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Karina Davies 16 days ago,
Well packaged and good ingredients. Hopefully it will help my horses curly coat!
Dusty Mcdonnell 19 days ago,
Smells far too strong and the mare hates it and wouldn’t eat it. So it’s now just sat there wasted.
Trusted Customer
Horse ate it without any fuss. Cannot tell if it made a difference as horse died last week
Mrs Sylvia Graham 26 days ago,
Absolutely brilliant.. have never had to call vet for a Cushing’s related consultation in 6 years
Trusted Customer
I purchased this as my pony had been drinking and peeing alot and was exercise intolerant as well as quickly putting on weight and hard to lose it, He was tested for cushings which was negative however, I have noticed he is brighter, he has stopped drinking so much and his bedding is normal
Trusted Customer
This product really helps my cob to cope with ppid
Trusted Customer
Improvement in syptoms , appetite and demeanor seen almost immediately. No palatability issues.
Mrs Alison Martin 3 months ago.
This is an excellent product which keeps my 23 year old pony in excellent health despite having had Cushings for six years
Miss Tracy Caldwell 3 months ago.
Amazing products, my horses look awesome
Miss Jacqui Allen 4 months ago.
Very easy to order, my horse has cushings so I feel this supplement is supporting him well.
Rachel 4 months ago.
Great product that doesn’t require a ‘loading dose’ great product for the older horse.
Ms Valerie Crow 5 months ago.
Di 5 months ago.
Used both supplements for some time. Really help me manage my pony.
Trusted Customer
Fantastic lifesaving product. For two of my old ponies improvements were since within a week. Will be feeding them this long term now.
Mrs Alison Martin 5 months ago.
Every product I buy from Feedmark is of excellent quality and does exactly as it says
Ms Maureen Annand 5 months ago.
Horse has cushings and with the Cplus is in very good condition
Cheryl Cleere 6 months ago.
told you before all great
Helena Mann 7 months ago.
Seems to be having a positive effect in helping my horse with her Cushings
Miss Tracy Caldwell 7 months ago.
This has made a difference to my 20 year old sports horse who has Cushing's
Jenni Jones 8 months ago.
Very palatable for horse.
Trusted Customer
My horse eats it all up 👍
Kathryn Clarke 8 months ago.
I have noticed a difference in coat lustre and my fussy mare finds this supplement very palatable. She is borderline bushings and I'm interested to see what the second blood tests reveal.
Trusted Customer
Outstanding results in a week and getting better still, so happy to see it working on my ponies!
Mrs Alison Martin 10 months ago.
This product is absolutely excellent in helping to keep my pony in excellent form although he has Cushings
Trusted Customer
Been using it for years and my cob's medication dosage has remained the same despite his age. Vet is also impressed.
Mrs Carol Counter 10 months ago.
Only two weeks of use and I can see an improvement already
Mrs Sylvia Graham 11 months ago.
Satisfies my 27 year old pony’s needs
SHARON PYE 11 months ago.
Brilliant stuff, my horse is fussy, so i mix it up with apples, and carrots and he eat it all
Trusted Customer
2nd tub and coat is finally shedding on my 25 yr old mare. So far so good
Trusted Customer
A very Good quality product
Trusted Customer
I like the fact that you can try a sample of this product to see if your horse will eat it. Mine wouldn’t eat it to start with but I am gradually increasing the amount and he is eating it.