4.9 / 5
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Joanna Milne 1 month ago.
Horse happily eats it and ulcers not returned
Dr Maria Keady 1 month ago.
Superb product exactly what horse needed
Trusted Customer
Constantly windsucking pony with symptoms of colic, settled has calmed the windsucking and definately more comfortable.
Trusted Customer
I bought the settelex and it has worked wonders with my one that wind ***** when stables he rarely does it now I and have no need for a collar now, also give it to my other 2 and has calmed my tb down and the 2yr old is much more settled 1 would definitely recommend this product
Trusted Customer
The ulcers not returned to my knowledge
Trusted Customer
It seems to be helping my horses gut settle
Joanna Milne 4 months ago.
Horse ulcer free, and settled
Trusted Customer
Great product and good value compared to a lot of others on the market.
Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary 6 months ago.
One of the best products we have found for the rescues like Lucas and pepper who both crib and windsuck. Palatable and we honestly notice a difference when they don't get it.
Trusted Customer
My mare is much calmer now and feels happier within herself!
Joanna Milne 8 months ago.
Does the job as recommended
Trusted Customer
Recommended by vet to help prevent ulcers after treatment. So far no problems, horse eats it happily, lasts quite a long time.
Miss Becky Hurman 9 months ago.
Brilliant. Noticed a big difference within 2 weeks of being on it. Will definitely buy again!
Trusted Customer
This product has kept his ulcers away apart from one attack
Joanna Milne 10 months ago.
Ulcers have not returned horse happy
Trusted Customer
This has kept my horse’s stomach free of ulcers after veterinary treatment for many years.
Joanna Milne 11 months ago.
Recommended by my vet, and horse fine on it
Ms Sally Collier 11 months ago.
My TB has been on this for approximately 12 months. He has had ulcers (treated) in the past and I find the settelex helps to keep him less grumpy.