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Horse Of The Week - Hinke.

Hinke 2

This is Hinke, our new Horse Of The Week, she is owned by Jacqueline Barron, who told us: “Hinke is a Dutch name, and is pronounced ‘Hinka’. Hinke is rising 14-years-old, and she stands at approximately 16.1hh. She is a Friesian, and I have owned her for seven years. I am in my 60’s, but together we go out hacking, and we also do basic Dressage. Hinke has been trained to drive which is possibly a prospect for the future.” “Hinke was brought in from Holland as a 5-year-old, and was in foal, but one never materialised. She has been all over the country with me, and also across Europe to Portugal where we lived for two years. My future plans are for us to just be happy together.” “She is a pretty easy horse generally, as her breed would suggest, but she is still a horse! At the bottom of our ménage is a lion’s den! It’s a difficult ménage, with lots of spooky sounds and whistling winds, right next door to an area where lots of heavy farm vehicles work. Steady-Up Advance has allowed Hinke to relax in there and yet still be able to concentrate and work well. In the stable, with sometimes only alternate day’s turnout due to some of the awful weather we have had, she is calm and un-bothered about being shut in. Whereas before, she would have been agitated and kicking the door.” “Steady-Up Advance has been a real plus and benefit for us both.

Hinke 1

I had been feeding Hinke pure magnesium before, to aid calmness and hoof growth, but I did have to disguise the taste. However, this formula beats that hands down, with the added benefit of it being very tasty to her! It has the benefits of magnesium, plus plus!” “I would definitely recommend Steady-Up Advance. Thanks for making it Feedmark!” A FREE tub of Steady-Up Advance is on its way to Hinke for being our Horse Of The Week! Each week, the Feedmark team select a horse of the week from reviews, letters and emails sent to them. If you would like your horse to feature, then please send your horse’s details in to [email protected] or go online and write a review.