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Don’t fall for winter management myths

As we head into winter, many owners will change their horses’ regime – some by choice, and some by necessity. Either way, it’s easy to turn into a worrier.

Before you end up so stressed you’re doing the human equivalent of weaving, the Feedmark team has picked out some common misconceptions to avoid...


Feedmark has extended Christmas…

The Feedmark Christmas promotions is back! Starting on the 1st of December this year is bigger and better. Instead of just twelve days of Christmas we're extending it to eighteen days of Christmas, that's six extra days to get six extra free supplements! Read on, fill up your shopping cart and get ready! 


Horse riding is one of the top three riskiest sports for children

A study which found that riding is one of the top three riskiest sports for children and young adults will probably prompt fears amongst parents and boost sales of body protectors.


While we should all take precautions – ranging from using common sense to wearing protective gear of an appropriate...


Horses who spring surprises

There’s nothing nicer than hearing people enthuse about their horses – not in terms of how much they’ve won, but in how much they enrich their lives. Talking to a woman who had just bought her first horse after ten years of sharing other people’s was a delight.


Her story included an inspiring su...


The best supplement for endurance horses

What does Annie feed her endurance horses to ensure they perform to the best of their ability?

If you haven't got time to read to the end then click here to find out the perfect supplements for Annie's horses. 


Autumn is in full swing now, the first overnight frost appeared over two weeks ago a...


We will remember the animals lost in war

When we remember those who have died in war, it’s surely appropriate to remember the animals caught up in conflict.


Without the horses, ponies and mules who were part of British forces in the 1914-18 war, history might have played out in a different way. They became a vital part of cavalry warfa...