Clitheroe's Garlic
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Trusted Customer
Used it for the last 10 years
Mrs Annette Smith 1 month ago.
Amazing quality product and price,so good at disguising other medicines
Gill 2 months ago.
Non dusty, high quality and palatable. Been using forever and all my horses and ponies over the years have loved it.
Trusted Customer
Excellent product. I have always fed Feedmark products to my 33 year old horse which I bred myself.
Miss Jo Bustin 3 months ago.
5 star service. Prompt delivery
Mrs Jacqueline Armstrong 4 months ago.
Excellent service on delivery
Ms Bozenna Wereszczynska 5 months ago.
The horses seem to love this product . Delivery is very quick . Customer service is excellent
Mr Julian Burleton 5 months ago.
I find the garlic a very good addition to my ponies' feed and helps to reduce the fly problems.
Miss Karen Buckley 5 months ago.
Top class product, palatable to my boy and easy to use. Measure that comes with the Garlic is useful.
Trusted Customer
It's of good quality and the ponies love it. It helps with their general health and well being especially the 25 year old pony
Trusted Customer
Good quality product used for years
Mrs Kate Flanagan 6 months ago.
Absolutely does the job. Our horses look and feel fantastic.
Evelyn WEBBER 6 months ago.
Great! I prefer to feed granules over powder, as it adds texture to the feed.
Trusted Customer
The products work and we've been using them for years on canines and equines.
Trusted Customer
Economical and doesn’t stick like the granule garlic
Trusted Customer
No problems with this product. Used it for many years. My horse likes it.
Trusted Customer
The best garlic granules on the market in my opinion
Trusted Customer
It appears to work from my horses. No waste as they eat it all.
Mrs Anne Thornley 7 months ago.
I purchased this product for my horse who is bombarded by flies, since using this product the flies are less and not biting as much.
Mrs Catherine Davies 7 months ago.
Love it, brilliant quality .
Trusted Customer
Does its job very well great product
Miss Kay Kirk 7 months ago.
brilliant product, have used it for years
Trusted Customer
Good quality and value for money.
Trusted Customer
Horses love it. And comes in a large tub.
Trusted Customer
Value for money good quality
Trusted Customer
Use it every summer to help my horse
Linda 7 months ago.
I’ve used this product for many years, it’s always good quality and my horses find it palatable. I use it all year round for respiratory aid and as a fly repellant in the summer months.
Trusted Customer
Used it for many years helps with breathing and keeping bugs at bay
Trusted Customer
Cllitheroes Garlic is the best I have used as it is pure clean garlic and not mixed with bulking items.
Miss Raymonde Reeve 7 months ago.
This product is excellent and the horse/s love it added into their feed
Mrs Tina Carswell 7 months ago.
Highly recommended for summer fly control
Mrs Tina Carswell 7 months ago.
Excellent! Great product highly recommend
Nikki Armitage 7 months ago.
great product, very palatable
Ms Penny Connolly 7 months ago.
Horses like it and granules rather than powder
Ms Jo Moore 8 months ago.
One of many products from Feedmark I've used for nearly 20 years.
Evelyn WEBBER 8 months ago.
A reorder delivered the next day & packaged well. In my opinion, these are the best garlic granules on the market.
Trusted Customer
The best garlic supplent available. So much better than the powders you can buy!
Mr David Asbery 8 months ago.
Great product great value for money
Trusted Customer
We have been buying this product for many years which shows that we think it is effective
Dawn Fraser 8 months ago.
Good quality and horses like it.
Mrs Karen Clarke 8 months ago.
Trusted Customer
The product is excellent but it takes us quite a while to use the smallest quantity available (3kg). Suggest this could be sold in smaller quantities.
Sophie Wesley 9 months ago.
Supper efficient service, quick delivery and love their products.
Trusted Customer
Brilliant, your garlic's the best.
Trusted Customer
I have used this product for years as it's the best quality I can find.
Trusted Customer
Good quality product
Mrs Sheila Humpage 10 months ago.
Very good quality. Have used it for many years.
Trusted Customer
Very good quality garlic granules, not sticky like some other brands
Trusted Customer
5 star as always
Mrs Beverley Corrigan 11 months ago.
A great product
Trusted Customer
Miss Karen Buckley 11 months ago.
The best garlic product on the market! Comes with a useful measure and the benefit of granules rather than powder - doesn't make me sneeze!
Trusted Customer
I prefer Clitheroe's garlic to other brands.
Trusted Customer