4.7 / 5
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Trusted Customer
Great product for a marish mare.
Trusted Customer
Product appears to ease symptoms of my elderly mare. Assume palatable as she does not leave her feed. Competitively priced.
Trusted Customer
If i don't give my mare her daily scoop of hormonese she is unmanagable.Simple as that.
Mrs Anne Banks 3 months ago.
Excellent staff and products quick delivery service too
Trusted Customer
I have been feeding this product to an hormonal mare and it helps her to stay sane and be easier to manage.
Sara 3 months ago.
Excellent products arrive next day just when you need them
Mrs Anne Banks 4 months ago.
Excellent staff great service
Trusted Customer
The product appears to help my mare. It is palatable as she does not leave it.
Nina Willison 6 months ago.
Seems to help the Mare to get on with life when she is in season, rather than becoming tight and sore when being ridden
Trusted Customer
Unpalatable. But I should have ordered sample first.
Trusted Customer
helped my horse to calm down very fast!
Mrs Beverley Bradley 7 months ago.
Hormonease has really made a difference to my mare with "attitude". Shes obviously more comfortable and content.
Lynn Watts 8 months ago.
Nice consistency and palatable. Not sure if it helps my mare yet as I have not been using it long enough. Will reorder to keep her going on it for a month or so to evaluate.
Trusted Customer
My mare has changed within days since using this product. Will definitely keep using.
Mrs Hazel Elliott 8 months ago.
My mares are happy,stress free and calm at all times. It's a real pleasure now to handle and work with them.
Trusted Customer
Only just started the ponies on this product, so need longer to evaluate properly
Trusted Customer
It’s the only I’ve found supplement that actually helps my mare with her seasons
Sue Tattersall 9 months ago.
I have a moody mare and a rig so it kills two birds so to speak.Only just started using it but so far so good !
Mrs Barbara Elwell 9 months ago.
Excellent. Our 2 year old mare has really been struggling with her seasons. Since starting this she has improved massively. She is no longer really messy behind and is not squealing in pain anymore
Mrs Debbie Pledger 10 months ago.
This works so well to keep my mare lovely to be with.
Mrs Beverley Bradley 11 months ago.
Hormone Ease is an excellent quality product that really works.
Trusted Customer
To use a phrase "it does what it says on the tub ".
Ms S. 11 months ago.
Product has helped my little mare become more comfortable.