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Nutritional support to help maintain joint and muscle health of senior horses and ponies who still lead active lives, or those with compromised mobility.



• Ideal for senior horses and ponies or those showing signs of compromised mobility
• Provides vegetarian glucosamine HCl thought to help maintain joint integrity
• Contains boswellia to assist joint comfort
• Delivers good levels of vitamin E and selenium, important antioxidants which contribute to healthy muscle function
• Incudes MSM, a source of sulphur which is essential for the synthesis of connective tissue including collagen
• Provides a source of Omega 3 oil an important fatty acid which maybe lacking in modern diets
• NOPS Approved

• Boswellia serrata
• Micronised linseed
• Full fat soya
• Glucosamine hydrochloride
• Magnesium oxide
• Maize meal

Daily feeding rate 

Miniature (under 250kg) 0.75 scoop

Pony (250kg - 400kg)  1.25 scoop

Horse (400kg - 600kg)  1.75 scoops

Large Horse (over 600kg) 2.25 scoops

  • Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight
  • Introduce to the horses diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable)
  • ActiVet is a complementary feeding stuff for equine animals
  • Feedmark uses nothing in the formulation of this product that contravenes competition rules
  • If your horse is a fussy eater please request a palatability sample by calling 0800 585525



Well what can I say!? This product is amazing I'm so pleased with how quickly I saw a difference and the results are great! My boy feels so much more free in his movements and more willing when ridden and out in paddocks :) thank you so much Feedmark for your advice and wonderful products... Next to try Fly Formula!! Can't wait to see the results from this too! Definite recommendation to all my horsey friends!


    We have been using ActiVet since Equifest 2015 and our boy has started jumping bigger and stretches out more and most of all is more willing to increase speed and do tight turns in speed rounds which has resulted in many wins and placings at shows.


      Started feeding ActiVet to my horse, he is not a veteran but I wanted a supplement to keep him comfortable as he is a big moving horse and works hard. I noticed a difference in him after about a week of feeding it, very happy and moving freely.


        Started feeding ActiVet to my 16.3 Warmblood. Within 3 days he is comfortable in his work. Fantastic supplement.


          I started feeding ActiVet to my big 17.3 hunter and have been feeding him this at the recommended level, and I think with the work he is getting including certain exercises we are seeing a huge improvement. I have just ordered my 3 for 2 offer for some more which has just arrived today, excellent service thank you Feedmark .


            This supplement really helps my nearly 22 year old ex-racehorse, keeping him mobile so he can enjoy his retirement :) Great combination of ingredients so I don't have to feed lots of different supplements!


              My 29 year Connemara is just coming to the end of his first tub of Activet. I'm really pleased with the results- He's always keen to go out in the morning and even has a little canter round the field occasionally, and a good roll too. Thank you Feedmark from Dermot and me!


                My horse is not old, he is 13, however I wanted to put him onto a product that would support his joints and muscles. Since using ActiVet he has been on very good form and seems be very supple even after hard training sessions.


                  I started feeding ActiVet to my elderly Gelding about 6 months ago. I can't believe the difference in him!! He marches out of his box free and comfortable. I've even seen him having a canter around the field, something he's not done for a very long time!! At 30, it certainly makes a big difference. I've always been sceptical about joint supplements having gone through many products and not seeing any difference, Activet has definitely changed my opinion! Thank you Feedmark for helping to keep my old boy's twilight years more comfortable and for putting the spring back in his step!


                    I have recently started to feed ActiVet to my 33-year-old when she started to struggle getting up after rolling in the field, since I started feeding ActiVet I've noticed a big difference in her. She now rolls and no longer struggles to get up which is amazing as it was such an upsetting sight to see. Thank you


                      I decided to ensure that my 11 year TBxWelsh was getting everything he needed for joints and muscles and keep him feeling well. I have had him on ActiVet for 2 months now and just ordered my next two months' worth as he is looking fantastic and feeling better than he has done for a long long time.


                        Really love this product it helped so much with my old boy who went from not being very active to back jumping :)


                          We have noticed a huge difference in our pony while feeding this. He is much happier in his jumping. Thanks for your time at Burghley explaining and listening to me. A very happy customer


                            I have been using ActiVet for the last 3 years on my 25 yr old TBX mare Tinta. As an ex-polo pony she had had a hard life- although she is certainly not looking or behaving like a 25 year old and gives the youngsters in the field a real workout.


                              My 19yr old arab mare had started to feel a bit tired, until I added ActiVet to her feeds, now she's back to her former lively self, with full range of movement & full of energy again!

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                                Nutritional support to help maintain joint and muscle health of senior horses and ponies who still lead active lives, or those with compromised mobility.