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Dr Stephanie Wood BSc (Hons) RNutr R.Anim.Tech is Director of Science and Nutrition at Feedmark. She is supported by Senior Nutritionist, Abigail Malone BSc. We also have a further three Nutritionists to advise our customers and ensure the optimum health of their horses. The team are available seven days a week to help with your horse's diet. You can tap the chat button below, call freephone 0800 585525, email [email protected], read our FAQs and try searching our knowledge base...


Olivia Oakeley Discusses Fitness, Dressage Goals and Nutrition


We catch up with our Dressage rider, Olivia Oakeley, who explains how fitness, setting goals and optimal nutrition are essential when it comes to daily training for herself and her horses... 

Strangles Awareness Week 2021 - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention


To help raise further awareness and stop the stigma associated with Strangles, Feedmark's Science and Nutrition Department explain what it is and the potential symptoms. Our Senior Nutritionist also gives advice on how to prevent an outbreak and what to do if you think your horse may have this common bacterial disease.


Dr. Wood Dissects Condition & Shine™


Now the competition season is underway, some horses need additional support to perform at their best.  Dr. Wood explains how Condition & Shine™ could help. 

Will Furlong and the Windrush Equestrian Foundation

Having been selected for the Windrush Equestrian Foundation programme 2021, we catch up with Feedmark’s talented rider, Will Furlong. Discover which event he is competing at this weekend, along with his favourite training tips from eventing legend, Pippa Funnell...
Backing and Training a Young Horse with Elly Darling


Feedmark's Dressage rider, Elly Darling, gives an insight into backing young horses and explains how she recently backed her young stallion, Boss... 

Lucy Richards Discusses the Very Talented Eventer, Obie


Lucy Richards, Feedmark's Event rider, talks to us about her one in a million horse, Obie...

Helping Horses to Moult


Dr Wood discusses hormone imbalances in equines – discover tips on managing non-shedding winter coats along with optimising health and comfort through nutrition.

Feeding for Respiratory Function


What is Equine Asthma? Dr Wood discusses the new terminology used for respiratory issues and explains how to optimise the function and health of your horse’s respiratory system. Read on to support clear breathing and optimal comfort…

Dr Wood Explains Bespoke All-In-One™

Have you heard of Feedmark’s personalised nutrition supplement? Our Director of Science and Nutrition, Dr Stephanie Wood BSc (Hons) RNutr R.Anim.Tech, investigates Bespoke All-In-One™ and explains how this may benefit you and your horse…

Feedmark Riders: Tips for Horses on Box Rest


Keeping our equine friends entertained whilst stabled can be a challenging taskso we sought help from leading stars in the Dressage and Eventing worlds... Here are some helpful tips and tricks from our talented Feedmark Riders, to assist you in keeping your horse calm and happy during prolonged periods in the stable.