Horse Of The Week – Stan.

Stan 1Our new Horse Of The Week is a Hanoverian (Wendepunkt) cross Thoroughbred, named Stan.  He stands at 16.1hh and has been owned by Danielle Wrigley for five years.  Danielle explained: “At 22-years-old Stan is still going strong.  He has competed well at dressage in the past, but now we mainly school and play at home due to our lack of transport.  We are still doing Advanced Medium level movements, and include some hacking too.”

“Years ago, Stan was affiliated and competing in BSJA classes and also Medium level dressage, Stan 2before he was given to a friend of mine due to naughty behaviour. She spent a lot of time ensuring he was comfortable and his bad behaviour was gone completely.  I rode him once and couldn’t stop smiling for a week!  I then started to share Stan.  When I then had to move, my friend was incredibly kind and allowed him to come with me, so he now lives on permanent loan with me!”

“ I have recommended Feedmark supplements to my liveries over the years with excellent results, so I began feeding Benevit Advance to give him a helping hand.  I have found that since being given Benevit, he gleams!  Additionally he often gets comments on his coat shine and body condition. He doesn’t look or act his age in any way!”

Stan 3“We have found that Feedmark has saved the day again with Clarity.  Not only has it kept his airways clear, but it is the only respiratory supplement that is palatable enough for Stan to eat.  .”

“Our plans for the future are to continue maintaining his excellent health and happiness.  We would also like to get out and compete in unaffiliated Elementary level dressage this summer.  Stan is the kindest horse I Stan 5know, he is a bit of a comedian and makes each day entertaining!  I couldn’t be without Stan, he is my world.  He keeps me sane whilst I manage my livery yard.  We have had various ups and downs in the last couple of years, but I feel with the right care and Feedmark supplements he will continue to grow.  I really am sure that without these Feedmark extras, he wouldn’t look or feel as good as he does.  We still manage flying changes, and sometimes we can’t stop him doing them!”

A FREE 5kg Benevit Advance is on its way to Stan for being our Horse Of The Week!Stan 4

Each week, the Feedmark team select a horse of the week from reviews, letters and emails sent to them.  If you would like your horse to feature, then please send your horse’s details in to [email protected] or go online and write a review.