EquiDermis Plus
4,9 / 5
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Trusted Customer
My horses are eating it and are a fussy lot and it smells nice also
Mrs Gill Mcgregor 15 days ago,
It works! Used for several years
Trusted Customer
Impressive results ! Sweet itch pony much soothed. Glossy coats all around
Rachel Davies 26 days ago,
I’ve been using Equidermis for my severely affected sweet-itch cob. I’ve owned him for 6 years and having started him on this, it’s the best he’s ever looked. His itching is definitely reduced, and his coat looks amazing. People are always commenting on how great it is! It’s now a big part of my management of this condition. One size never fits all with sweet-itch but I’m relieved that this product has had such a positive impact on my boy. Thank-you Feedmark!
Mrs Judy Paterson 1 month ago.
A repeat order for the only product to help my 19 year old Highland Pony
Trusted Customer
The supplement works very fast, my mare is shiny and I even thought someone washed her secretly!
Trusted Customer
I first started using EquiDermis after treating a horse I had rescued with rain scald, her coat became so healthy and shiny I have used it ever since.
Trusted Customer
Amazing product, have been using it since the start of the year for my horse with a rare skin condition and have really seen a difference.
Marcus Cleaver 2 months ago.
Good quality product, definite improvement in horses skin & coat.
Mrs Helen Oxendale 2 months ago.
We use this product every winter with excellent resluts
David Llewellyn 3 months ago.
Still early days but the horses coat has started to improve so fingers crossed
Kelsey Cuthbertson 3 months ago.
so far so good, my pony loves the equidermis, not on the full dose yet and still currently itchy so fingers crossed
Mrs Joan Adlam 4 months ago.
Have used this before on a little grey mare with success in beating the itch, now going to try on a new little grey mare
Trusted Customer
I was recommended this product for my 6 yr old exracer. He had been very itchy all summer and it continued in to autumn. Since using EquiDermis Plus he is itching less and the sore patches on his neck and shoulder are healing very nicely. I will continue to use it over the winter to hopefully prevent it flaring up and next summer.
Trusted Customer
Product seems to be working well but have not used it for very long yet to be fully convinced
Trusted Customer
fantastic on line and telephone service always prompt to answer queries and knowledgable
Trusted Customer
This product really helps one of my horses who has very sensitive skin
Trusted Customer
Our old pony looks amazing. His coat is shining and no more scurf
Ms Donna Firth 6 months ago.
My very itchy, dry skinned Shetland pony has been on this for 7 months and this is the first moulting season he had not rubbed himself raw. Has also given his 30 + year old cost a bit of a shine. Would absolutely recommend.
Lee Lumsden 7 months ago.
Excellent product, one of our cibs is really itchy in summer and this has helped him greatly
Mrs Judy Paterson 8 months ago.
After getting half way through my tub of Equidermis I decided to use the discount offer to get a refill. One of my Highlands has always been "itchy". I have used the usual veterinary products for Sweet Itch but he itches all over. I am seeing less of this now and I think he is feeling the relief. Less rubbling on shelter doors and against trees. i am now using Benzyl Benzoate only as anti midge protection along the mane, the dock and under the belly. I am pleased not to be using so many chemicals and the hair is growing back on his face. I am hoping I Equidermis has solved the problem and woud certainly recommend others to try it.
AMANDA TAYLOR 8 months ago.
Amazing results with this product, my veteran horse’s legs are not getting puffy overnight Since using equidermis
Tara Hossin 8 months ago.
Fantastic.. Hoping to buy all my supplements from feed mark in the future.. Great service and great products. My horses coat is so healthy and shiny now she has been on this product.. So happy thank you feed mark
Trusted Customer
Very itchy chestnut mare biting herself under her arms until she bled.Been on supplement for 2 weeks and has definitely improved.Very palatable too
Mrs Diana Pearce 8 months ago.
Gives the horses a healthy shiny coat
Diane Pigott 8 months ago.
Having to introduce gradually as yearling is very suspicious of new flavours. Coat is looking better already though.
Louise Einchcomb 9 months ago.
Seeing good results. My horse's coat has a nice shine which isn't easy with a grey.
Mrs Christine Smith 9 months ago.
I’m using Equidermis for my SI youngster. She really suffered at 2 years old even though she was covered. My farrier recommended this supplement & it’s really helped, I still cover her during midge season but for the last 2 years she still has a full mane & tail with no rubbing. Well done Feedmark 😊
Trusted Customer
This is the only supplement my very fussy eater will have. Makes his coat very glossy and stops him itching.
Trusted Customer
Great product that really helps my horse in wsrm itchy weather
Trusted Customer
I haven’t used this product for long so still waiting to see final results but so far I’m really pleased
Trusted Customer
super product! helps horses to get their hair glam back...
Trusted Customer
Saves on replacement post and rail fencing! We have a very scratchy Connie (not sweat itch related, just hot blooded). He’s a much happier chap now.
Michelle Richardson 9 months ago.
I have only had the ponies on this product for just over a week, so changes haven’t been noticed yet however both my ponies are eating it so it is very palatable as one of my ponies is picky
Laura Cantliff 9 months ago.
My mare wouldn’t eat this so I’ve had to add some molasses to get it down her as she doesn’t need any hard feed, I feel It’s a bit soon to be sure if it’s made a difference but her skin is certainly no worse!
Trusted Customer
Product is as described and seems to be making a difference. My horse is very sensitive and anywhere that his tack or rug sits he was going bald So I thought I would give this a try. I’m on my second tub and his coat is coming through thicker, his bald patches are growing in and I’ve noticed a big difference.
Trusted Customer
I can't give any more (or any fewer) stars as it's hard to tell the result just now. I think the pony would need to be on it longer for me to see a result. Has only been about 2 weeks. But she eats every bit of the feed so it must be very tasty.
Miss Charlotte Twitchings 9 months ago.
Great products that work!
Trusted Customer
This product is incredible. I had 2 horses rub hair from their faces and bodies giving the appearance of ringworm which was ruled out by the vet. Their itching disappeared relatively quickly when I fed Equidermis plus. It came back at the same time the following season because I stopped using it when they got better. Now I always feed it from March through to November The dogs will eat a teaspoonful each on its own and all their itches have disappeared! Lots of excellent feedback from others to whom I have recommended this product.
Trusted Customer
My horse (who has sweetitch) is gleaming and in fab condition
Mrs Tricia Gibson 11 months ago.
Great for my ponies who live out 24/7
Mrs Clare Jones 12 months ago.
Perfect for my sweetitch connemara
Trusted Customer
All three of our horses use this product, but the real success is my 30 year old who gets terrible distressing itchiness at times, especially when shedding his winter coat. I tried many lotions etc with modest results. Since giving him Equidermis he has never again had a problem.