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Trusted Customer
Lovely product but need more time to prove its effectiveness
Trusted Customer
Extraflex is fab use for both my boys
Trusted Customer
Seems to work so will continue
Jeni Arnold 4 months ago.
It has made a significant difference to my dogs anxiety level, but I still need to use other products too.
Mrs Jacky Kennedy 5 months ago.
Another good product......
Jeni Arnold 7 months ago.
Our nervous, scared dog has become more relaxed since using this this product
Trusted Customer
Calmapet always works for my dog and is all natural ingredients
Trusted Customer
Product exactly as described, pleased I can buy re-fill pouch. Still waiting to see if it will have the effect I am after but product much easier to work with than the one I was using previously. Can even mix in with the semi-moist treats I am giving during walks to spread the dose during the day.