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Jaime Arundel 22 days ago,
Great customer service, item quickly dispatched and received, well packaged just a day later.
Sue Kennedy 1 month ago.
The grass blocks are great addition alongside hay. All our horses and ponies love them and the elderly Cushing's pony prone to laminitis is allowed the odd one as sugar not too scary in content.
Trusted Customer
Good product. Well packaged. No dust.
Trusted Customer
Palatable my boy loves them and looks wonderful
Trusted Customer
Horse loves these, keep him occupied on stabled days
Amberley Pugsley 4 months ago.
Horses love them. Great treat over the winter
John Cowley 4 months ago.
The quality is absolutely consistent and I know I can trust these blocks to deliver over and over
John Cowley 6 months ago.
My horse turned his nose up at other grass blocks - but the Timothy block is the highlight of his day!
John Cowley 6 months ago.
My horse just loves them & on his managed diet they are the perfect accompaniment
Trusted Customer
Horses like them..........
John Cowley 9 months ago.
Just perfect for my Friesian on a controlled diet
Trusted Customer
My horse loved while on box rest
Miss Rachelle Jordan 11 months ago.
Easy to store and can be used in a little net or soaked
Trusted Customer
A great tasty treat that is easy to take ti away shows
Trusted Customer
Our two horses love them when we give them as a treat.
John Cowley 11 months ago.
Perfect for my horse. He LOVES them
John Cowley 11 months ago.
Perfect for my horse's survival