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Trusted Customer
used for years, seems to work
Norma Charters 13 days ago,
Vet put my old boy onto small daily dosage of bute for slight arthritis, but after using Zerobute for a while he no longer needs the bute & is much better on his tummy,
Miss Patricia Barber 22 days ago,
My arthritic pony seems to be more comfortable when taking this supplemen.
Trusted Customer
Pony in rude health.Seems to relieve stiffness
Mrs Judy Senn 1 month ago.
A lifeline for my stiff old mare. It has put a spring back in her step.
Trusted Customer
Excellent product and fast delivery
Mrs Angela Murfitt 2 months ago.
Does what it says on the tub.
Trusted Customer
This product seems to be really improving the movement and general well being of my veteran Irish Draught cross. He is so well in himself and spends most of his time in the field getting down, rolling enthusiastically, getting up, shaking himself down and taking himself off for a short canter!
Trusted Customer
Zero bute keeps my old retired mare moving easier
Mrs Alex Melvin 2 months ago.
Laminitic, arthritic 22 year old Welsh section A, on 3 Feedmark products, Clitheroes Garlic, Zerobute, Bestflex HA as well as Turmeric, black pepper and veg oil, if you’d seen her ‘yee haaaa!’ round the field with her 9 year old TB bestie today..... wish I’d had my fone to video! Somethings working 🥰
Ms Caroline Pook 2 months ago.
Zerobute is working well for my 25 year old ex polo.
Mrs Barbara Brown 3 months ago.
I've been feeding Zerobute to my mare for about 3 years following two surgeries on tendons/ligaments. She is now going better than ever so I daren't stop giving it to her.
Miss Gillian Clark 3 months ago.
Horse seems to like it and it takes the edge off his arthritis instead of using danilon.
Amanda Cooper 3 months ago.
Great idea for small taster pack, arrived really quickly
Ms Amanda Cullen 4 months ago.
Fabulous makes my old girl much more comfortable in her old age 🥰
Ms Linda Walker 4 months ago.
Been using it on my horses for over 25 years
Ms Caroline Pook 4 months ago.
Zerobute is helping my 25 year old ex-polo pony through a soft tissue injury. He acts like a 4 year old but needs an extra bit of support sometimes!
Sarah Humphrey 4 months ago.
My mare came off this as I ran out and I noticed the difference straight away especially her stiffness in the morning. Would highly recommend
Ms Sarah Weidmann 5 months ago.
Excellent service. Thank you.
Trusted Customer
Seems to work great for my horse
Trusted Customer
Seems to be helping but only used for 2 weeks so far
Trusted Customer
My 21yo highland pony was on a low dose every day of bute from vet to keep him comfortable, he no longer needs it since being on this product.
Kerry O’Neill 7 months ago.
Great product promotes soundness in old horses. After a summer of lameness in 2017, I have tried this product and not looked back.
Trusted Customer
I have been using Zerobute for two years following tendon operations. Seems to work very well.
Trusted Customer
Great service and product. I have been feeding this to my mare for some time now. Seems to help with the stiffness.
Katie Sanders 9 months ago.
Good quality product and has made a different to my horses already
Mr Clive Buttress 9 months ago.
My mare is getting on a bit and is a bit arthritic.Zerobute seems to ease this
Sandra Winskell 9 months ago.
Our horse has definitely lost some of her stiffness since starting this
Trusted Customer
it helps my laminitic pony and my elderly arab
Trusted Customer
First time I’ve had this so cannot day yet how good it works, need more time.
Sandra Winskell 9 months ago.
Have just started our horse on this due to stiffness, early days but appears to be an improvement
Norma Charters 9 months ago.
Simply it works & better on the stomach than bute from vet & easier to purchase.
Mrs Paula Dorling 11 months ago.
Have used this on my old boy for years keeps him fairly flexible
Trusted Customer
my aged horse has responded very well to this supplement as is moving more freely
Ms Caroline Pook 11 months ago.
Works well. Full of natural ingredients.
Trusted Customer
Horses find it very palatable