Best-Flex HA
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Trusted Customer
Very High quality supplements
Trusted Customer
Within 2 weeks an improvement seen
Trusted Customer
Keeps my two oldies flexible
Norma Charters 18 days ago,
Fantastic product for my older horses, have used for some time now, made such a difference to my now rising 22yo, we were able to get back to try a bit of dressage.
Trusted Customer
My 21 year old gelding benefits from Bestflex HA, especially as he is in so much this winter.
Mrs Jo Craig 22 days ago,
Have my competition horse on this, to help his body with the hard work on his joints
Aaron Cane 24 days ago,
Very good product, helps our horse considerably
Trusted Customer
Only recently started using this product, but appears to have made improvements in my horse motion.
Mrs M McKegney 25 days ago,
3rd order of product joint aid
Mrs Jane Kidd 26 days ago,
A great product value for money
Loretta Gaffney 26 days ago,
Great product worth every penny
Sandra Wilson 26 days ago,
This must be the best joint supplement on the market. I started my horse on this after a torn cartilage in his stifle. The vet said he may not be able to be ridden again, but 10 months on and we are starting ridden work, with him being eager to go forwards although we need to build his muscles up slowly now.
Trusted Customer
Great joint supplement. We have tried a few but this is the best by far.
Trusted Customer
Maintains good joint condition in my horse
Marek Konsek 29 days ago,
Still waiting for my Order
Kay Phillips 1 month ago.
Fast delivery and effective product - seems to work really well on my 16 year old who had started to show some lameness
Trusted Customer
High levels of active ingredients, just hope it works
Trusted Customer
Good value 4 money & a special offer
Susan Williams 1 month ago.
Would recommend the Best flex for any horse with old joints
Trusted Customer
Fantastic product. It’s made an amazing difference to my old boys quality of life. Enabling us to enjoy each other’s company for even longer. I recommend this product to everyone I know who has a horse with similar mobility issues. Thank you.
Sandra Fawcett 1 month ago.
excellent product and service. would definitely recommend to others.
Trusted Customer
My 17yr old mare has stiff, arthritic knee, mobility much improved since she's been on supplement
Deborah Randall 1 month ago.
I have tried several joint supplements over this years and this is the best one I have come across
Mrs Loreta Adams 1 month ago.
I feed this supplement to help keep my horses joints healthy, especially as he moves up the Dressage levels and more work is required with the advanced moves.
Loretta Gaffney 1 month ago.
Prompt delivery great product
Kristella Poole 2 months ago.
Love the stuff! Has fairly helped my ponies out.
Trusted Customer
Great product. Value for money
Trusted Customer
Super product for my 25 year old mare
Yvonne Langley 2 months ago.
I have used Best-Flex HA since my horse was diagnosed with a stifle injury and required surgery. I feel confident that this product is helping him on his road to recovery
Trusted Customer
Brilliant service & great products
Trusted Customer
Best-Flex HA has really high levels of the nutrients required for joint maintenance and repair, compared to other supplements. It is also easy to feed, my horse licks his bowl clean!
Trusted Customer
My 18 and 20 year old ponies have been much happier and flexible since using Best=Flex HA
Trusted Customer
too soon to say how it is doing
Loretta Gaffney 2 months ago.
Made a big change to my horse a lot less stiff on back end
Trusted Customer
Palatable, early days. But can already see how it’s starting to benefit my mare
Karen Kirkby 2 months ago.
My horse finds it very palatable, he will eat it out of my hand and my trainer, physio and I all think he moves better when using it.
Krista Milberga 2 months ago.
Very high-quality supplements, the result is excellent.
Anna Kalniņa 2 months ago.
The best indegrients I have found so far.
Trusted Customer
I test it for my horse with arthrosis in high level. I'm very hopeful that Best flex HA can help him to get more moveable in winter. I feed it for only two weeks but can see a little change in his walk.
Ms Sue Bailey 2 months ago.
This product really works. Does what it says on the packet. best product I have found for my horse.
Naomi Finch 2 months ago.
Great product! Worth the extra money.
Sharon Spanswick 2 months ago.
My horse seems so much more agile
Anne Scott 2 months ago.
Excellent supplement & my fussy mare eats her feeds with it in
Trusted Customer
Has made marked difference to both my horses. Both my trainer and judges have commented
Mrs Tracey May 2 months ago.
I definitely notice a difference when I run out
Linda Aldam 2 months ago.
good value quality product
Trusted Customer
Works really well, I have a large old pure shire horse who looks and feels really well on this product
Trusted Customer
Highly recommded.Would only ever use Feedmark for my horse supplements.
Mrs Karen Taylor 3 months ago.
Great product my gelding is great on it.
Trusted Customer
The best joint suplement!
Sarah Dove 3 months ago.
My horse is on the second tub and she looks and feels great.
Katie Marsh 3 months ago.
Saw difference in horses performance in days
Ms Mary Peirson 3 months ago.
Love the product - if only it wasn't so expensive
Trusted Customer
Seems to have improved my horses way of going, he has osteoarthritis in both hocks and is finding his school work easier
Mrs Sue Sydenham 3 months ago.
I have fed this product to my 29 year old cleveland bay cross mare since the product was launched and it helps the stiffness in her joints.
KAY BROOKS 3 months ago.
My horse is almost 16 and suffers from stiffness, we have been using this product for a while now and it really seems to help her.
Trusted Customer
This is amazing stuff, helped my old boy have a new lease of life, he’s been on it for some time now, best thing I ever bought him.
Trusted Customer
Obvious improvement in suppleness and ease of movement within a couple of weeks - very impressed with the results.
Francesca Hinds 3 months ago.
I use best flex ha on 2 of my horses both doing well on it
Frankie Musgrove 3 months ago.
Still in trials, but hopeful
Trusted Customer
Great product, my horse is sound moving freely.
Elizabeth Clark 3 months ago.
Was not able to try this product as Canadian customs would not let it into the country!
Mrs Christine Grist 3 months ago.
My mule won't eat it at all
Ms Lara Booth 3 months ago.
A good quality product that I know has been independently tested and is of a very superior quality
Mrs Penny Lock 3 months ago.
18 year old moving well on this product
Trusted Customer
Flex ha. 25 year old mare shoes detonate signs of improvement. Find moving much easier.
Trusted Customer
Helps my 20 year old gelding keep supple.
Anita Crombie 3 months ago.
all my horses are now on this. My oldest 18 year old quarter horse is back rolling in his field and he seems much happy on his legs which have the on set of arthritis.
Mrs Debbra Pocock 3 months ago.
Does exactly what the product is supposed to
Trusted Customer
My horse can’t live without it
Ms Anna Charles 4 months ago.
great service as usual. Will order again
Ms Mary Peirson 4 months ago.
Best product although generally rather expensive
Sharon Spanswick 4 months ago.
Good service, seems to work a lot better than yumove he was on before
Trusted Customer
Excellent thank you I would always recommend your products
Peter Stendahl-Juvonen 4 months ago.
Erinomainen tuote hevosen hyvinvoinnin parantamiseksi ja ylläpitämiseksi.
Trusted Customer
sehr gutes Produkt,das ich immer wieder gerne kaufe u. es hilft beiden Pferden sehr gut
Trusted Customer
Very palatable and seems to work
Pia Conrad-Neumann 4 months ago.
Sehr wirksam, sehr zufrieden
laurence 4 months ago.
best flex ha est un super produit je l'utilise depuis quelques années et j'en suis super contente top pour mon vieux cheval de 23 ans que je monte encore et aussi pour mon poney qui a eu un problème a un postérieur il a du resté au repos pendant plus d'un an pour un problème musculaire depuis que je le retravaille je lui donne est flex ha et cela lui convient très bien
Jo Horton 4 months ago.
Sadly my old horse wouldn't eat it but other horses do
Mrs Tracy Barber 4 months ago.
Will be 5* if the Best Flex proves as good as Extra Flex was when I used it on my horse for a long period of time, a few years ago. Stopped for 2 or 3 years due to cost factors, but I’m trying to start Gem on this & some other Feedmark supplements as well.
Trusted Customer
The difference in my horse is amazing since being on this supplement.
Trusted Customer
Great product and great value. Keeps my 21yr old dressage horse comfortable and able to do his work.
Sue Tolliday 4 months ago.
Best-Flex HA has made a massive difference to my arthritic horse and he likes the taste too
Kim Crowther 4 months ago.
Had great results with best flex thank you
KAY BROOKS 4 months ago.
I have been using Best-Flex HA for a while, for joint maintenance and it has really helped my horse
Kay Phillips 4 months ago.
Seems to be helping and my horse eats it, which is a bonus!
Trusted Customer
Palatable, so no waste, my old , stiff mare moving more freely & generally happier in herself
Trusted Customer
Trusted Customer
Best Flex is amazing. The horse is 31 and at 28 he was a bit stiff. We have been using this for 3 years now and he thinks he's 5 again and still in light work
Ms Sue Bailey 4 months ago.
Does what it says. Works very well on my mare
Trusted Customer
My stuff pony isn’t stiff anymore using this product over a period of time
Mrs Diana Le-Croissette 4 months ago.
Elderly, stiff arthritic pony goes like a five year old on this supplement. It's magic!
AMANDA TAYLOR 4 months ago.
Results are fantastic, my 19 year old Dressage horse moves so freely since using best flex
Amanda Watson 4 months ago.
Since being on Best Flex HA along with Benevit my 26 year old Oliver is having a new lease of life. Great products
Beverley Myers 4 months ago.
Since I have been feeding Best HA I have seen a big improvement in my pony’s flexibility and general well being.
Anita CROMBIE 4 months ago.
best flex ha looks and smells amazing. My horse is lying down again and rolling in his field, so inthink hus joints are feeling better
Francesca Hinds 4 months ago.
dose the job It’s very good
Emma Lemon 4 months ago.
My mare seems to be doing extremely well on this joint supplement. I'll be back for more!
Trusted Customer
Excellent product, keeps our horses feeling great
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