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Mrs Jo Craig 6 days ago,
This really helps my old boy,
Ms Diana Phillips 1 month ago.
I think you may have saved my GSD ******* leg, if not her life after a terrible recovery from anesthetic after a hip replacement, she dislocated the implant and damaged the muscle so much that her surgeon did not think there was enough strength left in the leg to support her. This was in September, and not saying too much it's now January and she is still walking. A bit unsound and rather weak, but getting around and not in pain. Come on Vello, you can make it with Feedmark's help!
Mrs Jo Craig 1 month ago.
This really helps my old boy who isn't very steady on his legs
Natasha 1 month ago.
It works... Enough said!!
Mr Chris Balch 2 months ago.
Good stuff for our 14 year old dog
Trusted Customer
Good solid product always good delivery
Mrs Tricia Gibson 3 months ago.
Really helps my old dog with his aches and pains
Ms Diana Phillips 3 months ago.
Really excellent service!
Natasha Kimber 7 months ago.
Amazing works so well . I use it on all my dogs. I am a life with the difference i see in my dogs.
Kath Temple 7 months ago.
I've been using this for 2 years and can't recommend it highly enough. Friends have commented on my dogs agility and he's 14 1/2 years old.
Trusted Customer
Easy to use - early days for my dog but I think her stuffiness is reducing especially in the morning when she gets up
Trusted Customer
I have a rescued ex Racing Greyhound Who is10 years old . K9 activet has helped with her joint and mobility issues. Also gives a lovely Shine to her coat and is very palatable. A Fantastic product recommended by means my hound.