Fly Formula
4,6 / 5
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Ms Judith Sheppard 16 days ago,
quick and freshly delivered
Allison Potts 1 month ago.
Effective against most pests
Allison Potts 3 months ago.
easy to feed and palatable, effective
Mrs Christine Bergman 4 months ago.
Horses much calmer in fields now they’re not bothered by flies also very palliative formula they still eat up their feedstocks
Trusted Customer
Not worked up to yet purchased 12th August
Alison Mazzoni 5 months ago.
Product smelt fresh and my 2 horses loved it. I have been feeding the product since April 2020 and the horses have happily finished their small feeds with the product in it. The horses moved to Italy from Scotland in November 2019. The area is full of insects in summer. The supplement was the feed part of the strategy of coping with the insects. My pure bred Connemara was a success on the supplement with few insect bites and a nice coat. My Hannoverian has not coped well with the insects with bites all over. A new experience for him. He looked miserable. However the one positive aspect was no broken skin. Both horses developed strong hooves which I think the supplement has contributed to.
Mrs Lyn Shew 5 months ago.
Lovely smell of assorted herbs. Very palatable. No fly bites they still land but don’t seem to bite. All my horses have loved it.
Trusted Customer
Great product, very palatable and works well against the summer flies
Trusted Customer
Seem to be doing what it says on the tin
Emma Higgs 6 months ago.
Smells good and the horses love it, anything that may help stop the flies is worth a try!
Trusted Customer
Horses found it palatable, I found it reduced the flies on the horses!
Norma Charters 6 months ago.
Bought this as flys so bad this year, worked in 2 of my horses but not for ither two unfortunately.
Mrs Diana Smith 6 months ago.
It's an excellent product AND it works
Trusted Customer
I’ve used fly formula for years
Trusted Customer
Fantastic product, works amazingly
Trusted Customer
Produkt wird gerne gefressen, ich mische es mit rote Bete Chips und Handvoll grünhafer
Helen Graham 7 months ago.
It helps,doesn't stop all flies but i think it helps
Mrs Jacqui Hill 7 months ago.
A great blend of herbs and garlic. Horses love it so feed to all of mine for the summer
Trusted Customer
it Works very well,no flys
Sammy Johnson 7 months ago.
Works really well, cost effective and seems very palatable
Mrs Sue Askew 7 months ago.
Still awaiting full results for this product
Trusted Customer
Fly formula definitely seems to help to protect our horse. He has been on for three summers now and definitely doesn’t get bitten as much. Plus he also loves the taste !
Norma Charters 8 months ago.
Seems to work well on one pony but not so great on other, so not sure yet!
Trusted Customer
Now on my second tub with my three horses. It’s made a difference with the flies and helping their coats too. Whilst they still have flies around them it’s far less than without the supplement. Very palatable too.
Trusted Customer
Fly formula smells lovely.. Have only used it for two weeks so can’t really comment on how well it is working on my very sensitive mare. But optimistic as I use other feed mark products and found them good
Miss Kathy Boothman 8 months ago.
It's fly time, trying for the first time, so far so good
Helen Graham 8 months ago.
It's good stuff and it works
Ms Leila Horsey 8 months ago.
Feedmark is always reliable and delivers quickly.I used to be able to delay myBespoke supplement(when it was Formulate) but I no longer can.
Trusted Customer
The formula smells amazing and my horse enjoys it
Trusted Customer
Palatable not sure of efficacy yet Very happy with CPlus that gets a 5 star from me
Norma Charters 9 months ago.
Only just started using this having not used before so don’t know just how well will work, but very happy all 4 ponies eating it well so great start.
Mrs Amanda French 9 months ago.
like the fact it is herbs and is added to feed
Trusted Customer
Before fly formula my horse would come in dripping with blood from the dinosaur horse flies. Use every year now and helps keep the flies down, and ticks too
Mrs Lyn Shew 9 months ago.
Good product which seems to work against the biting creatures and is very palatable for the horse. Smells lovely as well.
Bertie 9 months ago.
I have used fly formula previously with great results.
Helen Thompson 9 months ago.
Horses like the mix of herbs, waiting to see the results
Mrs Paula Wyatt 9 months ago.
Have used fly formula for two weeks now. the recent hot muggy weather has produced an abundance of flies and midges. The supplement really worked well for two yearlings. So impressed with this product I have arranged for a tub to be sent to Spain for my daughter to trial there.
Helen Graham 9 months ago.
I didn't really think this would work,but it did
Trusted Customer
Been using for six months. This summer will be the proper test to see if the product makes my mare more comfortable
Wendy Rushton 9 months ago.
First tub, not been using long enough to give an informed opinionof it's effectiveness. Very strong smell which has meant my horses are taking a time to get used to it.
Denise Mcglennon 9 months ago.
Palatable for my fussy boy and does what it says
Beverley Myers 9 months ago.
I've found Fly Formula an effective deterrent against flies and biting insects. My pony finds it very palatable. Highly recommend this product
Trusted Customer
Have been using this product for 3 years now on our chestnut horse who used to get bitten badly by flies. We start using in early April and use through to about October and it really does help. We don’t have to use anywhere as much fly spray ,
Helen Graham 10 months ago.
It's great stuff but stinks
Trusted Customer
Feed this all year round to help an itchy pony, not a complete deterrent but mosses are far worse when not fed
Heather Walker 11 months ago.
Doesn’t stop all flying insects but it definitely makes a big difference in helping keep the pests away