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Who’s on your team?

Recently, I went to one of my favourite showing championships of the year. I love it not just because you’re guaranteed to see top class horses and ponies, but because even though rivalry is keen, the atmosphere is always friendly.


There was plenty of showmanship from those who knew exactly how ...


Be inspired by success

The controversies of the World Equestrian Games were balanced with the news that Britain’s Ros Canter finished as individual as well as a team gold medallist.


Her story is an inspiration to every young rider – and a few not so young ones, too. Ros started, like so many, as a member of the Pony C...


Looking good is a smart tactic

Behind every great rider, there’s a great groom, whether that’s a paid member of a professional team or a parent/other half doing it for love.


So, congratulations to supergroom Georgia Pitcher. Georgia, who works for Feedmark-sponsored rider Will Furlong, has just won the Shapley’s best turned o...


The real winners

Successful amateurs are the ones with professional standards, says Carolyn Henderson


The dictionary definition of an amateur participant in any sport or activity is someone who takes part without payment. So why do so many riders assume that “amateur” is synonymous with second-rate?


By defin...


Endurance catch up with Annie Joppe

I have now had my back operation and am back in the saddle albeit a little shakily.  I did wait a week before attempting to clamber on but once on board things improved on a daily basis.  I then decided to enter the Endurance Masters at Euston Park some four weeks after my operation which I know was...


When the best laid plans go pear-shaped

When the excitement builds at big events such as Burghley Horse Trials, we see the tip of the iceberg. Years of hard work have gone into building horse and rider partnerships to that level and months of preparation have been targeted on specific goals.


When it goes right, it’s fairy tale stuff. ...