Ultimate Ease
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Trusted Customer
Great company and products
Vivien Pearson 20 days ago,
I have put 2 of my horses on the ultimate ease supplement after they had both been diagnosed with ulcers ( at different times ) So far - so good!
Trusted Customer
Recommended by my vet for my Thoroughbred
Mrs Linda Fedoriw 27 days ago,
Really helped make our horse more comfortable . He is definitely not as grumpy since having Ultimate Ease
Jan Chopping 28 days ago,
Early days but seems good
Nicola Noyes 1 month ago.
This has really helped sort my horses droppings
Trusted Customer
Horse seems much happier.
Ms Nicola Gamble 1 month ago.
Our horse had ulcer treatment before we purchased her we changed her on to Ultimate Ease and manage her diet she looks amazing and is thriving. Thank you feed mark excellent product
Trusted Customer
It’s definitely helped my exracer
Trusted Customer
Seems to b doing the trick!
Samantha Perry 3 months ago.
My horse would struggle with out this product. He no gut happy.
Mrs Claire Murrell 3 months ago.
Palatable and great value
Ms Sharon Homer 3 months ago.
I put and have been putting my trust in Ultimate Ease for a few years now, wouldn't use anything else.
Mrs Elaine Thomas 3 months ago.
Helping to keep my mare comfortable as she suffers from EGUS.
Mrs Nicola Clark 3 months ago.
Swapped to this from another make and it works just as well and cheaper!
Ms Laura Waller 3 months ago.
My mare has been a lot calmer and relaxed on Ultimate Ease, and the proof was found that the product really worked when she was rescoped. Grade 2 ulcers in November 2019. Scoped clear Jan 2020. Used Ultimate Ease for all of 2020, rescope in October 2020 and vet said you can clearly see where ulcers have tried to form, but been unable, due to the use of product. Very happy owner and horse!
Ms Nicky Brown 3 months ago.
This product has been a huge help for my ulcer prone horse. I wouldn’t be without it!
Mrs Therese Welford 4 months ago.
My horse is much more comfortable
Trusted Customer
Works well for my horse, has kept his stomach settled through field moves and changes in grazing.
Mrs Sara Peakman 4 months ago.
Palatable and seems to make a difference. My mare is very fussy but accepts this supplement without issue.
Trusted Customer
The pony has a tendency to mild colic and this seems to help her digestive system.
Trusted Customer
It has changed my horse and we could not be without it. Definately a must for horses in need of overall gut support from acid issues to gut bacteria.
Gabrielle Horricks -Webb 4 months ago.
It does what it says it will do !
Ms Sharon Homer 4 months ago.
Wouldn't use anything else, fantastic supplement been buying this supplement since it was introduced to the Feedmark range.
Ms Rebecca Kelly 4 months ago.
Still quite early in our use of the product but I would say there has been some subtle improvements already so looking promising.
Mrs Karen Robinson 4 months ago.
Does what it says on the tin
Mrs Katherine Ferry 4 months ago.
Time will tell.............
Trusted Customer
Just does the job perfectly
Mrs Samantha Waddington 4 months ago.
I have used this as a preventative, since my horse was treated and scoped clear for ulcers. Works brilliantly - horse is still ulcer free and she eats it happily.
Mrs Ginnie Jones 4 months ago.
this supplement really does help my old girl. Still happy to canter in the field with her buddies at 31.
Trusted Customer
My horse is moving the best he ever has since starting best-flex earlier this year
Ben Carr 5 months ago.
So far I've had the ultimate ease and steady up delivered, while bespoke packages are made up and can truly say the young horse has changed dramatically. Really has worked 100%
Trusted Customer
My horse is much happier already and has normal droppings again
Donna Sharp 6 months ago.
My horse is much more comfortable and the change has been noticeable since adding Ultimate ease to his feed. Improved top line and now is much happier to be groomed.
Trusted Customer
Huge improvement and my fussy old mare loves the taste of it too!
Trusted Customer
My horse has had treatment for ulcers, I am feeding ultimate ease as a preventative measure and he looks and feels really well.
Emma Marshall 6 months ago.
I have been using this supplement for just over 2 weeks now, smells amazing, and my boy seems happy. I wanted to try this supplement as he can get stressy and i wanted to look after his stomach.
Mrs Claire Murrell 6 months ago.
product seems to be working and is palatable
Andrea Grossey 6 months ago.
This supplement is great. My gelding has been on it for a few months now and seems much more comfortable.
Trusted Customer
Seems to be working great post treatment and 3 scopes later. A great matainace product
Kelly Fuller 6 months ago.
It really works, no more biting me when I girth up.
Trusted Customer
My horse is very fussy so was worried she wouldn't like it, much to my belief she loves it! Prefers her food now and helping with the ulcers. Brilliant
Ms Jenny Beynon 6 months ago.
This supplement really helps my horse's digestion. He has been struggling with ulcers since November last year and with the help of Ultimate Ease, he was scoped clear in June.
Victoria Johnson 7 months ago.
My boy has really changed since being on this , not grumpy or girthy,l now, plus it smells divine!! So he’ll actually eat it !!
Mrs Sara Peakman 7 months ago.
Seems to do the job for my mare and is palatable even tho she is fussy
Trusted Customer
Seems to be working well even though we are still working up to the recommended daily amount.
Trusted Customer
My horse has been on this supplement for well over a year. This was the only supplement I have found which allows him to be medication free, even whilst competing. I’m delighted to have found something that works for him.
Michelle Todd 7 months ago.
This product seems to be working brilliantly for my horse, I'm really happy with it.
Ms Laura Waller 8 months ago.
Great product, definitely settles my mare
Mrs Arran Middleton 8 months ago.
Does the Job, works to keep my horses' gut comfortable
Trusted Customer
This product seems to be keeping gastric ulcers at bay - very impressed.
Andrea Grossey 8 months ago.
My boy hasn't been on this for too long, but he seems happy so far. Our test will be come winter when he suffered from recurrent colic and ulcers. Hopefully this will help settle him. Smells fab.
Trusted Customer
Great products always arrive quickly if any advice is needed staff are always very knowledgeable
Jocelyn Winkless 8 months ago.
This product I am using for my mare is helping but early days, her stools are still a bit soft
Trusted Customer
Both ulcery horses eat the product with no problem at all and one gets loose droppings on fresh grass and have had none of that this year.
Suzanne Frith 9 months ago.
Excellent service, very helpful advice given on which supplement would best fit our horse. Excellent delivery time. Horse is looking so much better in just a few weeks of using ultimate ease. Thank you x
Trusted Customer
It contains more active ingredients than competing products and it works.
Ms Sharon Homer 9 months ago.
Excellent product wouldn't use anything else.
Nicola Noyes 9 months ago.
Has definitely helped my boy out
Trusted Customer
Such a great product. My horse had Ulcers a few years back and was scoped again this year, he was ulcer free! I put this down to Ultimate Ease!
Ms Maureen Foreman 9 months ago.
Brilliant Product and most important of all my horse loves it.
Abigail Platt 9 months ago.
The products I have purchased have done what they are supposed to and will be buying again
Amanda Masey 9 months ago.
Fantastic customer care and service and knowledge
Trusted Customer
Excellent product, very happy
Trusted Customer
Has worked with my pony's problem & sorted his stomach problem. Really pleased with product.
Trusted Customer
Really seemed to work the first time so have bought it again.
Jo Savage 9 months ago.
Repeat, repeat, repeat customer have seen a definite improvement in both my horses they are now having this permanently.
Trusted Customer
Love this product especially with the spring grass coming through it really helps settle him!
Trusted Customer
Does what it says ... really pleased with the results.
Trusted Customer
Used this product for over a year now and have a much happier horse.
Trusted Customer
My second tub of Ultimate Ease. Started to use it after my pony had sand colic and it was cheaper than the supplement the vet supplied and the ingredients were similar. He seemed more comfortable on it. When I ran out I think he was noticeably a little less comfortable. It’s worth it for peace of mind.
Trusted Customer
Works perfectly really helped my horse
Siobhan Holloway 11 months ago.
My mare who has had ulcars is doing very well on Ulitmate Ease. less behavioural problems Girthing groom and riding
Miss Fiona Sach 11 months ago.
great product
Vicky Thornton 11 months ago.
Fantastic product and only thing that works for my mare. Thank you feedmark for creating this!
Trusted Customer
I continue to feed this supplement as I believe it has the best available ingredients to help prevent the recurrence of ulcers