Best-Flex HA
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Madeline Clelland-Harris 2 days ago,
Best product by far...outweighs the competition
Francesca Hinds 2 days ago,
My horses are going very well on it
Trusted Customer
Good products value for money
Anita Crombie 5 days ago,
Seems to be the best joint powder on the market and my horse loves it
Trusted Customer
Horse eats it happily in his normal food. Although early days , he does seem to be moving more freely.
Rachel Kendrick 7 days ago,
Fabulous….has helped my horse no end and am thrilled how he now moves and is so much more comfortable and working well.
Emma Maclean 11 days ago,
Great product, bit pricey if not on offer though.........
Mrs Linda Cartmel 12 days ago,
I can already see a difference in my horse’s (23yr old) movement
Mrs Diana Le-Croissette 15 days ago,
Best supplement I have found for a 24 year old pony. Keeps him supple and working happily
Haley Northcott 15 days ago,
Amazing product, horses like it and seems to be doing the job! Amazing!
Miss Julie Rogers 16 days ago,
Feeding this has made such a difference on my mare who works quite hard and was always a little stiff after work.
Sue Gudge 21 days ago,
I’ve used Best-Flex HA for a number of years and believe it has helped my 25 year old gelding continue to enjoy his ridden work.
Trusted Customer
My horse is feeling and moving the best he has on this supplement
Mrs Jo Craig 23 days ago,
Great supplement for my competition horse
Ms Lesley Restorick 26 days ago,
Against other brands tried and tested by myself by far superior..
Jill Mcdonald 27 days ago,
Keeps my mare moving freely in her hocks where she has had a lot of arthritis trouble
Trusted Customer
Bestflex keeps my gelding supple and happy-he has wear and tear joint stiffness, which is helped massively by Bestflex. Cleavers is also excellent for joints, coat and feet. They also love it.
Trusted Customer
No joint problems again this year
Mrs P A Hepburn 1 month ago.
Already have and the products are very good, my vet is also happy that I use Feedmark for my two older ponies
Gillian Steele 1 month ago.
Highest spec on the market
Ms Jayne Knight 1 month ago.
Bestflex HA keeps my mare moving.
Trusted Customer
Used for the last 3 years to support my horses joints
Mrs Debbie Prince 1 month ago.
Says it’s the best really hope so as my horse has been diagnosed with stifle damage !! must be palatable as eating feeds no problem
Rebecca Mcconville 1 month ago.
Just starting the supplement after my horse has had a injury from over flexing. Hopefully will aid in keeping him going well when back to full work schedule and back to eventing
Mrs Susan Arnold 1 month ago.
Been using this product for a long time and am very pleased with it - definitely recommend it
Mrs Shirley Westgate 1 month ago.
Does exactly what products says horse loves taste so no waste
Rachel Kendrick 1 month ago.
Best Flex is fantastic,my horse is moving much more freely and his arthritic hocks have improved and have settled down ...He is working so well now,I’m thrilled thank you
Mrs Karen Taylor 1 month ago.
My TB does really well on this.
Trusted Customer
Keeps my horse sound and happy
Norma Charters 1 month ago.
This tub of magic has kept my now 22yo highland pony feeling fit and well enough to allow us to get out and enjoy hacks and few other activities. Huge difference to before I first purchased it.
Karen Kirkby 1 month ago.
My lad finds the supplement very palatable and as he is returning to work after a prolonged time off I am pleased that he is not showing any stiffness or discomfort. I also suspect that the linseed base has contributed to the very shiny condition of his coat.
Mr Adrian Mather 1 month ago.
Appears to be doing our shire horses ageing joints alot of good. I would recommend this product for any joint issues.
Trusted Customer
Both horses seem sparkier showing they're feeling better
Trusted Customer
Brilliant product, definitely helps my horse
Alison Frost 1 month ago.
My vet told me my mare would be prone to arthritis after she chipped a bone in her fetlock, which had to be operated on. So I'm using it really as a precaution.
Mrs Jane Kidd 1 month ago.
It is helping my horse less stiff than before
Mrs Gill Teft 1 month ago.
Very sceptical this would work but saw a positive change in my fell pony after just a few weeks
Tom Walkinshaw 1 month ago.
It does wonders for the horses
Trusted Customer
Excellent product. Really helping my horse.
Christine Carragher 2 months ago.
Good product does what it says on the tin
Wendy Thatcher 2 months ago.
Early days but seems to be good supplement for my old chap
Kathryn Kirby 2 months ago.
value for money with published figures and relevant evidence of content
Trusted Customer
Horse have rally like the taste and happy to eat the supplement
Anne Scott 2 months ago.
My mare is moving much more freely since being on Best Flex HA
Mrs Carol Chapman 2 months ago.
Great joint supplement which really helps my older horse to keep moving freely
Lisa Fieldsend 2 months ago.
Best Flex HA is the best joint supplement ive ever used
Rachel Griffin 2 months ago.
Fantastic product , would highly recommend
Trusted Customer
Keeping my 25 year old ex racer happy and still in work.
Trusted Customer
Horse didn’t really like the smell of it, but with a little additional apple juice we made it work ☺️
Trusted Customer
It seems to be good horses don’t complain
Trusted Customer
Ingredients look great but struggling with palatability despite starting at 1/4 scoop for 550kg horse
Susan Naylor 2 months ago.
Excellent results using this product, definitely recommend to anyone with a horse who’s stiff or suffers with arthritis
Norma Charters 2 months ago.
Been using this for some tie on my now 22yo highland gelding and has enabled us to still be out enjoying ourselves together 🏇
Trusted Customer
Love the Feedmark supplements and see a real difference to our older mare who still competes at intermediate level.
Ms Lesley Restorick 3 months ago.
My horse has osteochronditis he was on pharmaquin but seems to be more flexible on Best Fleet HA
Ms Jayne Knight 3 months ago.
Always works well for my mare
Lynn Johnson 3 months ago.
Provides all supplements for my 21 yr old mare. To date she is still jumping and shows no signs of slowing down
Mrs Vicky Lewin 3 months ago.
Best flex is a great supplement. Noticed a difference very quickly. Great that I know I am giving my mare the best joint support I can.
Trusted Customer
Joint supplement works really well.
Trusted Customer
Very pleased with the improvement in my mare since being on Feedmark supplements
Trusted Customer
Great product helpful.........
Paula Reynolds 3 months ago.
Excellent product has great results, very palatable and easy to obtain
Trusted Customer
Very High quality supplements
Trusted Customer
Within 2 weeks an improvement seen
Trusted Customer
Keeps my two oldies flexible
Norma Charters 4 months ago.
Fantastic product for my older horses, have used for some time now, made such a difference to my now rising 22yo, we were able to get back to try a bit of dressage.
Trusted Customer
My 21 year old gelding benefits from Bestflex HA, especially as he is in so much this winter.
Mrs Jo Craig 4 months ago.
Have my competition horse on this, to help his body with the hard work on his joints
Aaron Cane 4 months ago.
Very good product, helps our horse considerably
Trusted Customer
Only recently started using this product, but appears to have made improvements in my horse motion.
Mrs M McKegney 4 months ago.
3rd order of product joint aid
Mrs Jane Kidd 4 months ago.
A great product value for money
Loretta Gaffney 4 months ago.
Great product worth every penny
Sandra Wilson 4 months ago.
This must be the best joint supplement on the market. I started my horse on this after a torn cartilage in his stifle. The vet said he may not be able to be ridden again, but 10 months on and we are starting ridden work, with him being eager to go forwards although we need to build his muscles up slowly now.
Trusted Customer
Great joint supplement. We have tried a few but this is the best by far.
Trusted Customer
Maintains good joint condition in my horse
Marek Konsek 4 months ago.
Still waiting for my Order
Kay Phillips 4 months ago.
Fast delivery and effective product - seems to work really well on my 16 year old who had started to show some lameness
Trusted Customer
High levels of active ingredients, just hope it works
Trusted Customer
Good value 4 money & a special offer
Susan Williams 4 months ago.
Would recommend the Best flex for any horse with old joints
Trusted Customer
Fantastic product. It’s made an amazing difference to my old boys quality of life. Enabling us to enjoy each other’s company for even longer. I recommend this product to everyone I know who has a horse with similar mobility issues. Thank you.
Sandra Fawcett 4 months ago.
excellent product and service. would definitely recommend to others.
Trusted Customer
My 17yr old mare has stiff, arthritic knee, mobility much improved since she's been on supplement
Deborah Randall 5 months ago.
I have tried several joint supplements over this years and this is the best one I have come across
Mrs Loreta Adams 5 months ago.
I feed this supplement to help keep my horses joints healthy, especially as he moves up the Dressage levels and more work is required with the advanced moves.
Loretta Gaffney 5 months ago.
Prompt delivery great product
Kristella Poole 5 months ago.
Love the stuff! Has fairly helped my ponies out.
Trusted Customer
Great product. Value for money
Trusted Customer
Super product for my 25 year old mare
Yvonne Langley 5 months ago.
I have used Best-Flex HA since my horse was diagnosed with a stifle injury and required surgery. I feel confident that this product is helping him on his road to recovery
Trusted Customer
Brilliant service & great products
Trusted Customer
Best-Flex HA has really high levels of the nutrients required for joint maintenance and repair, compared to other supplements. It is also easy to feed, my horse licks his bowl clean!
Trusted Customer
My 18 and 20 year old ponies have been much happier and flexible since using Best=Flex HA
Trusted Customer
too soon to say how it is doing
Loretta Gaffney 5 months ago.
Made a big change to my horse a lot less stiff on back end
Trusted Customer
Palatable, early days. But can already see how it’s starting to benefit my mare
Karen Kirkby 5 months ago.
My horse finds it very palatable, he will eat it out of my hand and my trainer, physio and I all think he moves better when using it.
Krista Milberga 5 months ago.
Very high-quality supplements, the result is excellent.
Anna Kalniņa 5 months ago.
The best indegrients I have found so far.
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