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Trusted Customer
Good product as always..
Mrs Susan Arnold 10 days ago,
I don't use this product for my horse but my daughter who does seems to be very satisfied
Elizabth turton 11 days ago,
It works. My emotional mare had started weaving she was so tense and I worried about ulcers so I chose Steady up which works for her.
Trusted Customer
We use this with Easiflex and our horse is doing really well He has kissing spine and arthritic hocks, he seems to be more sound and not as reactive since using these products
Trusted Customer
Horse eating Boswellia v well - no probs with palatability. Sees at ease and comfortable in joints
Zena Watson 2 months ago.
Very palatable for horses. And a really good natural pain relief
Trusted Customer
Known product always good quality
Traceyann Flannery 3 months ago.
My boys are benefiting so much from this product they are 22 yrs old live out as one has cpod rugged up , field shelter , food and hay plus thus product they are doing well
Trusted Customer
Great product and horses love it and it shows in their condution
Trusted Customer
To early to say yet ,but seems to be working
Mrs Stephanie DeWitt 4 months ago.
Good product, but bag not easy to re-seal
Sue Stopforth 5 months ago.
Good quality at decent price
Ms Caroline Farnham 5 months ago.
Good value for a product that works
Mrs Julie Wilding 5 months ago.
my horses have done very well on this product
Trusted Customer
Horses love it and that's a start just waiting on improvement which is there but slow as it is with herbs , but so far looking positive
Trusted Customer
Sample didn’t smell as strong as expected and my fussy boy ate without problems. Noticed the 2kg was quite smelly when i unpacked it but not started feeding it yet. Good value with YHL offer
Trusted Customer
Bit early to tell, but he seems to have a better spring in his step, though he is on bute for arthritis too
Miss Linda Graham 5 months ago.
I use this as my pony suddenly went off Best Flex. I use it to maintain his mobility after hock surgery as he competes at Elementary level and is now a veteran.
Mrs Laura Shakeshaft 6 months ago.
Good quality and nice to be able to buy in large quantity as feed to several horses.
Mrs Rebecca Gutierrez 6 months ago.
My 23 year old has joint issues and was on 2.5 bute a day to keep him comfortable. It took a bit of gradual introduction following his initial reaction of 'im not eating that' as I'd started with the full dose. However once on the right quantities, he went from his 2.5 bute a day to half a sachet. Such a miraculous change.
Trusted Customer
Only been using Boswellia but definitely noticed an improvement. My horse loosens up more quickly and is moving more freely. Will continue to use as seems to be still improving.
Ms Carol Faulconbridge 8 months ago.
Excellent product really makes a difference to my horse
Lucy 8 months ago.
This is a good quality product and works well for my horse
Trusted Customer
Good quality boswellia and economical
Ms Lara Booth 9 months ago.
Only just starting to use it but smells lovely and both older horses are eating it easily.
Ms Gilly Eales 9 months ago.
Larger tubs better value and great offers.
Ms Caroline Farnham 9 months ago.
Have only been using three months but already improvements have been noticed in my mare
Trusted Customer
Boswellia keeps my boys comfy without having to use Bute.
Chrysoulla Clarkson 9 months ago.
Fantastic product. Has really worked to help my arthritic ex advanced dressage mare to stay sound and return to work and she is enjoying life again.
Trusted Customer
Boswellia is an excellent all-round protective for joints. Simple to use and not too much strain on my pocket
Trusted Customer
Boswellia is a great product, nicely packed and the herb itself is effective, with no unpleasant side effects
Ms Caroline Farnham 10 months ago.
Having been using the boswellia for five weeks now and noticed a difference in my mares movement, more supple and less stiffness when she comes out of her stable
Ms Caroline Farnham 10 months ago.
Have already noticed in three weeks of using this product a difference in my mare, the stiffness has eased considerably and would recommend this product
Ms Carol Faulconbridge 11 months ago.
Really can see a difference
Mrs Rachel Roles 11 months ago.
It’s made a huge difference to my 17 yr old mare, she feels more supple whilst on this product.
Sandra Ashworth 11 months ago.
Need more time to assess the benefits
Madeline Taig 11 months ago.
Works well for my arthritic horse, he stays happy and comfortable using it
Trusted Customer
Both horses are happy to eat it even though they can be fussy. Early days to know how effective it is.