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Trusted Customer
Very happy with this even with our fussy eater
Kerry 2 months ago.
Previous supplements worked very well only had this one a week so waiting
Mrs Amanda Forsyth 3 months ago.
Exactly what it says it is
Mrs Caroline Thomas 4 months ago.
started using this product for my arthritic horse some time ago with good results.
Trusted Customer
My horse enjoys this supplement and keeps him health.
Ms Evelyn Webber 5 months ago.
The product comes in a plastic bag within the tub, however, the plastic bag is usually sealed with a plastic grip. The 1st tub's contents wasn't sealed and nor did it contain the measuring scoop!
Trusted Customer
The quality and service of the products
Mrs Helen Hargreaves 8 months ago.
I have only just started to use this product although the clicking hock seems to be reducing
Trusted Customer
Seems to be good quality
Mrs Lenore Pike 11 months ago.
5 star service all round
Trusted Customer
I had always felt that the Tumeric helped my horse, but this was proven in the last couple of months, I stopped using it for nearly two months and my horse was noticeably more stiff and uncomfortable. I ordered some turmeric and restarted her one it and within a week, she was very much more comfortable and happily cantering/galloping about in her paddock.
Trusted Customer
Would welcome scoop half size so easier to balance amount recommended across feeds. If I give too much in one feed Very windy Results 😂