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Keeping traditions in the right place.

We horsey folk live in a funny old world, writes CAROLYN HENDERSON. Sometimes, it seems like an alternative universe. While everyone else has been pounding keyboards over Brexit, sections of the horse world have been getting hot under the collar over dressage riders wearing brightly coloured boots a...


Racing into a new future.

There was plenty to set racing fans’ hearts fluttering at the 2017 Cheltenham Festival, writes CAROLYN HENDERSON. But for me, the most emotional moment wasn’t seeing Sizing John power home to win the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Instead, it was the sight of eight wonderful ex-racehorses being paraded by ...

Victory for Gorgeous George!

Good evening! I hope you all hugely enjoyed watching the Cheltenham Festival, what a feast for the eyes it proved to be! I very unfortunately didn’t manage to get my tips up last week, but naturally knew that Buveur D’Air, Special Tiara, Nichols Canyon and Sizing John were the way forward! There ...

In praise of happy hackers!

Riders who choose not to compete are often looked on as inferior to those who do, writes CAROLYN HENDERSON. Even worse, they often look on themselves as second class citizens of the horse world.

We’ve all heard it: “I’m just a happy hacker.” Maybe you even say it, with the accepted tone of self-dis...


The First Outing of the Endurance Season 2017.

The horses’ work is continuing to be full on with Dilmun and Fantom having now completed four weeks’ steady walking work building up to 1.5 hours per day, Chiara alternating between schooling, lunging and groundwork sessions and faster training sessions and Wizard ticking over being ridden approxima...

Horsing around is good for you!

New research from Japan shows that riding improves children’s ability to learn, writes CAROLYN HENDERSON. This reinforces something Feedmark customers will take for granted – that horses are good for us. Scientists at Tokyo University of Agriculture have found that riding activates the sympatheti...

Are you fit for the job?


Everyone in the Feedmark team has been cheering sponsored rider Will Furlong after his latest achievement, writes Carolyn Henderson. Super-talented Will has just completed a top event – this time, without a horse. Will finished the Brighton half-marathon and already has a full marathon in his s...