ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips
4,9 / 5
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Ms Gaynor Walker 4 days ago,
Quality product that really helps my equine friend
Sue Beecroft 14 days ago,
Continues to help and support Missy's flexibility very well
Heather Elston 22 days ago,
Great product for a range of horses. Palatable.
Mrs Wendy Foden 1 month ago.
This is wonderful, wonderful stuff, and although this may sound dramatic, asks like a transfusion on my mare. I've used Feedmark for many years, and a while ago now, went through a bad patch where I couldn't afford her Extra-flex Within a couple of weeks she became stiff, and sore, and grumpy. She stopped rolling, and stopped cantering too. At first I didn't make a connection, and thought she was ill. The vet came out, and, after numerous tests, scans, x-rays and injections, put it down to age and the onset of arthritis, and gave me a well known joint supplement. After three months on this, without any improvement, I managed to afford to get her Extra-flex. Within 10 days she rolled in the field, and four days later started cantering in from the paddock. I couldn't believe it, and yet I think all along I'd known. She's been on Extra-flex with Rosehips for many years now, looks great, and behaves like a youngster, people often muddle my two horses up, and think she is the younger one! She will stay on Extra-flex now for the rest of her life, as I wouldn't ever consider not giving it to her, and certainly wouldn't change to anything else!
Heather Elston 1 month ago.
A great joint supplement I use on an old horse and 2 competition horses. Highly recommend. Good value for money.
Mrs Marilyn Danson 1 month ago.
It helps my 20 year old immensely..
Trusted Customer
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Mrs Wilma Halkett 1 month ago.
I have found this very useful in maintaining mobility in both an older horse and one with arthritic issues. I have never had a problem getting the horses to eat it when added to their feed.
Mrs Gaynor Wells 2 months ago.
I have used this product for some time and find it very useful on my 19 year old gelding.
Trusted Customer
One of the few supplements my horse will eat
Barry Bagley 2 months ago.
My horse Abbz just thives on extra flex , I am really pleased with the outcome,she looks amazing, well done Feedmark, thank you,.
Mr David Ramsay 2 months ago.
Works very well it is better for older horses
Mrs Lesley Cavaciuti 2 months ago.
Helps to keep my veteran supple.
Tess Hillier 2 months ago.
The product is working already. My horse is back to her bouncy, willing self.
Sue Beecroft 2 months ago.
Missy is doing very well on Extraflex HA and her flexibility has improved
Trusted Customer
I have been feeding ExtraFlex with Rosehips for some time now to my 22yo TB mare. She has hock stiffness and I feel this helps with continued use. Can thoroughly recommend Feedmark supplements
Trusted Customer
Has good quantities of active ingredients
Miss Helen Lynch 2 months ago.
Love this supplement. Great product and works really well.
Douglas Alan Chapman 3 months ago.
Horse appears to be benefitting, however only part of its additives
Heather Elston 3 months ago.
Palatable product used for old and young horse. Good ingredients and value for product.
Trusted Customer
My horse is 21 and has been on Extraflex with rosehips for a few years now and I am sure that it is playing a big part in keeping his joints in good health
Ms Amanda Cullen 3 months ago.
Excellent as always with all of the products
Trusted Customer
My horse is doing really well on this supplement especially as our turnout is limited with all the rain we've been getting!
Mrs Sara Peakman 3 months ago.
Very palatable for my fussy mare.
Jo Holme 3 months ago.
early days so hoping i see the the benefit soon.
Mrs Rebecca Morris 3 months ago.
Great product - I have really noticed a difference since using it.
Mrs Wendy Foden 3 months ago.
My elderly mare was getting stiff and struggling. She has always been playful, but had stopped cantering around her paddock, and also stopped rolling......her favourite pastime!! I then started her on Extraflex HA with Rosehips, and within a week she was back to cantering, and rolling in the mud! I have continued to use it, and no-one can believe her age...rising 29! It's great stuff!
Trusted Customer
Helps to keep my veteran supple.
Trusted Customer
Used now for a couple of month and no stiffness.
Sue Beecroft 3 months ago.
Missy's flexibility has improved since she started on Extraflex, thank you
Trusted Customer
Extra flex helps to keep my veteran pony supple.
Trusted Customer
More horse seems to find it very palatable which is a good start but I think I would be more able to give to give review after she’s been on it a few months.
Trusted Customer
Pony refuses to eat it. Feedmark were very good by offering to send the Best-Flex HA to replace it.
Heather Elston 4 months ago.
I feed this joint supplement after a lot of research to both my veteran and competition horses
Marie Hayward 4 months ago.
Great service and prompt delivery
Douglas Alan Chapman 4 months ago.
hope it does what it is supposed to
Mrs Gaynor Wells 4 months ago.
It helps an older horse with joint problems.
Miss Helen Lynch 4 months ago.
Fantastic supplements and they really help my horse
Barry Bagley 4 months ago.
My horse Abbz as never looked so healthy and fit,for a 21 year that's brilliant.
Miss Fiona Hopper 4 months ago.
Super supplement I wouldn't be without it. I feel safe my horses joints are well looked after.
Ms Mary Peirson 4 months ago.
Good product although not as good as best Flex HA
Mrs Rosemary Marks 4 months ago.
Horse is always active and energetic for his age. Shows very little sign of painful joints.
Trusted Customer
This products works! I tried the more expensive Feedmark joints product for 4 months without noticing much difference. I think this one works well and is more affordable.
Mrs Rebecca Morris 4 months ago.
Great Product - palatable and my old cob is definitely less stiff coming out of his stable in the morning
Ms Maureen Foreman 4 months ago.
Excellent results used for years
Mrs Carol House 4 months ago.
My 26 yo Irish thoroughbred is still going strong and enjoying life
Mrs Marilyn Danson 4 months ago.
Excellent product ,my vet also agrees .
Sue Beecroft 4 months ago.
Really good product, it has helped my mare who had some hock stiffness
Suzanne Blake 5 months ago.
Brilliant supplement and good value
Trusted Customer
It seems to keep my Lusitano nice and supple
Trusted Customer
Palatable, non dusty, certainly seems to make a positive difference
Mrs Sara Peakman 5 months ago.
Palatable and seems to do the job.
Mrs Wilma Halkett 5 months ago.
Having used this with great success on another horse I have just starting to use it again.
Mrs Theresa Fryer 6 months ago.
Used for maintenance on our Clydesdale and gypsy cob. They are now 16 and been on the supplement since 4 and are sound and move like far younger horses
Krystina Addison 6 months ago.
Noticed a positive difference in my mares movement after a couple of weeks of using Extra Flex HA
Sandra Wilson 6 months ago.
After just a week there seems to have been a slight improvement.
Trusted Customer
Great product. Would use again
Trusted Customer
Definitely helps with easing stiff joints in my elderly thoroughbred gelding
Mrs Claire Chadwick 6 months ago.
My two boys definitely felt better after using this product.
Sue Beecroft 6 months ago.
Very good for my 18 year old mare and i am sure its helping her keep flexible
Ms Sue Downie 6 months ago.
My 18yo Cob has recently been on this supplement, and is already showing the benefits in his work and at play!
Mrs Rebecca Davy 6 months ago.
Only been on it a few weeks but my horse finds it’s palatable and little smell, which is a good thing! He was lovely and free on the lunge today!
Trusted Customer
I was looking for a supplement for my pony who has has suffered a joint injury (SI) and I remembered having good results with Feedmark's ExtraFlex HA a few years ago with another horse. I am pleased to say that it has made a difference to this one too! She is freer in her movement and much more consistent.
Trusted Customer
Very palatable supplement and great for management of my arthritic horse
Olivia Morrissey 6 months ago.
this is the first time I have used this product but so far so good appears to be helping my boy stay nimble
Dawn Fraser 6 months ago.
Great supplement helps to keep my 28 year old gelding moving freely.
Trusted Customer
Great product and good value
Mrs Linda Johnston 6 months ago.
I have 2 horses using this, and they feel a lot better for being on this supplement
Mrs Rebecca Morris 6 months ago.
Too early to assess impact but palatable
Trusted Customer
Good value joint supplement with good levels of active ingredients
Mrs Rosemary Marks 6 months ago.
Been using it on a regular basis and found it to be very effective. Our 26 year old Arab is still leaping around the field
Trusted Customer
Will See After Some Werks which effect ist will have..
Mrs Lesley Cavaciuti 6 months ago.
Helps veterans by improving flexibility.
Elizabeth Willcox 6 months ago.
Horse lived it, seemed to do the job
Trusted Customer
My horse can be picky with some supplements and has gone off her feeds a few times, but she loves her feed when this is added.
Trusted Customer
It's perfect and very safe
Elaine Hyam 6 months ago.
I originally wanted to go for the best flex as this is highly recommended, however it was well over my budget. He’s always had back issues and this is supported regularly by Bowen and Osteopathy, however o noticed this year he has been awfully stiff so I needed to start using a supplement. It’s only been 3 weeks since we started the extra flex so very early days, however I believe I’ve noticed a difference, he doesn’t feel as stiff when I first get on anymore and I don’t feel like he’s hunching his back up anymore. I’ll definitely be purchasing another product and actually have already converted my mum from using cortaflex to this product.
Trusted Customer
Has made a huge difference to my horse
Mrs Sonja Marwick 7 months ago.
My horse finds it palatable and it appears to work well
Trusted Customer
Early days yet - but hoping for good results
Mrs Carol House 7 months ago.
Been using it for 5 years
Ms Annie Hoy 7 months ago.
Great Value and a great product
Trusted Customer
I use this for my elderly horses and it really has started to help, this will be my regular order now
Mrs Gillian Kettles 7 months ago.
Good Product seems to work and is palatable to a fussy eater
Trusted Customer
having not given my horse any supplements for a few months while he was on tick over in lighter work, I am pleased to say I have noticed a difference in his way of going in just a couple of weeks
Trusted Customer
Palatable product, non dusty, effective.
Trusted Customer
Horse looks much more free when she walks and feels like she is using her front end more now.
Sue Beecroft 8 months ago.
Missy loves it and her flexibility is improving
Miss Jenna Whitaker 8 months ago.
Good value and better quality than other joint supplements
Mrs Sue Downie 8 months ago.
I have only just started using this product and noting that a greater flexibility is showing in my horse's work. He is noticeably brighter with an increased willingness
Trusted Customer
Only just started using this product but it seems to be good quality and is extremely palatable even as the loading dose in a small feed.
Trusted Customer
I am certain this makes a noticeable difference to my 36 yo throroughbred cross
Trusted Customer
Palatable, easily added to feed, only been feeding a couple of days so will give time to see a difference in performance of horse
Katayune Jacquin 8 months ago.
product was recommended by a friend whose horse has the same condition. The product is palatable and seems to be supporting my mare with her condition. So far so good.
Mrs Low 8 months ago.
I am positive that this helps keep my senior horse supple and mobile
Trusted Customer
Fantastic visible difference in movement for my two older ponies. I feel the changes when I ride.
Trusted Customer
Worked wonders on our ‘old’ guy now using to support the youngster
Mrs Ros Coombs 9 months ago.
I have a 26 year old horse who has been taking Extra Flex for years and he looks amazing for his age.
Trusted Customer
No unnecessary fillers. Good quality ingredients that do the job.
Trusted Customer
Have been using this product for a number of years and it keeps my 23 year old former eventer active and in full work.
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