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Palatable and effective balancer
Louise Davidson 6 months ago.
Great for laminitis prone horses
Trusted Customer
Was recommended by the consultants on a stall as an alternative to Benevit. I have a shetland pony who gains weight just breathing air so i wanted her to her to still get vitamins but without having to give her a feed to put the Benevit in. So this product is perfect for her requirements.
Gail Thornton 7 months ago.
Supplies everything my horse needs to keep healthy
Mrs E C Greenfield 7 months ago.
My daughters horse is rather round so the Slim aid is perfect, with essential vitamins and minerals, while she is on rationed food intake.
Miss Sue Cuthbert 9 months ago.
Products I use for my pony are Slimaid to give him the balance of vitamins he needs, clarity to maintain his respiratory system in the good order it has stayed since he was on it and turmeric I've added recently because he is 23 now and I wanted to help keep him young. They all seem to work!
Mrs Ginnie Jones 10 months ago.
A highly palatable supplement for my Native ponies on their restricted diet.
Nicola Jones 10 months ago.
Great product, sent me s free sample to check for palatablility
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