and hopefully win! Milly has produced three fantastic foals; they were three beautiful dun fillies. The first foal has gone on to do dressage, the second foal became an all-rounder, and the third foal went on to be a show jumper.”Milly 2 EDIT“We have used ActiVet for around 4 years now and love it! We wouldn’t be without it – we are still showing and jumping Milly, and she even competed in affiliated show jumping, which she could not have done without ActiVet. We have tried numerous other supplements before, but we will not change from ActiVet now!”Milly 4 EDITA FREE tub of ActiVet is on its way to Milly for being our Horse Of The Week!

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Horse Of The Week – Izzy.

Izzy 2This is Izzy the Appaloosa, who is owned by Susan and Kelvin Russell. Susan explains: “Izzy is ten years old, and 15.2hh. We have had her since she was just a yearling. We currently hack out with Izzy, and school her, but we would like to get back in to showing her this year.
Izzy 1Izzy did very well at showing when she was younger, with a first, second and a fourth at The Royal Three Counties Show, lots of firsts at the BAPS (The British Appaloosa Society) Championships, and numerous wins locally. We haven’t done so much competing lately.”

“Izzy has always had tired and weeping eyes, even on windy days. However, since she’s been on Feedmark’s Eyebright she has had no sign of weeping eyes at all, and it has been three years now! As you Izzy 3can see she is very pink, and she always wears fly mask. I can’t stress how clear and bright Izzy’s eyes are, Eyebright is great!”

A FREE tub of Eyebright is on its way to Izzy for being our Horse Of The Week!

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