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Trusted Customer
Seems to be working my ponies bloods are showing better signs
Mrs Sarah-Jayne Cooper 15 days ago,
Since using Liveraid our pony has found he appetite again and gained weight.
Christine Thomas 1 month ago.
Helped my very ill pony, would highly recommend Liver Aid.
Trusted Customer
Lots of B vitamins in this product and my horse who’s normally fussy with supplements, gobbles this up!
Carolynne Green 2 months ago.
Seems to be the best option after veterinary liver tonic, seems to be keeping my mare stable so far
Trusted Customer
Too early to tell if this product is working but will order another months supply and continue
Helen Hart-Mitchell 2 months ago.
It has helped our pony with liver disease. He is now back to full health with the help of this great product
Mrs Wiggin 3 months ago.
I've been using Liveraid for 12 months now on our 25 year old Welsh pony and he's bright, full of energy, moving like a 5 year old, made such a difference to him, thank you Feedmark!
Sarah Bennett 4 months ago.
Has really picked my pony up
Trusted Customer
So far so good. Rescue ponies with liver issues are finding it easy to eat.
Trusted Customer
Seems to be helping pony so far
Trusted Customer
It seems to agree with our pony
Trusted Customer
Excellent supplement, exactly what I needed.
Ms Rebecca Karling 4 months ago.
My horse has felt better than ever on this product which iv not used before
Mrs Wiggin 5 months ago.
Brilliant product, made huge difference to our 26 yr old Welsh pony
Miss Kay Rush 5 months ago.
Still waiting to see if it has helped the problem
Trusted Customer
Palatable for pony and also environmentally friendly if you purchase the refill packs (paper bagged)
Trusted Customer
I have found this supplement keeps my pony feeling well.
Trusted Customer
First use of this product but can see my pony appears brighter since starting on it
Mrs Helen Bowler 10 months ago.
Only just stated using it, but recommended by my vet. The plus side is the pony is eating it.
Sheryl Kennedy 11 months ago.
Too early to tell if helping but purchased upon vet recommendations for my 36 year old pony who was losing condition