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Trusted Customer
Works well, as one of our horses has a allergy to some sort of pollen
Trusted Customer
Pleased to say that Clarity seems to have made my mare much more comfortable. Despite damp feeds and haynets, she coughed when exercised and this has much improved since using this product. Her nasal discharge has also become less frequent.
Trusted Customer
So far so good - seems to be doing the job- only slight downside is having to use 4 scoops a day
Ms Donna Hyland
Excellent product have been using it for years
Miss Francine Talbot
My mare has been 100% better with her breathing and no coughing now since been on this
Trusted Customer
Is working a treat for my older horses who suffer coming back into the stable overnight now winter is here, no coughing or sneezing!
Mrs Helen Hargreaves
Great for stopping coughing
Trusted Customer
Brilliant product that actually does what it says
Carrie Cooper 1 month ago.
Have used Clarity for many years, brilliant product
Trusted Customer
Clarity really helps protect my horses breathing.
Trusted Customer
Always use clarity through out the year but especially now that we are going from grass to hay it make all the difference to my old girl who at 25yrs old does have to odd breathing issue sometimes.
Mrs Sarah Smart 1 month ago.
Is a great product that works
Miss Jacqui Allen 1 month ago.
Really helps my horse's breathing and prevents coughing when he is on dry hay. Use this every winter
Trusted Customer
Keeps both horses airways clear in the summer as well as winter when stabled more and bedding dust can affect them.
Trusted Customer
Helps reduce incidence of coughs with my ponies when weather has been very dry
Mrs Anne Banks 1 month ago.
Excellent products staff always helpful
Trusted Customer
I have noticed such a difference in my horses breathing during the summer since using clarity.
Trusted Customer
It is not a cure but it certainly helps his breathing
Trusted Customer
Great product that once in the system has worked wonders - used to have to keep horse on haylage all year round due to COPD but now he seems to be coping with damp hay during the summer months. Big result!
Anne Bouch 1 month ago.
Effective product and good service
Miss Simone Taylor 1 month ago.
This really is the only product that has made a difference this year to one of my horses with a pollen allergy! We have used prescribed products yet this has really made a difference in 3 weeks. Thanks!
Miss Kate Wilkinson 1 month ago.
Good product ata reasonable price
Karen Thompson 1 month ago.
Clarity really helps my head shaking horse in the months from April till September.
Miss Sue Cuthbert 1 month ago.
Good for keeping breathing issues at bay and seems to help keep him clear
Mr Paul Windsor 1 month ago.
Given this product to my 36 year old pony who’s breathing was difficult as the temperatures rose, but since giving him clarity his breathing is much easier even during the heatwave we had recently
Holly Austin 1 month ago.
My pony seems to have improved significantly on clarity! He was diagnosed with RAO a couple of months ago. This seems to be the best supplement to be the most effective so far. Super fast delivery as well:) Photos of my cheeky pony (jasper) below!
Trusted Customer
Not seen the benefit of the product yet
Mrs Helen Hargreaves 2 months ago.
This product seems to keep the coughing at bay
Corinne Hirst 2 months ago.
The product is great quality and works for my horse.
Ms Rachel George 2 months ago.
I started using this on my mare and can hear the difference in her breathing
James Rigby 2 months ago.
Ok so far but too early to rate completely
Trusted Customer
good products, excellent choice
Alexandra 2 months ago.
I have been using clarity for years now and it is my go to for any respiratory complaint, be it a winter cough or as I found this year, to help with heavy breathing due to pollen. Within a week the improvements are clear to see. My horse is also a particularly fussy eater (even turns his nose up a sugar lumps) but absolutely loves this stuff! It smells amazing, been tempted to give it a try once or twice myself!
Mrs Rachel Nicholls 2 months ago.
Clarity has helped my pony so much hes so much happier does what it says on the tub brilliant.
Caroline Mckenzie 2 months ago.
Product was delivered very quickly it’s a nice big tub and it reduced the cough straight away
Trusted Customer
Works well, smells lovely
Trusted Customer
I was sceptical but this supplement works! Many friends had recommended it - and they were right!
Trusted Customer
Been using a week but I am seeing improvements will be best to say when she comes in for the nights and on hay
Mrs Lynn Doughty 2 months ago.
I have only just purchased this product so will have to see how it works for my horse. I have been using Zerobute for years and so am obviously very happy with that product.
Mrs Donna Lock 2 months ago.
This product really helps my mare who has asthma
Sally Barber 2 months ago.
Feedmark Clarity was recommended to us by an instructor as our horse had a slight whistle in dry dusty weather and high pollen counts. This supplement stopped this completely. We also give it to our little cob as she can be a little ‘ snotty’ sometimes. It keeps her airways clear so she can enjoy doing what she does best , jumping and xc .
Mrs Caroline East 2 months ago.
The Clarity keep his airways completely clear and prevents the "stable cough" that he gets every winter. He doesn't cough at all when having Clarity. The SarVoid is still in early stages but he loves it and I have every confidence that it will work.
Mrs Jacqueline Babb 2 months ago.
Amazing stuff worth the money
Trusted Customer
Always use this supplement
Trusted Customer
I have purchased the bespoke supplement, I’ve found that it’s very cost effective and saves time and hassle! The supplements themselves actually work very well too!
Trusted Customer
I have used this for my veteran mare who has a hay allergy. It really helps her all through the year.
Mrs Sara Kimberley 3 months ago.
I buy clarity for our sec D it's the only product that helps with his breathing. We have a horse just diagnosed with cushions, so have brought some chastberry, first time using it so cant give a product rating yet.
Ms Viola Powrie 3 months ago.
I have been using Clarity for years and I works wonderfully with my 22 year old Missouri Foxtrotter with allergies. This supplement keeps him from coughing during the worst of the allergy season.
Trusted Customer
Started using this product a couple of years ago and wouldn’t use anything else now. Suits my boys with excellent results.
Trusted Customer
Palatable, easy to follow instructions and seems to be having a positive effect on my horse
Trusted Customer
Works for my horse put him on it every summer
Trusted Customer
Great product, service & delivery top class too
Emma Handebeaux 3 months ago.
I love it. Ive used it on many different horses over the years and it is one that always works well. My horse is a very fussy eater so I have to be careful what I use. Clarity always goes down well
Mrs C Parker 4 months ago.
My Mare had a sinus issue last year and Clarity has really helped her
Trusted Customer
Keeps me 31 year old thoroughbred’s allergies under control
Hilary Hadingham 4 months ago.
Both my horses have improved since using this , coughing due to end of year hay which tends to be dusty
Mrs Ilona Lindsay 4 months ago.
excellent product and service. Feedmark are my go to place for any supplements
Ms Kelly Linder 4 months ago.
I can’t get my horse to eat with even 1/4 of recommended amount. With trying everything to get him to eat it, I do feel it helped but it’s not fair on him to battle every day to get him to eat, when just removing it he will eat fine.
Ms Michele Garrod 4 months ago.
Helps my old boy breathe better throughout the summer months.
Trusted Customer
I've bought Clarity several times, works very well to help prevent coughing. Smells really good, my horse loves it
Abby Wood 4 months ago.
Great value and it really makes a difference
Ms Gwen Smith 4 months ago.
My ponies subject to coughing and mucus expulsion due to hayfever. I used what I had and re ordered the same product Clarity. There has been little change and so I am quite disappointed. I know a lot of horses have struggled with hayfever this year. I will continue to use what I have as it may take some considerable time to effect a change.
Rebecca 4 months ago.
My horse has definitely changed with his coughing and breathing. He seems happier to work without becoming out of breath from coughing.
Mrs Kathryn Anderson 4 months ago.
Clarity has really sorted out my pony's coughing. Being stabled all year round I kept her on it even when cough had gone and she continues to have no problems.
Trusted Customer
Really good product thank you
HT 4 months ago.
Still using Clarity since the beginning of Winter and the cough alongside tightened airways has so far not developed even during hot May. So fingers crossed for the rest of the Summer.
Frances Love 4 months ago.
Product works - which has given me back my horse
Mrs Helen Hargreaves 4 months ago.
This product stops my horse from coughing and struggling with allergies
Trusted Customer
Brill product works really well
Trusted Customer
It really works... Paddy has had severe breathing problems in the summer months, to the extent we had to cut his work down completely which made managing his weight even harder - the Clarity has improved his breathing so much that he is fitter than ever and his weight looks perfect!
Trusted Customer
My horse has asthma and this helps with his cough
Trusted Customer
I have only put average as to soon to see results.
Trusted Customer
Clarity, benevit, garluc, replenish
Trusted Customer
It makes a difference to my 20-year old who has developed an allergic response to dry hay/ straw over Winter and now to pollen. He breathes more easily and cough is looser and less distressing.
Mrs Tracy Evans 4 months ago.
Have used Clarity on my horse Earl who struggles with pollen and allergies and it really seems to help him.
Mrs Roz Harper 4 months ago.
I couldn't be without this supplement now, for the quality of life it gives both horses
Karen Thompson 5 months ago.
Fabulous product for my horse who has head shaking syndrome
Trusted Customer
Have been using Clarity for my mare it’s brilliant especially with high pollen counts. Would recommend this product.
Trusted Customer
Brilliant product does what it says it does . My mare has asthma and this really helps her
Mrs Jacqueline Babb 5 months ago.
Amazing stuff really works
Ms Sue Maycock 5 months ago.
Clarity, smells gorgeous wouldnt mind eating it myself. Seems to be working although only 4th day of use
Trusted Customer
Clarity helps my cob's breathing.
Trusted Customer
Keeps my horse comfortable
Dr Kerry O'Neill 5 months ago.
This along with steamed hay has helped mares breathing!
Mrs Helen Hargreaves 5 months ago.
Always seems to calm irritation - seems to sort coughing
Trusted Customer
Great service, would recommend
Trusted Customer
Clarity is amazing and helps keeps my very allergy prone horse from coughing
Ms Katie Hull 5 months ago.
Keeps my boy happy and moving as he should
Sarah Harris 5 months ago.
Really happy with the product “Clarity” it’s made a huge improvement to our pony who suffers with a cough. He’s happy to eat it which is important as he can be quite fussy if you add things to his feed! I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to other.
Trusted Customer
Does exactly what it says on the tin!!
Trusted Customer
Item came recommended by a friend. Working well with my horse
Trusted Customer
Miss Kirsten Murdoch 6 months ago.
Been using clarity for a few years now and helps my horse with her hay cough in winter
Mrs Fiona Walker 6 months ago.
Works a treat, anytime I've had a horse that has been stable a lot and gets mildly snotty Clarity helps clear things up
Natalie 6 months ago.
My veteran gelding developed a cough and after seeking advice from my vet I ordered clarity to see if that would help clear it in the first instance. Was delivered next day and I started feeding. Haven’t heard the cough since.
Mrs Nicola Fawcett 7 months ago.
horse has stopped caughing
Mrs Caroline Cotton 7 months ago.
have not used clarity before but it is great my horse had developed a dry cough through bieng stabled os much because of the weather.Clarity cleared it up within days .I really recomend
Mrs Donna Lock 7 months ago.
I regularly buy this product as it helps my horses asthma.
Trusted Customer
Clarity has really helped my horse's breathing. I would recommend it.
Trusted Customer
I've been using the Slimaid and Clarity for my pony for a few years now and they do what they say.
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