No Fill
4.8 / 5
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Trusted Customer
not used long but seems effective
HAYLEY HAMBLIN 8 days ago,
The no fill reduced fluid in the lower part of my horses leg within two weeks, I’ve used this product for 4 months and my horses legs have never looked so good. No swelling or creases.
Miss Helen Allison 11 days ago,
Works well on my elderly horse who's legs tend to fill if kept in the stable too long. Great natural product!
Miss Carol Ashman 12 days ago,
Works from the first feed. No more filled legs for my 28 year old tb.
Becky Hunt 12 days ago,
Excellent Products, super speedy delivery. Very happy returning customer 😊
Mr David Asbery 12 days ago,
Excellent product helpd my tb so his legs do not swell after being stabled overnight
Alison Noble 19 days ago,
Horses legs are not as swollen in the mornings now
Mrs Jo Craig 22 days ago,
Always find this company really helpful, with excellent service
Elaine Taylor 26 days ago,
Excellent product, really effective in controlling filled legs in older horse
Trusted Customer
It works well and the horse loves it
Lisa Garrett 1 month ago.
Good product that's working on my nearly 30 Yr old
Ms Karan Tett 1 month ago.
Great product thats works great on my mare.
Mrs Jane Kidd 1 month ago.
It does what it says. We gave had no more swollen legs since using No Fill
Trusted Customer
Since using No Fill my horses lower hind limbs are definitely less swollen in the morning.
Trusted Customer
Have used this product last winter and again this winter when my horse has been stabled overnight. Brilliant, it really works, definitely continue to use it Every winter.
Miss Janice Edwards 2 months ago.
Definitely helps with leg swelling
Lisa Garrett 2 months ago.
GOod service and always pleased
Mrs Pauline Burwell 3 months ago.
Does what it says on the tin.
Trusted Customer
His legs do seem to be less filled since he started on the product - the vet had advised a course of steroids so this is a much better alternative. Horse loves the taste.
Jenny Round 3 months ago.
I was recommended this product for my old mare. Feedmark were very helpful and suggested I try 'No Fill' on my old mare whose legs fill up over night. It's worked really well and would definitely recommend Feedmark to others.
Trusted Customer
Horse loves it, I'm still waiting to be convinced it is working, it is looking promising though.
Julie Challinor 3 months ago.
My TB suffers with filling of the lymph node in his legs, I have noticed a difference in the past 2 weeks, he seems more happier, will keep him on this supplement.
Ginny Fellows 3 months ago.
I was a bit sceptical before using this thinking it wouldn’t work on my horse after she developed filled legs after stabling, but I was pleasantly surprised after 2 days! She’ll stay on this when stabled now
Trusted Customer
Great product and ordered one day then received the next!
Trusted Customer
Immediate result. Legs no longer filled, not even after heavy exercise. Amazing.
Trusted Customer
Always use at this time of year to avoid swollen legs when making the transition from daily turnout to winter months when stables almost 24/7
Mandy Brown 4 months ago.
great item works on my mare
Trusted Customer
Excellent product, does what it says in description and was delivered very quickly. Great refill packaging too so less plastic waste.
Trusted Customer
Excellent product as they always are, does exactly what you want it to do. Filling definitely reduced in my boy whilst on box rest and what filling remained is softer to touch.
Trusted Customer
Early days so unable to draw definite conclusion yet. Horse has taken to it very well. It looks to be full of lots of lovely herbs and is very palatable, so far so good.
Trusted Customer
As stated above horse was allergic
Miss Briony Holden 6 months ago.
Great for horses which get puffy legs and/ or suffer from lymphangitis.
Trusted Customer
Worked amazingly well within 24 hours. Noticeable difference during the hot weather when my horse was stabled.
Trusted Customer
Does what it says on the tin
Miss Helen Allison 6 months ago.
Great product that works!
Miss Janice Edwards 7 months ago.
Really helps the swelling in my horse's legs when stabled overnight
Trusted Customer
Great supplement I already noticed a difference in my horses legs after using this for only a week definitely something I will continue to purchase!
Mr Ian McRobbie 8 months ago.
Used on our 24 y.o. mare who in recent years has had a tendancy to have windgalls. I did not really expect any significant results but in fact there was a noticeable reduction in swelling. Good result !!!
Ann Janes 8 months ago.
This product has done amazing results with my older boy. Within 24 hours his leg went down fab stuff x
AMANDA TAYLOR 8 months ago.
Amazing results after just a week
Sofiaa Jankiewicz 9 months ago.
After using this supplement for a week I already noticed a difference
Olivia Courbe 9 months ago.
hard to quantify but do believe it helps reducing filled leg
Beverley Relf 9 months ago.
After a severe bout of Lyphangitis I tried the No Fill and the results have been fantastic and my fussy tb eats it without issue
Jasmin Palmer 9 months ago.
I am using no fill after my horse Lymphangitis. I feel it is making a difference. But I am also exercising her a lot and turning her out a lot. The test will be in winter.
Trusted Customer
I bought No Fill for our 17hh 25 year old and we notice a significant decrease in the swelling of his legs overnight. We love it and so does he!
Trusted Customer
Love it!! Horses love it and it seems to help!
Trusted Customer
Has certainly helped my horse’s puffy legs overnight. I was a bit sceptical at first but it has worked
Mrs Pauline Burwell 11 months ago.
Since my horse has been on No Fill - his legs are not filled.