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Trusted Customer
The product was excellent
Trusted Customer
I love these treats and so does my horse! They are perfect for stretches and they are low sugar too, so I don't worry about feeding plenty!
Mrs Sally Sproate 1 month ago.
The herbalicious treats are always a firm favourite with my pony.
Mrs Wiggin 1 month ago.
Mrs Sue Lee 2 months ago.
my horse loved them !!
Trusted Customer
Trusted Customer
Palatable and hopefully will make a difference with continued use.
Caroline Ingham 3 months ago.
Good products at competitive prices
Mrs Wiggin 3 months ago.
Been using liveraid on our 25 yr old Welsh, he has been diagnosed with early stages liver disease, he's picked up spark and condition beyond what we ever thought
Miss Tracy Caldwell 3 months ago.
My horses love them!
Mrs Donna Milton 4 months ago.
My horse loves these treats and as they are full of herbs you feel they are good for them.
Ms Carol Faulconbridge 4 months ago.
Since putting my 25year old mate on these products she feels great and I have been able to reduce the bute
Mrs Hayley Pitts 4 months ago.
Great value for money
Trusted Customer
I have been buying these treats for my horses for years - they just love them. They are also low in sugar so great for my mare who has EMS.
Leeanne Richardson 4 months ago.
Great value for money
Mrs Rosemary Marks 4 months ago.
Horse loves them but wants more. He is very greedy and gains weight just looming at the treats.
Trusted Customer
My horse adores these!
Mrs Wendy Tanton 5 months ago.
Mrs Ruth Smith 5 months ago.
Sarah Kelsey 5 months ago.
excellent product and quick delivery
Trusted Customer
Lovely healthy treat
Sarah Alexander 5 months ago.
As above ***
Trusted Customer
Fabulous product, with effective results. My horse loves Extra Flex HA and I love the protection it gives his joints!
Trusted Customer
Excellent next day delivery
Mr Neil Johnson 5 months ago.
Very happy with this purchase
Mrs Wiggin 5 months ago.
Liveraid has been incredibly effective in helping our 24 ye old Welsh section C regain vitality and condition. Can't rate it highly enough and thank you feedmark!
Mrs Anne Banks 5 months ago.
Wonderful products
Miss Carol Hardie 5 months ago.
Horses love these
Miss Kathryn Williams 5 months ago.
My pony adore these more than any other treat. Plus they aren't full of masses, so are safe t go ve. They make clicker training easy.
Trusted Customer
Horses loved them would buy again
Ms Kate Rogowski 5 months ago.
My pony loves them!
Mrs Joanne Gilbert 5 months ago.
My horse can't have sugar so no carrots or apples allowed but he loves these treats. I use them when catching or loading him & he thinks they are great.
Trusted Customer
Trust giving these to our horses as we know they are not full of sugar and the horses seem to love them!
Miss Helen Allison 5 months ago.
Nice chunky treats, that my mare Ellie loves!
Miss Deborah Jones 6 months ago.
I have used Extraflex with Rosehips for many years for my Belgium Warmblood mare, Gem. She is still going strong at nearly 30 years and I'm convinced the supplement has assisted her mobility greatly.
Trusted Customer
Mrs Tricia Bragg 6 months ago.
This time round I bought Activate for my daughters 24 year old sec D with arthritis which can make her lame but on Activet she is sound all the time..
Ms Sara Taylor 6 months ago.
everything I have used has been effective and my horses have benefited. I have x-race horse and a 33 year old and a colic prone warmblood. All are on Ultimate ease and symptoms have either gone or significantly reduced in all three horses.
Trusted Customer
Trusted Customer
I Buy these regularly. They are great value and my horse loves them.
Trusted Customer
Horses love them! The tub is good too.
Trusted Customer
My ponies favourite treats! She absolutely loves them and the smell
Trusted Customer
So quick and easy to order these excellent supplements
Mrs Wiggin 6 months ago.
Excellent product
Jo Kelly 6 months ago.
Horses love these and they are healthy
Heidi Clark 7 months ago.
Product is great and horses love it
Trusted Customer
Madison Juniper 7 months ago.
Very good products and delivered next day
Trusted Customer
Useful training treats that are healthy and the horses love them 😁
Mrs Abigail Main 7 months ago.
Delicious, the pony loves them!
Trusted Customer
Ponies love the treats and they smell great.
Miss Donna French 7 months ago.
My horses love their Herbalicious treats and will do almost anything to get them. Great for putting in your pocket as a treat when bringing your horse/pony in from the field.
Margaret Francis 7 months ago.
Mrs Tina Filmer 7 months ago.
they love them- even I think they smell great
Trusted Customer
Trusted Customer
Well packaged and of excellent quality. My horses find it good to eat and it keeps them going.
Mrs Patricia Tranter 7 months ago.
What better recommendation than both my ponies love them and I am confident they are good for them
Natalie 7 months ago.
All of my horses seem to love these
Trusted Customer
Horses love them as a treat,
Mrs Sue Trim 8 months ago.
My pony loves them and it was good to buy them in a tub at Blenheim International Horse Trials
Trusted Customer
The treats are well formed & don’t fall apart. One horse loves them although the other is not keen?
Trusted Customer
Horses love them when being called in from the field.
Mrs Anne Banks 8 months ago.
I have used these treats for years on all my horses nothing but goodness in them
Miss Andrea O'Reilly 8 months ago.
Enjoyed the £40 off deal.
Miss Helen Allison 8 months ago.
My horse thinks these treats are yummy!
Laura Waller 8 months ago.
Great product, would recommend.
Heidi Clark 8 months ago.
Used Activet for a few years now and my horse is looking and feeling great
Miss June Craig 9 months ago.
Pony absolutely adores them - tasty and full of goodness.
Trusted Customer
My horses love these treats
Mrs Zoe Garner-Glowski 11 months ago.
My ponies break into my tackroom for these 💖💖🦄🦄