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Soothes veteran joints and muscles

ActiVet combines Glucosamine HCl, MSM and muscle nutrients with soothing Boswellia to support joint and muscle health and maintain activity in veteran horses. 

Glucosamine and MSM form part of the joint cartilage. Providing an additional dietary supply of these substances helps to support normal joint structure and mobility. Antioxidants vitamin E and Selenium promote optimal muscle health, and added magnesium aids muscle relaxation.


(31 Days)
(62 Days)
(125 Days)

The combination of ActiVet ingredients allows horses and ponies to maintain flexibility, whether they are out at pasture or actively working. In addition, ActiVet contains Soya meal to provide high quality protein for muscle tissues and maintain body condition, and Linseed and Boswellia to soothe joints and muscles.

Feed ActiVet:

  • To maintain free movement and flexibility in retired and working horses
  • To support joint structures
  • To support muscle function
  • To soothe veteran muscles and joints
  • 9 months shelf life

ActiVet contains:

  • Boswellia: a herbal component which soothes older joints
  • Glucosamine HCl: a building block of cartilage
  • MSM: a source of sulphur, necessary for production of collagen and connective tissues.
  • Magnesium: to aid muscle relaxation
  • Linseed: a source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Helps to maintain condition.
  • Soya: a source of quality protein important for muscle tissue
  • Vitamin E and Selenium: antioxidants to maintain muscle health

Directions for Use.

Weight of Horse/Pony Approx. Height Amount Per Day
Up To 250kg/550lb Under 12hh scoop
250kg/550lb - 400kg/880lb 12 - 14hh scoops
400kg/880lb - 600kg/1320lb 14 - 16hh scoops
Over 600kg/1320lb Over 16hh 2  scoops

1 level (50ml) scoop of ActiVet weighs approximately 31g/1.1oz.

Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight; height has been given as a guide. Introduce to the horses diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable).

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"After having found out that my 11 year TBxWelsh was having issues with his back and him having to have treatment. I decided to ensure that he was getting everything he needed to improve his joints and keep him feeling well. I have had him on Activet for 2 months now and just ordered my next two months worth as he is looking fantastic and feeling better than he has done for a long long time."
Reviewed by :Heidi on 15/10/2015
"Really love this product it helped so much with my old boy who went from not being very active to back jumping :)"
Reviewed by :Emma snell on 14/10/2015
"My gelding has recently started to show arthritic changes in his hock and was becoming slightly uncomfortable when being ridden but since putting him on activet he is now back to himself and more willing in his ridden work"
Reviewed by :sam on 09/10/2015
"My 16 year old horse suffers from joint issues and is no longer rideable I have found that Activet has helped make him more comfortable in his stride."
Reviewed by :Tracy on 29/09/2015
"We have noticed a huge difference in our pony while feeding this. He is much happier in his jumping. Thanks for your time at Burghley explaining and listening to me. A very happy customer"
Reviewed by :Sally Timmins on 28/09/2015
"I have been using Activet for the last 3 years on my 25 yr old TBX mare Tinta. As an ex-polo pony the stiffness in her joints was starting to show - although with a combination of Equine Touch bodywork and Activet she is certainly not looking or behaving like a 25 year old and gives the youngsters in the field a real workout. "
Reviewed by :Sue Falber on 19/08/2015
"My 19yr old arab mare had started to feel a bit tired, until I added Activet to her feeds, now she's back to her former lively self, with full range of movement & full of energy again!"
Reviewed by :Carol Edmondson on 01/08/2015
"I started using ActiVet last year, it has improved my horses mobility and has given him a spring in his step. I love feedmark supplements and would recommend them to everyone! "
Reviewed by :Becky on 29/07/2015
"I have been using Feedmark for years and have always been delighted with the results. My 24 year old TB has been fed ActiVet for over 1 year and I have noticed an improved difference in him. I would recommend Feedmark to every horse owner."
Reviewed by :Ginette Sheppard on 03/07/2015
"Activet is absolutely brilliant. My 21 year old Section A Stallion has it every day and looks amazing and is so full of himself that nobody believes me when I tell them his age. He lives out with his mares and foals and there is nothing more that he enjoys than playing boy games with the colts (and he gives them a run for their money too)!"
Reviewed by :Fil Wills on 01/07/2015
"My mare is between 20-25 and permanently lame on her back leg, without the supplement she struggles on this leg but since putting her on this there's no stopping her she's a lot more mobile and happy. She even now has a canter in the field "
Reviewed by :Sam on 23/06/2015
"My mare, at the age of 23, is still working harder than all other horses I know. But the main thing to me is she is still enjoying her work & still looking a picture of health."
Reviewed by :ANNE DAVIES on 21/06/2015
"I used to use Zerobute many years ago and found to help my arthritic mare be a lot more comfortable. Again last year I I turned to it to help make another horse more comfortable and as first time round it worked fantastically well "
Reviewed by :Yvette wheeler on 11/06/2015
"I have a 24 year old 15.3hh. He has been on this product ACTIVET for approx 12 months and the farrier has even commented on how much better he is lifting his legs for shoeing. Brilliant product. "
Reviewed by :Jo Heys on 13/11/2014
"I have several aged polo ponies, retired, and this has given them a new lease of life!"
Reviewed by :Mrs Lynda Walker on 12/11/2014
"I will be using this in future with all the older animals. "
Reviewed by :Jane Russell on 26/10/2014
"Fab products, delivery really quick, lovely, helpful staff if you see them at shows."
Reviewed by :Clare Watson on 18/10/2014
"I have been feeding this to my daughters pony for about a month now and the difference in her movement is amazing. She has always been a bit ploddy but she is now flying round cross country courses!"
Reviewed by :Sooz on 08/10/2014
"Having tried several joint supplements for our Haflinger, Activet is the only one which makes difference. She is a lot more comfortable and lengthens her stride again. Many thanks."
Reviewed by :Linda Friend on 06/10/2014
"It has helped my 23 year old thoroughbred feel the same as she was when I first bought her 20 years ago, could do with some myself..."
Reviewed by : on 03/10/2014
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ActiVet contains :

  • Boswellia serrata (26.5%)
  • Micronised linseed
  • Full fat soya
  • Glucosamine hydrochloride (vegetarian) (11.0%)
  • MSM (8.8%)
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Maize meal.

NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES (per kg): Selenium (E8 Sodium selenite) 29mg; Vitamin E (3a700 DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate) 19,697iu.
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