4.7 / 5
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Mrs Karen Fairbairn 2 months ago.
Used to support my horses, two of which are over 20 years old. Will continue to use as it appears to help them.
Mrs Elisabeth Greensmith 7 months ago.
Recommended for him by my vet, it appears to have kept his azoturia at bay for the last5 or 6 years!
Charlotte Sephton 8 months ago.
Seemingly great results so far
Trusted Customer
Another great product from the Feedmark range👍
Trusted Customer
I believe that this product helps to prevent my horse tying up. However, she did tie up early in the year despite being fed Vita Sel-E but there were other mitigating circumstances.
Trusted Customer
Easy to feed, appears to be working well
Trusted Customer
I use it upon recommendation from an independent equine nutritionist