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Pat Carr 4 months ago.
My horses are doing well on this product. One of them is very picky and will often refuse to eat any thing not food. She accepts Replenish in her feed.
Miss Becky Clare 6 months ago.
I asked for some nutritional advice about my PSSM pony and his electrolytes. The advice was very helpful and I am already noticing a difference in his general well-being. The product is reasonably priced and perfect to add to his mash feed.
Pat Carr 6 months ago.
After doing a great deal of research, I think Feedmark products are, whilst not cheap, of very good quality and effective. I particularly like the joint supplement, which is very high spec.
Trusted Customer
horses eat it well lasts well
Mrs Emma Wells 7 months ago.
The only electrolytes my horses will actually eat!!
Ms Emma Hogsden 7 months ago.
Good products that are well described
Miss Alia Cooper 9 months ago.
Good value electrolyte, recommend