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Mrs Deborah Maxwell-King 6 days ago,
This is the first time I’ve tried Activet for my horse and within 5 days he’s a lot more comfortable and happy! I’ve literally tried EVERY supplement out there and this is the only one that’s worked..... thank you so much!!!
Miss Julie Rogers 16 days ago,
Have used this on my shire mare who has had a shoulder injury , not used it for very long but has made a difference
Trusted Customer
Really fab for my older mare, no one can believe her age!
Mrs Caroline Hague-Lenihan 20 days ago,
Amazing for keeping my 24 & 20 year old Arabs feeling great whether working or not
Trusted Customer
My horse is a fussy eater but loves this product
Nigel Moss 1 month ago.
Injuries my 21 yr old my girl suffered when young have gotten to her in recent years, fortunately this stuff has helped, and I've even caught her running with the younger pony's for short periods. Just one scoop with her evening meal is all that's needed (scoop included).
Suzanne 1 month ago.
Good value for money would recommend to everyone.
Mrs Janet Mcgilloway 1 month ago.
My 21year old horse has in his younger days suffered some serious injuries & I noticed he was starting to walk out stiff. This product has returned his suppleness and his coat very glossy
Mrs Linda Anderson 1 month ago.
I have been feeding Activet my elderly heavy horse when she looked a bit uncomfortable going downhill. Her movement is considerably better and she seems much happier.
Trusted Customer
Brilliant products, excellent service
Erin Balfour 1 month ago.
My 17 year old mare has been feeling great and going nicely since putting her on the bestflex joint supplement. However, I have had her on this for less than a month and also bought an arcequine at the same time so I cannot solely attribute her way of going to the supplement.
Mrs Emma Reynolds 1 month ago.
This product made such a difference to my horse I now use it gor my old pony too.
Mrs B Edwards 1 month ago.
Excellent speedy service and easy to use
Trusted Customer
Great product and price my horse is eating it and she is fussy
Mrs Susan Todd 2 months ago.
palatable and mare looking very sprightly
Laura Kadere 3 months ago.
super supplement. horses is like brand new!!
Mrs Jackie Teggart 4 months ago.
My mare is 30 in May and has been on ths for years, now. Still riding out on the moors on her (weather permitting) and she still loves it. (Only at a walk, I'm 77)
Mrs Gillian Coles 4 months ago.
My horses have never turned their noses up at their Activet. I continue to feed it as they are still working in their early 20’s.
Mrs Margaret Bakewell 4 months ago.
It keeps my 33 year old dales pony flexible and comfortable
Trusted Customer
I've been using Activet for a good few months now ,for what you pay for it i was hoping to see a change in my veteran by now so I'm now wondering if I'm throwing hard earned cash away .
Trusted Customer
Definitely has made a difference to my older mare, you’d never guess her age & she’s loving life
Trusted Customer
I feed this to two veterans who were starting to look and feel a little creaky when first going out of their stables or on a ride . They have been on it 6 months now and there is no stiffness left at all , they are like youngsters .
Mrs Sally Richards 5 months ago.
Our arthritic event horse is able to be kept active in his semi retirement thanks to the soothing effects of active vet on his joints. He is now back enjoying jumping and cross country schooling in addition to dressage.
Mrs Angela Walton 6 months ago.
seems to help my older horses stay active, palatable even for the fussy feeder
Mrs Liane Francis 6 months ago.
Fast service and great product my golden oldies are feeling a bit better ❤️
Trusted Customer
Bought this product for two 20 + year old horses who are still ridden regularly but were starting to appear a little stiff on first coming out of their stable in the mornings. The stiffness has gone and they both look fantastic.
Mrs Gillian Coles 7 months ago.
I have been using Activet for some time. Both horses eat it with no problem and I dare not stop using it as they are both active and annoying life.
Mrs Jane Kidd 7 months ago.
It does what it says in its name
Yvonne Bailey 7 months ago.
Great results. Have been using this for years and my horse is certainly active for his age.
Nigel Moss 7 months ago.
Have a 20yr old Welsh D who was getting very still on her rear legs. It has taken maybe 6/7 weeks to show, but she has now gone from a stiff walk to a flowing walk. Will be keeping her on Activet for the forseeable future.
Mrs Jane Daglish 7 months ago.
I use Activet for my old 29 year old horse. He loves the taste and it is keeping his joints more supple and he has an amazing coat
Trusted Customer
Have a 20yo stallion he thinks he’s a spring chicken definitely made a difference to his movement
Mrs Cheryl Fair 7 months ago.
Marked difference in Harry's stringholt no problem feeding it too him so it must taste good 😀
Miss Rosemarie Hume 7 months ago.
This is now the second tub I’ve bought for my horses and it does help them with their mobility.
Mrs Patricia Tranter 7 months ago.
My 28 year old Dales pony will trot or canter over to see me when I call him in the field. What more can I say!"
Trusted Customer
I find this helps my horse feel more comfortable when he moves (he has a big movement). He can be a fussy eater and I was worried he would be put off when I added this for the first time and was really pleased to find no left-overs.
Lorraine Saunders 7 months ago.
Good quality but sadly my horse wouldn’t touch his feed with the supplement
Margaret Francis 7 months ago.
My lovely 26 year old "Ginnis" has been on Activet for the last few years and he is very fit and loving life. His career has gone from driving horse to show jumper to veteran show horse. I think Activet helps keep him supple - he doesn't think he's an old man!
Mrs Gillian Coles 7 months ago.
The quality of this product is brilliant. It is keeping both my horses going and in good health.
Trusted Customer
Horses eat it they look well
Trusted Customer
Good website with plenty of information. Special offers made this affordable. Quick delivery
Mrs Carole Kershaw 9 months ago.
I have used this product before and found it very useful for my old horse when he is stiff. Good product, would recommend it.
Trusted Customer
Horses look great & very happy
Trusted Customer
Activet appears to make a difference to my 18yo Arab mare who has had lameness issues since she was 5yo. She’s retired now but is keen to get out to her field every morning and rolls and gets up with ease.
Miss Rosemarie Hume 10 months ago.
Helps my horse with his arthritis, he’s much more comfortable.
Lucy Richards 10 months ago.
The Activet has put the spring back in my horse's step following an injury whilst out eventing. He is now able to enjoy dressage, jumping, cross country schooling and fitness work. His return to eventing next summer now looks much more likely.
Mrs Gillian Coles 11 months ago.
My horses like it, it keeps them mobile so I am happy.
Trusted Customer
Active has made a significant difference to my older horses mobility they are noticeably more comfortable and it suits all of them from the shetlands to my Irish sports horse, very palatable even the fussy eaters like it.