Blue Bottle
4.9 / 5
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Trusted Customer
Always buy it as ti seems to work
Trusted Customer
In my (lengthy!) experience this is the ONLY fly repellent that really works
Mrs Lee Collett 9 months ago.
The best fly spray I can find
Mr Russel Lloyd 9 months ago.
It works, simple as that..
Trusted Customer
This product actually works, and smells nice too!
Jennifer Ham 10 months ago.
Excellent really helps with horseflies'. Easy to use lasts for several hours.
Lisa Vye-Parminter 11 months ago.
Bought Sine and Condition for my 27 year old gelding. The difference this made within a week was amazing.
Ms Natasha Smith 11 months ago.
Flies? What flies? Incredible
Margaret Willmore 11 months ago.
Seems to be working! Although the flies aren't really bad yet. So far so good. Have tried everything else on the market to keep flies off my mare. Fingers crossed!
Mr Michael Dixon 11 months ago.
Always use this product and buy it every year , it definitely works and my rescue ponies are very grateful.
Trusted Customer
the only flyspray we have found that works brilliantly without being overpowering when using it
Trusted Customer
As effective as advised and smells nice! The spray nozzle is a bit erratic!