Nutrition Information

Horses are natural athletes with a staggering ability to take in oxygen and deliver it via the lungs to working muscles. In a healthy horse, the respiratory tract supplies all the body's tissues with enough oxygen and copes with the increased demand for oxygen associated with exercise.  The horse's airways are highly specialised to ensure efficient function and to protect them from environmental irritants. Their defences include a lining of tiny hair-like cilia and a thin layer of mucus which traps particles and stops them from travelling deep into the lungs, and specialised cells called macrophages which engulf tiny particles that have made it right down into the alveoli, deep within the lungs. 


Clarity helps to keep your horse’s respiratory tract in good health and allows your horse to perform at their optimum level. The addition of Garlic, beneficial herbs such as Liquorice, and antioxidants to the horse’s diet have been shown to support the horse’s respiratory system and target healthy lung function. Traditionally used herbs such as Thyme, Elderflower and Coltsfoot help to soothe the respiratory tract, whilst Oregano, Sage and Lemon peel helps to keep the airways clear.


This allows the horse to breath clearly even when external challenges such as dust and pollen are present, a problem that is increasingly common under today’s management practices. We recommend that you follow correct management practices to keep housing as dust-free and well ventilated as possible and feed Clarity daily for optimum respiratory health.

Feeding Guide


Weight of Horse/Pony

Approx. Height Amount per day
Up to 250kg/550lb Under 12hh 1 scoop
250kg/550lb - 400kg/880lb 12 - 14hh 2 scoops
400kg/880lb - 600kg/1320lb 14 - 16hh 3 scoops
Over 600kg/1320lb Over 16hh 4 scoops


1 level (50ml) scoop of Clarity weighs approximately 20g/0.7oz.

Do not feed to pregnant mares.

Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight; height has been given as a guide. Introduce into the horse's diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable).

Garlic granules, Oregano leaves, Lemon peel, Liquorice root powder, Grass meal, Coltsfoot leaves, Elderflowers, Linseed oil, Sage extract.
Crude protein 13%, Crude oils & fats 3.6%, Crude fibre 14.7%, Crude ash 5.7%