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Független vásárlói értékelés 84 vélemény alapján. 4,9 / 5
Gill - 2022. 08. 25. 11:01
My horse had dandruff which was quite severe but since using Equidermis this has totally cleared up. It was stopped for a while and the problem came back, since re starting it has completely gone and my horse has a lovely coat
Sue - 2022. 08. 03. 20:15
Palatable and seems to work as horse no longer has scabby bumps in skin.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2022. 07. 13. 21:54
My mare at 5yrs old started attacking her midline, in sept 21, she has been having anti allergy jabs for 6 months and I’d rugged up in a fly rug and is still biting her skin off and making herself bleed.  So I brought a sample of EquiDermis, day 5 of using the sample at half rate there is signs of new hair growth, so I ordered more and gave her the recommended dose 2 weeks in, no blood, skin pink and healing, clearly more comfortable to touch……so far so good,  the weather has been dry and hot so yet to see what happens when it’s more damp
Lucy - 2022. 05. 11. 19:12
Tried this for the first time on my older mare who was having coat change issue & now she has a lovely summer coat
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2022. 04. 22. 9:57
Great product for this time of year and my fussy eater will eat it.
Caroline - 2022. 04. 21. 7:54
So far in the first week we are happy with the results we are seeing on the ponies.
Claire - 2022. 04. 21. 7:20
Good value general miners and vitamin supplement
Joanne - 2022. 04. 21. 6:55
My cob looks amazing on this product
Diana - 2022. 01. 06. 9:34
I have been using this product for many years and my horses always have a healthy and shiny coat.
Sharon - 2022. 01. 05. 20:04
I have used EquiDermis Plus for some time now and EquiDermis is now a regular go to product for maintaining a glossy coat and as part of routine health maintenance to combat exposure to wet and muddy conditions whilst maintaining a healthy and glossy coat. I have no qualms with endorsing EquiDermis Plus.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 12. 16. 21:13
Excellent product which we use every year to help protect the horses legs in winter.
Marcus - 2021. 09. 26. 21:23
Purchased as it was recommended by a friend to sort out sarcoid - which it has improved impressively.
Victoria - 2021. 08. 09. 22:28
I tried this for my cob who developed skin allergies, I ordered a sample to start with because she can be fussy, I was surprised how much product was in the sample, I was expecting it to be half the size it was. It gave us time to get my horse used to it before buying more. After gradually increasing the amount in her feed I ordered a larger quantity and equidermis is now an important part in managing her allergies, her allergies tend to be an issue to varying degrees all year so she will be on this supplement all year round to help keep her skin and coat in good condition.
Angela - 2021. 06. 03. 7:58
Easy to feed and palatable, not sure how long before results are seen
Justine - 2021. 04. 28. 20:15
Highly recommend dermis for there coats
Sue - 2021. 04. 19. 11:48
I have always used benevit advance and it does all it says.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 03. 30. 15:02
Was advised to try this product when we first got our pony as she suffered from "dandruff" when her coat changed in the autumn, we now use this each spring and autumn, it also helps with the itchiness of the coat change as well, would fully recommend this product.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 03. 24. 20:57
Equidermis has made such a difference to my itchy 29yr old mare, never seen her so shiny and not half as itchy as before despite only being on it for 2momths so far. It will definitely be a continued purchase.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 02. 28. 23:08
My horses are eating it and are a fussy lot and it smells nice also
Gill - 2021. 02. 14. 20:11
It works! Used for several years
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2021. 02. 07. 19:12
Impressive results ! Sweet itch pony much soothed. Glossy coats all around
Rachel - 2021. 02. 03. 12:41
I’ve been using Equidermis for my severely affected sweet-itch cob. I’ve owned him for 6 years and having started him on this, it’s the best he’s ever looked. His itching is definitely reduced, and his coat looks amazing. People are always commenting on how great it is! It’s now a big part of my management of this condition. One size never fits all with sweet-itch but I’m relieved that this product has had such a positive impact on my boy. Thank-you Feedmark!
Helen - 2020. 12. 17. 19:41
We use this product every winter with excellent resluts
David - 2020. 11. 26. 7:48
Still early days but the horses coat has started to improve so fingers crossed
Kelsey - 2020. 11. 04. 19:53
so far so good, my pony loves the equidermis, not on the full dose yet and still currently itchy so fingers crossed
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 10. 22. 4:49
I was recommended this product for my 6 yr old exracer. He had been very itchy all summer and it continued in to autumn. Since using EquiDermis Plus he is itching less and the sore patches on his neck and shoulder are healing very nicely. I will continue to use it over the winter to hopefully prevent it flaring up and next summer.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 10. 20. 8:26
Product seems to be working well but have not used it for very long yet to be fully convinced
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 10. 05. 14:17
fantastic on line and telephone service always prompt to answer queries and knowledgable
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 09. 07. 15:46
This product really helps one of my horses who has very sensitive skin
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 08. 20. 8:36
Our old pony looks amazing.  His coat is shining and no more scurf
AMANDA - 2020. 06. 24. 22:42
Amazing results with this product, my veteran horse’s legs are not getting puffy overnight Since using equidermis
Tara - 2020. 06. 21. 21:48
Fantastic.. Hoping to buy all my supplements from feed mark in the future.. Great service and great products. My horses coat is so healthy and shiny now she has been on this product.. So happy thank you feed mark
Diana - 2020. 06. 08. 14:02
Gives the horses a healthy shiny coat
Christine - 2020. 05. 31. 20:49
I’m using Equidermis for my SI youngster. She really suffered at 2 years old even though she was covered. My farrier recommended this supplement & it’s really helped, I still cover her during midge season but for the last 2 years she still has a full mane & tail with no rubbing.  Well done Feedmark 😊
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 05. 27. 20:40
I haven’t used this product for long so still waiting to see final results but so far I’m really pleased
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 05. 27. 9:41
super product! helps horses to get their hair glam back...
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 05. 21. 14:19
Saves on replacement post and rail fencing!  We have a very scratchy Connie (not sweat itch related, just hot blooded).  He’s a much happier chap now.
Michelle - 2020. 05. 14. 10:36
I have only had the ponies on this product for just over a week, so changes haven’t been noticed yet however both my ponies are eating it so it is very palatable as one of my ponies is picky
Laura - 2020. 05. 13. 22:40
My mare wouldn’t eat this so I’ve had to add some molasses to get it down her as she doesn’t need any hard feed, I feel It’s a bit soon to be sure if it’s made a difference but her skin is certainly no worse!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 05. 13. 20:19
Product is as described and seems to be making a difference. My horse is very sensitive and anywhere that his tack or rug sits he was going bald So I thought I would give this a try. I’m on my second tub and his coat is coming through thicker, his bald patches are growing in and I’ve noticed a big difference.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 05. 06. 22:07
I can't give any more (or any fewer) stars as it's hard to tell the result just now. I think the pony would need to be on it longer for me to see a result. Has only been about 2 weeks. But she eats every bit of the feed so it must be very tasty.
Charlotte - 2020. 05. 06. 20:18
Great products that work!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 03. 02. 19:13
All three of our horses use this product, but the real success is my 30 year old who gets terrible distressing itchiness at times, especially when shedding his winter coat.  I tried many lotions etc with modest results.  Since giving him Equidermis he has never again had a problem.
Gill - 2020. 02. 09. 11:01
Really stops some of the itch for my mare combined with a rug she’s practically sweet itch free.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 01. 15. 21:59
This product is amazing, you can see a different in less than a week!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 01. 14. 17:04
I buy 3 supplements regularly for my pony. The one I have just had delivered again is Hardy Hoof which I have been feeding him for years. The farrier today said that my pony's feet look really good and in fact look to be "text book feet" - how good is that given the even worse than usual wet and mud we have suffered so far this winter. I swear by Feedmarks supplements and will certainly continue to use them.
Caroline - 2020. 01. 09. 20:00
Too soon to notice results but I expect it will be up to Feedmark's usual standards.
Sarah - 2020. 01. 08. 14:59
Difficult to say at the moment as its winter, but will let you know come summer!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 01. 07. 13:05
Kim - 2020. 01. 02. 17:01
Really helps my boy who has compromised skin during the spring summer
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2020. 01. 02. 11:30
It has really helped my horse with coping with change in coat and helped prevent hives
Sue - 2019. 12. 27. 12:40
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 12. 18. 23:22
Excellent product which helps stop winter itching
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 12. 18. 20:53
Very good, I’ve been using it for years
Tanya - 2019. 12. 18. 18:33
After clipping my pony’s feather due to mudfever, the growth is strong and his coat is beautiful ❤️
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 12. 18. 15:28
I have a very sensitive horse whose skin flares at pretty much anything, mud, sun, wet, flies but since using this it has become much better. I have not seen any adverse affects
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 12. 04. 13:18
Really helped my Shetland pony and really  improved his coat . Helped him when he was losing  his coat.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 11. 21. 13:49
Great results from the products that I’ve purchased over the years and good value
Tiffany - 2019. 10. 30. 16:47
This product helps my Welsh X through the spring and summer months and I always know when he doesnt have it.
sherril - 2019. 10. 23. 13:27
i use equidermis a lot when my horses are rugged for the winter the tend to loose a bit of shine and this has changed it they look great all year
Christine - 2019. 10. 10. 11:38
This is the only supplement that works for my sweet itch girl.  I started it at the end of last year and she has shown a marked improvement all through the spring & summer.
Lyn - 2019. 10. 09. 19:54
Amazing product my horse’s look amazing
Susan - 2019. 10. 06. 4:42
Bought for a sensitive skinned mare, Leopard spot Kappstubber . Her coat condition, or rather its sensitivity is reduced, looking good!
Angela - 2019. 10. 03. 12:25
Good product and horses eat it even fussy eater
Mary - 2019. 10. 02. 20:10
The product was exactly what i ordered
Kim - 2019. 09. 26. 12:55
My boys skin condition is so much better since feeding him this
Cynthia - 2019. 09. 26. 11:06
Really helped my 30 year old shetland with his coat. No more rubbing  or bald patches
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 09. 18. 13:49
So far I have seen a difference in the amount my horses are scratching so that is amazing
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 08. 07. 16:38
My ponies suffer from sweet itch and this does help to repel midges and gives a glossy coat as well.
Lyn - 2019. 07. 28. 7:16
Amazing product I have been using this product for 8 years it’s a vital part of my feeding
Angela - 2019. 07. 11. 7:57
Seems to be helping but needs a little longer to be sure
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 07. 03. 11:58
Products work and good service always on hand for advice
Lorraine - 2019. 05. 20. 9:58
Palatable supplement, that seems to have calmed my boys itchy skin down
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 05. 12. 6:38
Fab product. Easy to feed. Leaves horses shiny and good coat.
Elissa - 2019. 05. 06. 21:17
I took on a retired racehorse who suffered badly with mud fever.  After washing daily, drying and veterinary help we eventually got it under control.  I then put him on EquiDermis plus and have never looked back his coat and skin is now amazing . He is fed this product all year round and even after a wet cold winter he has not suffered.
Anita - 2019. 04. 10. 19:49
I have only just received it and haven't used it yet. Looks great and the other reviews are good
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 04. 04. 9:32
Cant comment as I'm still trying to get my mare to eat it!
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2019. 03. 24. 11:18
My itchy mares are happy with the product..
Anna - 2019. 02. 10. 15:03
great product, good results
Fiona - 2019. 01. 10. 19:31
My highland has had an amazing coat since I started using this and doesn't have the itches like he usually did during coat changes
Charlotte - 2018. 04. 13. 19:49
Too soon to tell yet but good value
Trusted Feefo Customer - 2017. 10. 23. 16:01
His coat looks shiny and no scurf but not tested the effect on mud fever yet which is the reason for my purchase.
Pauline - 2017. 10. 10. 8:51
Used on previous animal but only just started with present one so unable to confirm how well it works
Sally - 2017. 10. 09. 18:36
Over the years it has kept my horses skin good and shiny
Samantha - 2017. 10. 09. 15:00
My 2 yr old Friesian Warrior is prone to sensitive skin, in the short time I have had him on this supplement I have already noticed a reduction in his sensitivity and itchiness... I look forward to the expected results after a few more weeks.

Az EquiDermis Plus™ belülről kifelé hat, biztosítva az egészséges bőrhöz szükséges tápanyagokat. Ezt a terméket kifejezetten úgy alakítottuk ki, hogy természetes módon támogassa a bőrszövetet, ezáltal pedig elősegíti a fényes szőrzet kialakulását, és megnyugtatja az igénybevett bőrt.

Az EquiDermis Plus™ az alfa-linolénsav nevű esszenciális zsírsav(omega-3) forrása, amely különösen alkalmas a bőr támogatására. Az Omega-3 természetes módon nyugtatja meg az irritált bőrt. Hozzáadott B-vitaminokat tartalmaz, köztük biotint, mivel ezek elősegítik a bőr, a szőrzet és a paták egészségét. A benne található lenmag aminosavakat biztosít, amelyek az egészséges, rugalmas bőr kialakulásához szükségesek, a gyógynövények pedig belső támogatást nyújtanak. A bojtorjángyökér segít fenntartani az egészséges májműködést, míg a csalán és a ragadós galaj általános tonizáló hatásaik miatt fontosak. A kamilla finoman megnyugtatja a száraz és sérült bőrt.

Adja lovának az EquiDermis Plust™:

  • Az egészséges bőr és szőrzet kialakulásáért
  • Ha nedves vagy sáros körülmények közt van tartva
  • A száraz, égő bőr megnyugtatására
  • Hogy szőre egészséges és fényes legyen
  • 6 hónapig felhasználható

Az EquiDermis Plus tartalma:

  • Sörélesztő (23%): a pata, a bőr és a szőrzet egészségének támogatására
  • Botorjángyökér: az egészséges bőr elősegítésére és a száraz bőr ellensúlyozására
  • Kamillavirág: a bőr megnyugtatására
  • Ragadós galaj: magas szilícium-dioxid-tartalma erősíti a szőrzetet
  • Hidegen sajtolt lenmagolaj: fényessé varázsolja a szőrzetet
  • Mikronizált lenmag (53%): Omega-3 zsírsavakban gazdag az egészséges bőr fenntartása érdekében
  • Csalán levél: tonizáló hatásának köszönhetően a szőr fényesebbé válik

A ló bőre:

A bőr a ló legnagyobb szerve, és fő feladata, hogy védelmet nyújtson a belső rendszerek számára. Az egészséges bőr rugalmas és sima, fényes szőrrel fedve, ez a lovak általános egészségének mutatója. Az omega-3 és az omega-6 egyaránt nélkülözhetetlen zsírsavak, amelyek szükségesek az általános egészséghez, viszont a lovak szervezetében nem képesek létrejönni. Ezért ezeket a zsírsavakat megfelelő mennyiségben kell biztosítani az étrendben, azonban sok esetben a lovak étrendjében magas az omega-6 és alacsony az omega-3 tartalom. Az omega-3 kiegészítés hozzájárul az egyensúly kialakításához, elősegíti az egészséges bőr és a fényes szőrzet kialakulását. HA KÉTSÉGE VAN LOVA VAGY PÓNIJA EGÉSZSÉGI ÁLLAPOTÁT ILLETŐEN, KONZULTÁLJON ÁLLATORVOSÁVAL!



Mikronizált lenmag (53%), sörélesztő (23%), hidegen sajtolt lenmagolaj, csalán levelek, bojtorjángyökér, ragadós galaj, kamillavirág, kalcium-karbonát

  Százalékos összetétel

Nyersfehérje 26,0%, Nyersolajok és zsírok 30,7%, Nyersrost 7,6%, Nyershamu 5,4%, Nátrium <0,05%

  Adagolási útmutató

Ló/Póni súlya Napi adag
250kg alatt ¾ mérőkanál
250kg - 400kg 1 ½ mérőkanál
400kg - 600kg 2 ¼ mérőkanál
600kg felett 2 ¾ mérőkanál

1 mérőkanál (150ml) EquiDermis Plus kb. 70g.

Testtömeg szerint válassza ki a lovának megfelelő mennyiséget, és fokozatosan iktassa be étrendjébe, elosztva az etetések között!


Az EquiDermis Plus egy kiegészítő takarmány lófélék számára. Nem tartalmaz a versenyszabályzatot sértő összetevőt!