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4.8 / 5
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Trusted Customer
I am sure Hardy Hoof improves the wellbeing of my horses hooves as I live on the edge of the moors and the clay ground always holds the water, so they need good hard hooves.
Julie Challinor 2 months ago.
Great supplement, big improvement on hooves, horse loves it
Trusted Customer
Brilliant product, my farrier definitely can see the difference
Trusted Customer
Have used this for years. Good stuff!
Pierre Baber 5 months ago.
Helps to keep the feet in good order
Trusted Customer
My horses hooves have improved but do have a few cracks still
Sarah Burbidge 7 months ago.
i'm hoping! Early days but have heard good things so very confident.
Ms Anna Sapronova 7 months ago.
Love this supplement, my TB mare had sand crack and just on 12 months using supplement and with the work of a good farrier it’s all gone
Trusted Customer
Excellent product and really works
Beverley Myers 7 months ago.
Hardy Hoof supplement has definitely improved the condition of my pony’s hooves. They are stronger and more resilient.
Miss Virginia Fellows 7 months ago.
Has helped my thoroughbreds feet to hold shoes all year round, and I’d rate it as better value and quality than competitors
Jennifer Lloyd 8 months ago.
One of my daughters horses has been on this for some time now and it does seem to be helping his hoof condition.
Trusted Customer
I am unable to comment yet as my mare has been on Hardy Hoof only one month but there are signs of healthy growth around the coronet band.
Liese Wright 10 months ago.
My ID x TB mare has always suffered with her hooves, but since she's been having feedmark hardy hoof supplement in her food the condition of hooves has really improved. I have a happy mare!
Trusted Customer
Ponies eat there food with it in, seems to be helping hooves. So far so good!
Naomi Round 10 months ago.
Jerry has been on this for about 2 weeks. As a fussy eater I bought it separate to his current bespoke just in case he decided against it. But nope he's loving it. Early to report any changes, but we'll keep going.
Sarah 10 months ago.
Too early to tell what difference it will make for my horse’s hooves, but judging by the ingredients and concentrations this should be one of the best hoof supplements on the market
Miss Sarah Evans 10 months ago.
Can't recommend highly enough.