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Horses Of The Week – Farmer and Grey Boy.

farmer-12This is ‘Cumbrian Farmer’, a nine-year-old Thoroughbred and has been owned by Shona Murdoch since May 2016. Shona explains: “Farmer was last raced on 28th April 2016, and was a National Hunt horse. But now, he regularly competes in unaffiliated show jumping, dressage and arena eventing, for farmer-2all of which he then accumulates points towards the RoR regional leagues which are run by Retraining of Racehorses. He also competed at the RoR National Championships at Aintree in August, where he did some farmer-16lovely rounds, got lots of rosettes and everyone took a shine to him!”

“Farmer ran 25 times before coming to me in May this year. Farmer and I will do more dressage over winter and start competing in affiliated British Showjumping for thefarmer-7 miles, in the view of doing affiliated British Eventing next year. He is one brave lad so cross country is no problem to him! He will also be going back to Aintree for the RoR National Champs in August next farmer-13year.”

“Farmer is a large, big boned Thoroughbred and stands at 16.3hh, he is very long and difficult to manoeuvre. He was very rigid through his neck, shoulders and back when I got him. With the use of farmer-1 Feedmark’s ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips, he moves well from behind and has the most amazing trot you could wish for, he just needed it unleashing!”

“My other horse is Grey Boy, who’s registered name is ‘I’m Your Man’! He is an 18-year-old Thoroughbred who stands at 16.1hh, and was grey-boy-12a National Hunt horse. I’ve owned him since 2011, and he competes in Showing, dressage and hacking. Grey Boy used to love hunting, hunter trials, show  grey-boy-7jumping and pony club but age and injuries caught up with him and got in the way of things!”

“He recently won an ex racehorse class at a local show though, so the boy has still got it! Grey Boy won, and was Reserve Champion at Penrith grey-boy-17Show in 2014, where he qualified to go to Blair Horse Trials for the champs. He then came 6th in the UK! He has also completed countless Endurance GB pleasure rides and loved it! Grey Boy was bred, owned and trained by the Slack family, he ran 72 times winning nearly grey-boy-5£24,000 in his career. He was a firm favourite at Stoneriggs with his trainer often riding him out.”

“Grey Boy will be competing in dressage over the winter. He grey-boy-18loves cross country, but with so many injuries over the last 18 months he hasn’t done anything but hacking or flatwork. My dream is to take him cross country one more time, just to see him so happy in what he loves grey-boy-9doing! He will be out doing the round at the local shows next season too, and will be at the RoR National Champs at Aintree in August.”

“Before I started Grey on ExtraFlex HA with grey-boy-16Rosehips last year he would struggle to walk up or down the field in a morning, especially in the cold. But since he has been on ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips, his hocks have stopped clicking, he is freer in his back end and he has a new lease of life too, he is like a two-year-old sometimes!”

Horse Of The Week – Darwin.

darwin-3This is Darwin, our new Horse Of The Week. He is a 12-year-old Irish Draft cross Thoroughbred standing at 16.1hh. Zoe Linington has owned him for 3 years, and explains: “Darwin is a true all-rounder, we do a bit of dressage up to novice level, jumping, Trec, horse agility, hacking, and pleasure rides. He darwin-6turns his hoof to anything! We just look to have fun. Darwin is the sort of horse that is so easy to love, he always puts a smile on your face as he is very affectionate and easy going, he always tries so hard to please.”

darwin-8“Darwin has to be stabled quite a bit over the winter. I was arriving at the yard in the morning to find four legs that looked NOTHING like horse legs – there was no darwin-1definition to them at all, especially his hinds. After 20 minutes of walking they would go down so I knew what the problem was. Bandaging at night was an option but it’s very time consuming, and then he started to come up in little bumps under the bandages so it seemed I had swapped one problem for another! I was looking darwin-7around for something to help with the bumpy skin when I came across Feedmark’s range of supplements and then of course, the ‘No Fill‘. It was worth a go – darwin-2solve problem number 1 and then I might not have problem number 2!”

“If I was going to be really honest, I didn’t believe that it would work. I thought it was absolute nonsense, but I had tried everything else and was a bit desperate! Darwin was on ‘No Fill‘ all last winter and the results were nothing short of miraculous. It looks a darwin-4little like potpourri and I was very dubious, but Darwin did not have filled legs even once last winter! No bandages, no in hand walking before riding, normal horse legs! Highly recommended.”

Horse Of The Week – Simmy.

simmy-2Our new Horse Of The Week is Simmy, an 18-year-old Welsh Section B pony who belongs to Andrea Nicholson. Andrea told us: “Desarbre Scimtar (Simmy) came to mesimmy-5 on loan to cover 2 of my mares seven years ago. He was due to return to his owner in France the following February. During that year, he totally won my heart as the kindest, most biddable pony ever.”simmy-4

“He never went back, as my lovely husband bought him for my 60th birthday! He had spent most of his life covering mares, although we knew he had been broken as a youngster and had been on loan as simmy-3a ridden pony before coming to us. We decided to try putting him back into work, and he absolutely loved it!”

“However, the years of running with mares had taken its toll, and he felt a bit flat and tired, so we started him on Feedmark’s ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips, and he has never looked back! He loves his ridden showing simmy-6and is never out of the ribbons. He won at the New Forest Show 3 years ago, and this year, aged eighteen, he returned to the show and was 7th in a huge class of much younger ponies. He also qualified for 2 finals at the NPS summer champs and again came away with good placings in Open simmy-8ridden and Veteran classes. He still covers, and I currently have a beautiful yearling filly by him. He is sound, happy, and loves life. He plays with my yearling colt like a pony half his age. Here’s hoping for many more years of the same!”

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Horse Of The Week – Rosie.

rosie-2This week’s Horse Of The Week is Rosie, who was owned by Karen Tadd. Karen explains “Unfortunately, Rosie is norosie-1 longer with us, but I would really like to share her story. She was a 15.1hh Irish Draught.”

“We used Steady-Up Advance when Rosie had to be on box rest for 8 weeks. She was always a very stressy mare at the best of times when she was left in, but using Steady-Up Advance was a blessing. It kept her completely calm and rested. Steady-Up Advance helped a lot when bringing Rosie back into work, rosie-3and it kept her calm when she was turned out for the first few times. I was absolutely blown away with the product, I do recommend Steady-Up Advance whenever anyone asks about a calmer. Thank you Feedmark for such a great product! We went on to have lots of fun together, mainly rosie-4hacking and enjoying life!”

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Horse Of The Week – Alfie.

alfie-3This 16hh Thoroughbred is Alfie, and he is 13 years old. Gaelann East owns Alfie, and has done so for 3 years. Together they do a lot of dressage. Gaelann told us: “Alfie is an ex racer, he raced with a few placings then went off to a home that hacked him out before he came to me to be retrained for dressage. Alfie and I have been placed and have qualified at the RoR National Finals for three years running. alfie-1We came 10th with our Dressage To Music pair at the Riding Club Finals this year. Alfie also took RoR South East Champion in three classes this year.”

“I have lots of plans for Alfie to move up the alfie-6Dressage levels, and in 2017 we will start to work on Elementary moves, and hopefully go out competing in new Elementary Freestyle to Music. Alfie and I have lots of Qualifications to work towards with RoR Dressage and hope to top the points league again.”

“When Alfie came to us his hoof structure was weak and we kept losing shoes, so I started feeding Feedmark’s Hardy Hoof Formula. Alfie is a right fussalfie-2 monster when it comes to food but the small pellets of Hardy Hoof were easily mixed into his feed. Now we have got him to a stage where he maintains a strong hoof structure, we can keep shoes on for 6 weeks, whereas before he was slipping out of alfie-7them rather too frequently. In the summer when Alfie is on a reduced hard feed, we top up his diet with more hardy hoof to support the hoof horn growth rates. I would highly recommend this product for shod or barefoot horses (I have one of each).”alfie-5

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Horse Of The Week – Krakatoa.

krakatoa-5This is Krakatoa, a 9-year-old Polish Warmblood standing at 17hh. Krakatoa has been owned by Kerri Ashcroft for the last 5 years. Kerri explains: “Together we do general hacking, long distance rides, cross country, and we compete in local shows and hunter trials.”krakatoa-4

“Kraka was sold to me as an uncontrollable hooligan, he was lead out by two people, one had tight hold of the bridle and the other had the headcollar. They had been honest with me and the owner said she wouldn’t ride him again as she was scared of him. However, despite this I fell krakatoa-6in love with him and decided to take him home. It has been an emotional rollercoaster but we have finally got there, he is still a hooligan but controllable and a very lovable horse.”

“Kraka had been through several homes until I bought him in 2012. It was love at first sight and despite his vices I brought him home, I’ve never looked back. We have had some real ups and downs krakatoa-2over the years; tears, broken bones, dislocated fingers and tantrums (both him and me!) but I will never give up on him. Kraka is full of character and luckily, he has no idea how big he really is. We all love him even though he is far from perfect.”

krakatoa-3“My future plans with Kraka are to get to a higher level of cross country; to do more show jumping and dressage; and to try ridden and in hand showing as he is registered with CHAPs as a bay tobiano, and should do really well.”

“Kraka used to be very noisy and raspy after even the krakatoa-7lightest of work. After 7 weeks on Feedmark’s Clarity we have noticed an amazing improvement in noise, he can work much harder without rasping too badly and recovers much quicker. He has no objections to Clarity krakatoa-1being added to his feed.”

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Horse Of The Week – Pee.

pee-14Meet Pee, our new Horse Of The Week. His owner, Jenny Chapple told us: “Pee is a Welsh cross Thoroughbred, he’s 15.3hh and I’ve been luckypee-3 enough to own him for 10 and a half years. We used to do a lot of showing and competed in some working hunter classes. With his previous owner, he was in the side saddle display team. Pee took me to my first ever county show, he’s such a good allrounder and we’ve had lots of fun doing sponsored rides, jumping, and hacking pee-1out.”

“Pee has a very calming influence, his nickname is ‘Daddy Pee’ and he has looked after many nervous riders and horses, giving them confidence whilst out hacking. pee-6These days he leads a quieter life, and we still go out hacking which we both really enjoy. Pee loves being pampered, and we’re hoping to get out and do some in hand showing next month. Pee also likes to sleep a lot and enjoys a cuddle when he’s pee-8lying down!”

“I started giving Pee Veteranaid when he started looking a bit ‘old’, he had lost condition and his pee-13customary sparkle. Within a few weeks of starting the Veteranaid he picked up, gained a lovely shiny coat and his sparkle returned. I have now been using it for a couple of years and wouldn’t be pee-2without it! I thoroughly recommend Veteranaid for any oldie.”

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Horse Of The Week – Fern.

fern-2This little Exmoor Pony is Fern, our new Horse Of The Week. Fern’s owner Gemma Wesley explained: “Her fern-6official name is Tawbitts Kernick Fern, and she is nine years old. She stands at 12.2hh and I have owned her for eight years. I bought her after she had just come off of the Moor, along with another older one, and I have never looked back since!”

fern-4“At the moment, Fern just keeps the grass down, but she will be starting her ridden career next year. Having owned Fern from a yearling I know her well, but I saw her grow from such a sweet, loving little girl, to a grumpy, biting monster every time fern-1she was in season. It was just unbearable. I tried a few hormone supplements to no avail, and I just wanted my sweet girl back.”

“I decided to give it one last go with Feedmark’s fern-5-smallerHormonease and I am so pleased that I did! She is just like she used to be! I love how nice it smells and of course the amazing results! I can’t wait for Fern’s ridden life to begin.”

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Horse Of The Week – Tigger.

tigger-8This 12-year-old gentle giant is Tigger, who is owned by Anita Vernalls. Anita told us: “Tigger stands at 17.3hh, and he is tigger-3Hanoverian cross Irish. I have owned him since 2006 when I bought him as a two-year-old from Hereford. Tigger is a multi-purpose, family horse who my partner also rides. I use him for show jumping and showing, and my partner uses him for cross country and for trail hunting.”

tigger-14“Tigger has won many firsts in show jumping and is a perfect lead horse in the hunting field. On the road, he is a perfect gentleman whom tigger-1-editis good when out alone but is also a very good lead for young or nervous horses.”

“In the future I would like to do more dressage and showing with Tigger and to improve his groundwork. He is always enthusiastic towards work and acts like a youngster in the field with our others. Tigger always has plenty of confidence, whatever discipline he is doing, from dressage to cross tigger-16country.”

“For the past ten years Tigger, along with all my other horses, has been fed Feedmark’s Benevit Advance. tigger-6They always look very well and no matter what time of year, they always have a glossy, shiny coat. I think Benevit Advance keeps Tigger’s feet in excellent condition, as he keeps his shoes for a good eight weeks.”

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Horse Of The Week – Romeo.

romeo-8This is Romeo, our new Horse Of The Week who is owned by Alison Taylor. Alison explained: “Romeo was born in 2001 in Ireland. Sire was Tullibards Shakespeare, a coloured eventing stallion, whose foals were bred for temperament as well as athleticism. Romeo is a registered ISH gelding on a blue passport. He was gelded in 2010, the year before I romeo-13bought him, and had sired lots of foals – one of which I have managed to trace, also called Romeo!”

“Our Romeo is a 16.1hh skewbald with a lovely laid back attitude, but I knew when I bought him we would have to be careful about his tummy, so I put him on Feedmark’s Original Balancer. Before I romeo-9bought him he had hunted and jumped and since we have had him he has done pleasure romeo-4rides, jumped, hunted, shown and competed in dressage, but due to ill health hasn’t done much in the past year.”

“Over the past couple of years he has had various serious health problems, including loss of an eye. We have stuck with Original Balancer the whole time, and I am sure the ingredients in it have helped to prevent hind gut issues and to romeo-3help him back to full health. He is now jumping and schooling again despite losing his eye, he has healed and is looking really well again.”

“He is a horse in a million, despite all he has been through over the past year he is still romeo-5lovely and laid back and very popular with the ladies (both horse and human). He will have to wear an eye mask when turned out, with 6 monthly eye checks on his remaining eye, but it is a small price to pay. My daughter goes off the University this week so I will be taking over riding him again, so hope to get out on some pleasure romeo-10rides and maybe do some dressage throughout the winter.”

A FREE tub of Original Balancer is on its way to Romeo for being our Horse Of The Week.

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