Benevit Advance
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Trusted Customer
Love this product! My horse looks so good on it.
Mrs Jane Hoad 12 days ago,
have used for years Seems to be helping to keep my horse fit
Lynne Magennis 13 days ago,
have used before and will use again, palatable all round supplementary product. Shiny happy horses.
Rebecca 21 days ago,
Palatable even for my fussy mare. Always makes her coat look fantastic and it's great to know she always receives the vitamins and minerals she needs whilst not receiving significant hard feed.
Miss G Cobden 27 days ago,
Benefit has always been a good product for my Shetland ponies for a good coat all year round
Trusted Customer
Great product. Good doer horse always looks great on this product - lovely shiny coat too!
Trusted Customer
Good product- we've used this for several years, very happy with it.
Trusted Customer
Ponies eat no problem too soon to see effect.
Sophie 1 month ago.
Great product and good value
Charlotte Fletcher 1 month ago.
High quality product, great value, key to maintaining my horses' wellbeing.
Mrs Julia Caffyn 1 month ago.
Very good, horses eat it with no trouble at all and they all look very well!
Trusted Customer
Good productbbbnnmmmmmm,,
Mrs Rachel Kennedy 1 month ago.
I have used Benevit advance for many years. I tried a cheaper premium supplement but very quickly noticed the coats of our 2 Redwings guardian horses dull. Straight back on it!
Trusted Customer
I’ve used this product before with noticeable results. Repurchased now for a foal to make sure he isn’t lacking anything. Never had a horse refuse it and I’ve always noticed a difference in condition quickly after feeding.
Miss Leah Chacksfield 1 month ago.
Excellent supplement, it great to know your gets everything they need when being fed less hard feed. She loves it too which is a plus.
Miss Corinna Lee 1 month ago.
The only all round supplement my horses have, keeps them looking fab all year round.
Trusted Customer
Keeps all our horses looking and feeling amazing
Mrs Rowena Cooper 2 months ago.
Mrs Therese Welford 2 months ago.
This certainly keeps them in great condition, with shiny coats all year round.
Marie Barton-Hanson 2 months ago.
I have been using this feed supplement for many months now and both my stallions, broodmares and youngstock look brilliant on this supplement especially their hooves and coat, i would not now use any other feed supplement for my stud
Ms Rachel Cunningham 2 months ago.
We have used Benefit on and off since Feedmark started over 40 years ago. I have never found anything as good. I know my horses are getting all the nutrients they need.
Trusted Customer
Horses love them from younger to oldies . Has got so many minerals. Have been feeding to all of my horses .
Trusted Customer
Been using it for some time. Horses seem to do well on it.
Trusted Customer
Usual prompt and efficient service. Excellent product.
Miss Gemma Wesley 2 months ago.
Have been using benivits for years and has worked for my ponies
Andrea 3 months ago.
My horses looks so well on this, his coat shines
Mrs Nicola Small 3 months ago.
Keeps our horse in good all round health
Mrs Emma Hore 3 months ago.
Fed for years Would t give my horses anything else
Miss Angela Govier 3 months ago.
Have used for years. Great product
Mr David Asbery 3 months ago.
Amazing product would not use anything else
Trusted Customer
been using if for a long time with excellent results
Trusted Customer
Palatable and ponies love it
Trusted Customer
Great product used it for years
Miss Stephanie Mitchell 3 months ago.
Good quality supplement, no issues feeding it and seems to work
Mrs Diana Smith 3 months ago.
Benevit is a good supplement, as is all feedmark supplements are
Mrs Janice Hutchinson 3 months ago.
I believe that Benevit Advance is one of the best and most cost effective multi vitamin and mineral supplements on the market.
Miss Jane Rand 3 months ago.
I have always fed my horses the multi vitamin and mineral supplement as they live out and need a little extra as they don’t require hard feed
Miss Laura Mayhew 4 months ago.
Used on few horses and always shining with health. So economical I have never found anything cheaper either!
Trusted Customer
These Vitamins are ideal for my two retired horses. They seem to really thrive using this particular supplement throughout the year. Ideal for my older pair.
Trusted Customer
Fantastic product for young, old, retired or in competition. wouldnt use another all round supplement
Mrs Sue Wilson 4 months ago.
Great all round multi supplement
Trusted Customer
Great all round multi vit & mineral supplement, seems palatable too
Ms Katie Smith 4 months ago.
Gives fabulous results and all my horses look well
Trusted Customer
Benevit provides my horses with a good variety of vitamins and minerals. Also helps with energy levels. I used to take them off it during the summer and my mare always lacked energy, she now has it all year.
Miss Beverley Porter 4 months ago.
Best multi vit and great price
Trusted Customer
Love the price and what it does for my horses.
Sarah Casavieille-Lacaze 4 months ago.
Fantastic product and use daily
Mrs Maggie Fairburn 4 months ago.
Horses look and feel great on benevit,its good knowing that they are getting all their supplements they need in a scoop
Miss Nicola Roper 4 months ago.
Have both my boys on this one very chilled on it where he isn’t on calming products and other now 23 benefits from that little bit extra it provides
Trusted Customer
First rate supplement have been using for years
Trusted Customer
5 star product , I have been feeding benevit to my horses for years with great results.
Mrs Margaret Gill 4 months ago.
Benevit have kept my ponies in excellent condition
Trusted Customer
It gives my ponies all the minerals/vitamins they need. Even grass kept horses need some vitamin/mineral supplement in their diet.
Ms Patricia Charles 4 months ago.
My yard of 12 horse's all look fantastic since I've been feeding them benefit advance. All have an amazing shiny coat
Trusted Customer
Product is excellent quality
Trusted Customer
We put our horses on this permanently to supplement deficiencies in our grazing. Very happy with the results
Trusted Customer
Been feeding Benevit for over ten years and it’s always kept my mare looking and feeling fabulous.
Nikki Etherton 5 months ago.
My horses thrive on Benevit!
Trusted Customer
Brilliant for my insulin distance pony
Trusted Customer
Love this product. In my opinion it’s the best broad spectrum vitamin supplement on the market and is excellent value for money too. Horses look fantastic on it.
Mr Andrew Alderton 6 months ago.
Perfect product for my horse
Delia Weedon 6 months ago.
I have used this product for many years with excellent results
Amanda Watson 6 months ago.
Hi have an elderly horse who ales every now and again, benevit has really boosted him back up and I would not change or use any other product. I am also looking at an additional product to help with his joints that I have received good feedback about.
Trusted Customer
Have used Benevit Advance for many years on ponies and horses. It’s a good broad spectrum product to add to feeds and they all love it. Gives them a nice shine too.
Ms Katie Smith 6 months ago.
Fab product amazing results
Miss Lindsey Codd 6 months ago.
I purchased benevit which is a fantastic supplement, my horses look so well and my mind is at rest knowing they are covered by a multi vitamin and mineral supplement.
Trusted Customer
I've used this on and off for over 20 years. And I always seem to return to it. Cant fault it both my native ponies look and feel very well on this.
Trusted Customer
Been using benefit advance for a number of years now !! Really pleased with how my horses look ! Excellent product!
Trusted Customer
We've had amazing results using Benivit! The condition of my boys hooves had improved massively! I would highly recommend this product!!
Trusted Customer
Benefit always helps skin and hooves. Fly formula seems to be helping, first time I have used this, on a sweet itch/much bitten pony! Zerobute helping same pony who is feeling her age - got some of her swagger back.
Sarah Morgan 6 months ago.
I've been using this for many years on all types of horses. I find it a really good general supplement that gives horses a glossy coat.
Ms Patricia Charles 6 months ago.
Lovely product my livery horses all look amazing on it
Nikki Etherton 6 months ago.
My horses thrive on it and have no issues eating it!
Trusted Customer
Great products which actually do what it says on the tub and with prompt, free delivery too. What's not to like!!
Trusted Customer
Love this supplement - makes my horse’s coat lovely and shiny
Trusted Customer
All brilliant, thanks very much
Trusted Customer
Quality of product, delivery & customer service fab too
Mrs Emma Hore 7 months ago.
Used this product for years from foal to veteran, with everything in between with amazing results Great value for money too
Trusted Customer
Brilliant product. All the vits needed keep our boys healthy
Trusted Customer
Excellent product have used for years
Trusted Customer
Used this product for many years
Mrs P White 7 months ago.
Benevit. gives my horses just what they need to keep them healthy.
Trusted Customer
I have used this for many years and it so good for horses old and young. An excellent all round vitamin which makes the coat shine!
Anna Phillips 7 months ago.
Only been using for a few days so cant really report back yet
Trusted Customer
Great general supplement for a horse in light work and horse eats it as if it improves the taste of the feed
Trusted Customer
Fantastic supplement thanks
Trusted Customer
Excellent product and service
Trusted Customer
My 19 year old warmblood always looks fantastic on this supplement. His coat and condition is perfect.
Mrs Karen Williams 7 months ago.
Product is great value and great smelling, all our horses love it
Mrs Pippa Balch 7 months ago.
On delivery, I opened the cardboard box out side on a concrete path & fortunately it was not raining ........ I picked up the smart paper bag that my big delivery of Benevit was in & instantly it tore badly spilling the contents everywhere. Proof in the photo I was asked to send.
Trusted Customer
My 2 veterans look amazing for their ages, both are on this, still in work and shiny coats.
Trusted Customer
So far the horses are all eating their new supplement and their coats look great
Mrs Jo Hawkins 7 months ago.
It has given my aged team of horses everything i was told it would they are more content and coats shine all aches and pains showing not to be felt as much and on no medication when they were having bute daily. Only no lameness through old injuries. Used for a month and can see benefits.
Trusted Customer
Excellent product been using it for a few years!! Horses always look and perform well!!
Mark 7 months ago.
Both horses appear to be more energetic and although they've only been on the supplement a few weeks are starring to look healthier too!
Trusted Customer
Benevit keeps my 33 year old mare looking good and full of energy
Delia Weedon 8 months ago.
This product has helped keep my native ponies fit and well for many years
Trusted Customer
I’ve bought Benevit for the last five years - great product, great service.
Miss Simone Fowler 8 months ago.
Both our horses love this supplement.. very palatable.
Ms Patricia Charles 8 months ago.
Super product my horses all look amazing with lovely shiny coats
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