4,9 / 5
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Trusted Customer
I have used Vetranaid for all 5 of my horses, whose ages range from 13 through to 26 years.
Trusted Customer
Made a big difference to my 29 year old
Trusted Customer
Gives him a bit of sparkle
Trusted Customer
The one and only reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is because I ordered supplement for both my friend and myself. Her tub came with a scoop and mine didn’t! It’s really helped give my older pony a boost of energy and he’s clearly feeling much better in himself for having the supplement!
Mrs Alexandra Mason 4 months ago.
Very quick service, good price
Mrs Rose Balch 6 months ago.
Always pleased with products, and will keep using, my horse looks great on it, not bad for a 23 TB
Mrs Tracy Barber 7 months ago.
I haven’t used the products yet, so don’t know how effective they’re going to be. I have used Extra Flex ( now Best Flex)in the past & it seemed to help my horse. I had to stop using it due to the cost as it’s quite expensive. The other two products - Hardy Hoof Formula & Veteranaid, I’ve not used before & I haven’t started my horse on them yet, so can’t give a rating at the moment. Hence 4 Stars & not 5.
Trusted Customer
The products keep my elderly arthritic mare in good health and make a noticeable difference to her joints.
Mrs Rose Balch 7 months ago.
My horse is 23 and ex racehorse, he looks great and still thinks he’s a 2 year old. I also used to feed to my other horse a TB x and I was lucky enough to have her until she was 30
Mrs Lorraine Olsen 8 months ago.
Excellent product giving excellent tesults
Trusted Customer
Our pony Storm (who might be as old as 150...we have no idea) actually likes a supplement at last so we feelmuch happier that we are finally able to help his well being (although he has for ages insisted that he doesn't need a supplement)
Trusted Customer
Seems to be working well although it’s early days!
Sarah Allen 10 months ago.
Only just started my 19yr old on vetranaid, so far hes eaten it all from his feed, it's full of lots of healthy herbs.
Trusted Customer
Tolles Produkt, kann ich weiterempfehlen für Senioren Pferde
Trusted Customer
The product is fed to an elderly mare of 24. She eats it which is a good start. It appears to be of benefit to her.
Miss Anne-marie Price 12 months ago.
My old girl seems happier