Steady-Up Advance
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Trusted Customer
Has really help calm my anxious horse.
Lucy Bowles 21 days ago,
Works great for my mare mentally while bringing her back into work.
Nicholas Sellors 28 days ago,
I don't want to find out if my mare returns to her ways if I stop using this product. My mare has changed so much, she is a lot calmer but still has her sparkle. Thank you Feedmark
Clare Bartrip 1 month ago.
Love love love the product
Trusted Customer
Really think this product works.
Trusted Customer
Excellent quality supplements that work. Simple.
Miss Virginia Fellows 1 month ago.
Really pleasantly surprised at how effective it was
Ms Vickey Eggleston 1 month ago.
Top product and got a free tub as part of the advent deal
Trusted Customer
Recommended by a friend to calm my thoroughbred mare. Seems to be working!
Mrs Anne Banks 2 months ago.
Excellent service quick delivery great staff
Mrs Jackie Andrews 2 months ago.
superb as steady up is such a good and effective calmer to my horses
Chris Bustard 2 months ago.
Works a treat for my heard,
Mrs Sally Clarkson 2 months ago.
This product works! Very happy I’m a repeat customer
Trusted Customer
Takes the edge off them with no side effects
Mrs Moyna Stirling 2 months ago.
Does what it says . Much more pleasant horse to ride than the spooky sporty horse I was used to.
Trusted Customer
Works well on calming my horse, especially in the winter months when grassing is limited.
Mrs Tara Walker 2 months ago.
Steady up is great for my horse's as it help's to keep them calm as they can get a bit spooky in bad weather, high winds.
Nicholas Sellors 2 months ago.
I cannot say the sole reason for my horse being calmer is the product, but my horse is so so much calmer! Still sharp but a lot more relaxed.
Mrs Nichola Driffield 3 months ago.
It does everything that it says really good calming effects from naughty Shetland to Spanish pure breed horse.
Jennifer Lloyd 3 months ago.
My daughter uses this for her mare who turned into a nightmare when we lost my gelding. It seems to work and has calmed her down.
Miss Patrina Handley 3 months ago.
Excellent product for my very anxious horse
Mrs Debbie Prince 3 months ago.
Just keeps the lid on my beautiful boy !!!! Thankyou
Stella Conner 3 months ago.
Product smells and tastes nice very palatable
Trusted Customer
Does what it says on the tub 👍
Nicholas Sellors 3 months ago.
Purchasing the product was easy and the delivery fast.
Ms Kathy Miller 3 months ago.
Calmed my horse without turning him into a zombie.
Miss Leah Chacksfield 3 months ago.
Great its seems to be having a effect which im super happy about. My mare can spooky and excitable just depends what's she feels like on the day. But this is helping her keep an even mind.
Mrs Rachel Kennedy 3 months ago.
Used for my last horse as only able to control jumping him while on steady up. Use it to calm our 2 during firework season. Seems to help keep them more relaxed
Trusted Customer
Have always used especially good when travelling excitable horses
Chris Bustard 4 months ago.
Brilliant product, been using it for a long time , works perfectly
Trusted Customer
So far I have a quiet pony in his stable been using it 4 weeks now
Trusted Customer
Great product which I have used for a long time now. Can highly recommend it
Trusted Customer
I’ve been feeding my horse Steady Up for 4 weeks and am really seeing a difference in his concentration and therefore his confidence when jumping, especially out hunting
Miss Kate Cockerill 4 months ago.
It's a great product - keeps my two very happy and me and my fellow jockey! Thank you.
Mrs Annette Smith 4 months ago.
The product does what it claims to do on the tub.I have a young chestnut mare who has her tanyrums sometimes and this product helps her and me as a consequence.
Mrs Geraldine Astbury 4 months ago.
Just takes the edge of both horses . Keeps them on an even keel . Calm but still forward going.
Mrs Karen Goodwin 4 months ago.
this product works everytime on every horse and pony i have tried on it does as it says
Trusted Customer
Has made a real difference to my Anglo Arab
Trusted Customer
Sorry to say this made my new pony more jumpy, so stopped feeding it....I am a very long term customer of other products but this one just wasn't right for my new mare.
Trusted Customer
A great product which I have used regularly over the years on any of my nervous / spooky horses
Trusted Customer
Super schnelle Lieferung- Produkt wird gerne gefressen, empfehle es etwas anzufeuchten bzw. mit anderem Futter mitzufüttern.
Trusted Customer
Been using this for years and really works!!!
Trusted Customer
We use Steady Up and Extra HA which does a great job on both our 13yr old and 6 yr old Eventers. Easy to use in a sturdy tub, good instructions and nice smell!
Trusted Customer
Have been using for just over 2 months and have to say we have noticed a difference in his behaviour and he isn’t over thinking and stressing as much when out jumping
Miss Saskia Ottignon 5 months ago.
Very handy for pony on box rest especially when I was bringing him back into work & he couldn't have turn out yet.
Mrs Margaret Price 6 months ago.
Product calms my horse which must be better for her too.
Trusted Customer
Great product and good service. Just a little expensive if being fed regularly.
Trusted Customer
really calmed our 2 yr old Arab
Frances Love 6 months ago.
Was always a bit sceptical about calming products but since being in Steady up my horse is less spooky and more settled when in work
Carole Noble 6 months ago.
Great product and great service! I have used Steady Up years ago for a lively stallion, nod using it on a sensitive mare.
Miss Erin Brown 6 months ago.
Amazing,helpful & knowledgable customer service, and outstanding products.
Trusted Customer
Brilliant product always use it
Mrs Karen Goodwin 6 months ago.
fantastic calmer that works quickly
Trusted Customer
Have been using Steadyup for sometime to maintain calmness in my ex-racer.
Chris Bustard 6 months ago.
This stuff works for our horses
Mrs Rebbeca Moore 7 months ago.
Really good product, highly recommended
Mr Barry Oliver 7 months ago.
Used for years definitely makes a difference to my spooky 17.2 gelding
Trusted Customer
my horse was always on tender hooks jump at anything but after a week I could see the difference in him and now after just over a month he is so carm
Lisa Sadler 7 months ago.
I rang for advice and they were very helpful.
Anita Poling 7 months ago.
Did not help my horse's anxiety. Apparently, is quite palatable
Katie Sanders 7 months ago.
My horses has been so much sounder since taking her supplements
Trusted Customer
Best calmer I’ve tried so far
Mrs Nichola Driffield 7 months ago.
This product I have used from the very start with all my horse it really works and takes the edge of a spooky or unsure horse/pony
Trusted Customer
Excellent service and product
Miss Deborah Weston 7 months ago.
A great product. Palatable and effective
Trusted Customer
I use this on my big nervous horse and it calms him. I used it on a new untrusting pony and it definitely eased his mistrust
Trusted Customer
Always use steady up to keep my mare calm in any situation. Especially good to help her settle when on the move
Ms Charmaine Woodington 8 months ago.
Have used this product for a few years now and keep thoroughbred mare very calm and is a good price too
Kayliegh Baker 8 months ago.
Great product! As it says on the advert!
Trusted Customer
Helps my mare with her sillyness
Mrs Kerry Collett 8 months ago.
Did as it said it would !
Miss Patrina Handley 8 months ago.
I have used Steady Up for some time, it works very well for my over anxious Irish Draught gelding.
Trusted Customer
Steady Up is a brilliant supplement. I used it to help my fizzy mare calm down.
Trusted Customer
Only supplement thsts had an effect on my sharp pony
Trusted Customer
Palatable, really notice a difference in my horses attention and calmness
Mrs M Robertson 8 months ago.
Wasn’t sure as took 3 weeks to start working- but great now it’s kicked in!
Mrs Debbie Prince 8 months ago.
Steady up has helped to make my boy the responsive and enjoyable ride he is thank you
Trusted Customer
Allows my pony to concentrate quicker when beginning work
Mrs Debbie Prince 9 months ago.
Steady up has helped to turn my horse into an obedient calm responsive ride thankyou
Trusted Customer
The products work - and I use 7 different ones.
Trusted Customer
Excellent calmness ingredients to support any pony that is a little tense or anxious. Very palletable too
Lucia Hagans 9 months ago.
Buzby has been on SteadyUp for 6 months now. His dentist had not seen him since he started SteadyUp. He visited yesterday and wow what a difference! Buzby was almost happy to see him. He was a very chilled out horse.
Ms Nicky Underdown 9 months ago.
First time user not had long enough to give any performance feedback but horse seems to like it so far
Mrs M Robertson 9 months ago.
So far not noticed any difference but it’s early days
Trusted Customer
Takes the edge off tempers and helps to keep my mare more relaxed.
Trusted Customer
Works brilliantly with our competition horses
Chris Bustard 9 months ago.
Really pleased with the service and the product is working well
Lesley Hughes 9 months ago.
Steady up has helped my mate to settle well, she is not as edgy and is enjoying her work.
Mrs Rebecca Herbert 9 months ago.
My horse always respond to this product
Miss Jane Mousley 9 months ago.
I took my pony off steadup and wuthin 2 weeks he became spooky and sharp so reorder and he is now a joy to ride.Steady up is always going to be my favourite supplement as it works so well
Trusted Customer
Top quality product that works!!!
Mrs Frances Wilson 9 months ago.
Works well as a calmer for use on a regular basis
Trusted Customer
Effective product and great packaging
Miss Tracy Caldwell 9 months ago.
Trusted Customer
Works well, third lot I have bought
Trusted Customer
Very good service My older horse tummy is back to normal now wouldn’t try any other product Make a call and usually arrives next day 😊
Jennifer Lloyd 10 months ago.
My daughters mare has been on this for over 3 years now and is much calmer than she was before. She turned into a psycho when we lost my horse as she was missing him so badly and that, together with moving her, tipped her over the edge. Since being on Steady Up she is now back to her old sweet self.
Fiona Gibbins 10 months ago.
Has worked brilliantly on my stressy IDxTB mare. Very, very pleased, and she likes it!
Trusted Customer
Works amazing on my Irish sports horse keeps him calm and collected
Trusted Customer
Have used this company for many years and have always had good service. This product I have used for over year now and continue to have a happy horse.
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