Original Balancer
5.0 / 5
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SIA Valmet Lat
Great service, we are very satisfied!
Trusted Customer
Very good results shown!!
Mrs Caroline Hytch 14 days ago,
Baby pony moved onto this with no issues, still growing very well
Trusted Customer
Early days but has a nice smell and pony eats it
Mrs Lesley Allard 3 months ago.
Very Palatable helping to put condition on older quarter horse
Trusted Customer
Does the job as advertised.
Ms Renita Brady 3 months ago.
Only in his first week but think it is helping his digestive system
Trusted Customer
Great product, and horses find it very palatable.
Trusted Customer
Great value balancer that gives my boy everything he needs
Trusted Customer
Excellent product, really improving my horses' body condition and quality of hoof growth.
Miss Kerri Alldis 6 months ago.
Used this product for years and would not be without it
Trusted Customer
My mate is losing healthy
Trusted Customer
Used for years and keeps my boy in good health.
Trusted Customer
Mate does really well in this balancer
Kate Darlison 9 months ago.
Seen a big difference in my horse already. He seems brighter in him self and very happy.
Trusted Customer
Good product that the horses take happily
Trusted Customer
Easy to use, palatable and mixes easily through feed
Trusted Customer
Think some of the supplements are very pricey . Thankfully had a voucher .
Trusted Customer
Great it's really helped my youngster fill out amazingly. Thanks again great stuff
Trusted Customer
I love the Original Feed Balancer. I have been feeding it to my Section A stallion for over a 12 months and he is doing so well on it. I’ve also started feed my 2 year old colt with it and he has the most amazing coat now.
Miss Wendy Smith 9 months ago.
The product seems to be very palatable and my mares condition and coat improved considerably
Morven Peebles 11 months ago.
Top Spec balancer was making my boy too spooky and lacking in concentration and since changing to Feedmark balancer I have noticed a huge difference.
Elisabeth Wilks 11 months ago.
I bought this for my retired ex racehorse to help him maintain condition over the winter and I’m happy to say he looks great on it.
Mrs Rachel Telling 12 months ago.
Regularly order this product, very pleased.
Ms Ruth Wilson 12 months ago.
Great product