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Mrs Elaine Fackrell 7 days ago,
The horses love them and always know when I have some in my pocket
Trusted Customer
Horses love them and are perfect for treat ball
Trusted Customer
Our horses LOVE these! Better than any others available.
Mrs Elaine Fackrell 1 month ago.
Good product, and great for training youngsters especially turning out, they stand and wait for a treat rather than turn on a sixpence and try to give you both barrels
Trusted Customer
Horse loves them as a treat
Katrina Fuller 1 month ago.
Horses love them and they smell great
Mrs Lesley Cavaciuti 2 months ago.
Yummy treats that my horse loves.
Mrs Elaine Fackrell 2 months ago.
I run a livery yard and use the Herby treats when turning out and bringing in the horses. Have no problem catching them as they look forward to their 'sweety'
Kay Graves 3 months ago.
My horses love these treats. Use them for reward after work and also to encourage flexion. Smell delicious
Mrs Jane Hoad 3 months ago.
Horse likes these treats. Nice to be able to treat her
Alison Davidson 3 months ago.
Goes down a treat with both horses
Mrs M McKegney 3 months ago.
Continuation of product use over last 4 years
Trusted Customer
My horses LOVE these treats! Great that they are low sugar so suitable for all.
Trusted Customer
The Herbalicious snacks are perfect for my horse, who I recently found out is prone to laminitis. He still prefers carrots, but since I can't give him unlimited amounts of them, Herbalicious is a perfect alternative. They work well for doing the daily stretches too!
Mrs Diana Le-Croissette 4 months ago.
Tasty treat, handy for reward for good behaviour and doesn't curl up and die in my pocket
Trusted Customer
Very tasty- my horse adores them
Trusted Customer
Minden ló szereti ezt a jutalomfalatot.
Mrs Rebecca Morris 4 months ago.
Horses thought they were very tasty - they were natural looking and smelling
Trusted Customer
Horses love them. Now come in a paper sack rather than plastic.
Trusted Customer
These treats are brilliant, the perfect size for treat balls! I love the fact that Herbalicious are herbal and not high in sugar like some other treat brands. Both my Thoroughbred and my Mini Shetland love the taste of these!
Trusted Customer
Lovely treats which are suitable for my EMS pony
Sandra Wilson 4 months ago.
The Feedmark Best Flex has helped my horse tremendously with his stifle injury. He can now be brought slowly back into work after almost a year off.
Trusted Customer
Lovely treats that the horses love & I know are good quality
Mrs Sally Richards 4 months ago.
Joe could smell them in his Christmas stocking and was very keen to rip the wrapping paper off and try them. He loved them.
Trusted Customer
Ponies seem to love these, brought as a Christmas treat.
Trusted Customer
Lovely treats even my fussy boy likes.
Trusted Customer
Bought for maintenance for an alrounder
Della -Ludlam Thomas 4 months ago.
Miss Michelle Tamkin 4 months ago.
They smell gorgeous and my Brodie absolutely loves these treats above all others
Janine Loffler 4 months ago.
Quick delivery to Germany
Miss Clare Bosley 4 months ago.
My mare absolutely loved them
Trusted Customer
My horse loves these treats
Mrs Elaine Fackrell 4 months ago.
I run a livery yard and always keep some in my pocket and forget when I'm changing rugs so end up walking round in circles trying to do up leg straps etc cos the ponies can smell them in my pocket, they love um, great product
Miss Michelle Tamkin 4 months ago.
My Horses would literally do my housework for these treats!!! They smell delicious and my boys love them
Trusted Customer
Big horse treats that don't crumble
Amanda-Jane Cullen 5 months ago.
Excellent service as always
Miss Helen Lynch 5 months ago.
My horse can’t get enough of these! Great value!
Mrs Kay Graves 5 months ago.
Very tasty my horses love it. Use them as a reward. Do not break down or crumble. Can be kept in the pocket
Miss Helen Lynch 6 months ago.
My horse loves these treats! He can’t get enough of them.
Trusted Customer
These are brilliant treats, great size and smell amazing!!
Trusted Customer
These are so popular with my horses! Ideal for stretches.
Ms Carol Morgan 6 months ago.
Excellent product. Does what it says.
Trusted Customer
Horses loved them , really good healthy treat !
Trusted Customer
Great treats the horses like
Mrs Kay Graves 9 months ago.
Good packaging, very tasty treats with no rubbish in them. My horses love them, and they smell delicious
Trusted Customer
Good product, consistent quality.
Miss Jennifer Meredith 9 months ago.
Healthy tasty treats that my horse loves!
Ms Judith Stanley 9 months ago.
My horse really enjoys these treats, therefore a happy horse = happy owner
Emma Wells 9 months ago.
Very good has helped both my horses
Karen Kirkby 9 months ago.
My horse finds Bestflex HA very palatable and his flexibility and willingness to work on more challenging movements seems to have improved.
Mrs Elaine Fackrell 9 months ago.
Smell great, horses love them, great value for money as well
Andrea 9 months ago.
Horse seemed to really like them
Trusted Customer
Horses love them and can't get enough!!
Trusted Customer
As described and appreciated by the horses
Ms Audrey Barraclough 10 months ago.
My horses and donkey love these treats
Trusted Customer
First time purchasing this product but was definitely a hit with my four legged friends.
Mrs Debbie Buttar 10 months ago.
Well packaged and my horses love them. Smell good enough to eat myself.
Trusted Customer
Horses liked the herbal treats
Mrs Carolyn Dugdale 10 months ago.
Easy to use in a fun ball and keeps them occupied while
Zoe Garner 11 months ago.
Horses just love love love these treats !!!
Mrs Gail Bushell 11 months ago.
My horses love them. Delicious
Mrs Janet Lemon-Merrall 11 months ago.
We like our horses to have these treats as we know that they contain no nasty sugar or chemicals that might up set them. The horses love them as well! Nice that they like something that is good for them!!
Trusted Customer
The product was excellent