Gastric Comfort
4,8 / 5
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Amelia Smith 1 month ago.
Absolutely love this product! Worked very well for my mare.
D Clarke 1 month ago.
No signs of stomach ulcers returning for over a year
Caroline Daniels 2 months ago.
No measure scoop came with it. As this was the first time I brought the product it was a problem. There is a lot of powder in a cool but mixed in well with the feed and my horse ate her it.
Kay Graves 3 months ago.
This product really settles the gut. Good for stressy types and enhances well being
Trusted Customer
I’ve used Gastric Comfort for some time with my mare who can be prone to colic. She is definitely happier and looks better.
Trusted Customer
Fabulous product! Made such a difference to my horse
Geale Van Der Wal 3 months ago.
Horse is looking healthy and well
Lynne Turner 4 months ago.
I was concerned that the scoop is quite large and it seemed like a lot of powder being added. I wondered how palatable it would be. However my pony has had no issues eating it all, even with being unable to add water to it (as per the instructions). It seemed to be making a difference to my pony even before she started treatment from the vet. She was more settled and was allowing me to groom her girth area, which had been a complete "no-no" before. Happy so far with this product, and the service from Feedmark.
Mrs Sandra Curtis 4 months ago.
Hard to give comments this is my first time using this product. Only just started to use so difficult to say until we have a few weeks under of belt.
Trusted Customer
The supplement's are so good they do exactly what they are supposed to.
Mrs Carol Law 4 months ago.
Used gastric comfort for years
Trusted Customer
my ulcer prone mare has a very careful diet but I always notice the difference with this product, much less mardy and girthy!
Mrs Becky Dean 4 months ago.
My horse is already looking more comfortable and happier - she has been suffering badly with ulcers and colic
Trusted Customer
Helps my horse and we use every day
Mrs Katherine Porter 4 months ago.
Well packaged and easy to usd
Trusted Customer
Excellent product. Does what it says on the bucket. Helps my boy stay comfortable.
Clare Smith 6 months ago.
Helps my mare with her ulcers
Ms Karen Littler 6 months ago.
Been using it since my horse was diagnosed and treated for gastric ulcers and he appears to be very comfortable now , no more flare ups since he's been taking it
Trusted Customer
I have used Feedmark products for a number of years, Gastric Comfort keeps my stressy warmblood happy and comfortable in his hind gut.
Trusted Customer
Excellent product that always settles my horses tummy back down.
Trusted Customer
Great product! Would definitely recommend!
Trusted Customer
Making a difference already
Ms Jacqueline Bufton 6 months ago.
Works well-horses have no problems with it
Mrs Carol Law 8 months ago.
Used Gastric Comfort for years and wouldn’t be without it
Mrs Helen Hargreaves 8 months ago.
I use this product all the time on my TB mare. She has been diagnosed with gastric ulcers and if I don’t give it to her the is very uncomfortable when putting her saddle on and girth up
Mrs Michelle Stanley 8 months ago.
Superb supplement was recommended for my 20 yr old tb who has a sensitive tummy and it seemed to work wonders in less than a week!
Alice Frodsham 9 months ago.
Can tell the difference straight away. Will be using this forever with my ulcer pony
Trusted Customer
fab product and very well priced
Trusted Customer
As far as we can tell it is benefiting our horse.
Trusted Customer
Great product, really helpful with any pony that has sensitive tummy, also helps with any girthing issues, very palatable too,
Mrs Helen Hargreaves 9 months ago.
I have used other products as I thought my tb mare was getting ‘used ‘ to gastric comfort and it wasn’t giving her the full benefits. However she started getting twitchy doing up her girth again and awful when I was getting my stirrups once mounted... so she’s back on gastric comfort and happier.
Trusted Customer
Our pony loves this product, it really settles his tummy and makes him much more comfortable
Trusted Customer
Helps settle my sensitive mare; she has been less moody and way more focused in work ever since I started using this product. It keeps her stool normal regardless of how much she is turned out/has access to grass too which is a bonus!
Antoinette Ford 11 months ago.
Good product. Pony appears happier and ate his feed with the supplement in quite happily.
Liv Nolan 11 months ago.
The best Ulcer supplement for my horse... we have tried all the other brands available and it works the best.
Fiona 11 months ago.
Ponies seem to enjoy it (normally fussy) and it seems to be helping too.
Trusted Customer
Recommended by my vet for my TB with history of gastric ulcers. She is normally a picky eater but doesn’t mind this at all!
Trusted Customer
Regularly use this Gastric Comfort, suits our pony perfectly who can have a delicate tummy, makes him much more comfortable and settled
Trusted Customer
Quick results. Seen significant improvement after a couple of weeks.
Lindsey Dumper 12 months ago.
I have used best flex HA for around 2 years now On my 10 year old Irish sports horse after having SI joint issues and just generally feeling stiff. I researched a lot of products and found best flex HA had the best and highest amounts of necessary ingredients to help with this , he is not the same horse now ! He moves beautifully and with ease I can see a huge difference. I also use Gastric comfort due to him having ulcers at the early stages when the SI issues where being treated. He is happier, less anxious and less overactive with leg aids. I would highly recommend both products I would not change them, my boy deserves the best 👍