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Keep on learning

We should never stop feeding our appetites for knowledge, writes CAROLYN HENDERSON The more time you spend with horses, the more you realise that you never stop learning about them. Learning goes through stages. You start off like a sponge, soaking up anything and everything. Then you get to know yo...


Supporting muscles when bringing horses back into work

Some horses are already in hard work at this time of year, but for many owners, the winter is a time for your horse to take it a bit easy. Now the nights are starting to draw out, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and lots of us are starting to think about increasing work load to get hors...


Keeping joints comfortable and mobile in winter

Over the winter, cold and damp weather (and the daily management that generally accompanies it) can mean that older horses and those with joint issues need additional help to stay comfortable and mobile. The exacerbation of joint problems is due to multiple factors, including:



  • The cold te...

Feedmark wins SEIB Retailer of the Year at 2018 BETA Business Awards

We are delighted to have won the coveted title of SEIB Retailer of the Year 2018 in the Online/Mail Order Retailer category at The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Business Awards. The highly sought-after retail award received nominations from more than 1,000 individuals for over 150 comp...


In praise of perfect parents

Eventing star Mary King’s tribute to her Mum, Gillian Thomson, will have pulled at the heartstrings of every horse owner. Mrs Thomson, who died early in January, wasn’t just the epitome of a not-particularly-horsey parent who encouraged her daughter to chase her dreams. She was a shining light, and ...


Could you be our new Marketing Executive?

Marketing Executive Feedmark enjoys an enviable reputation for making quality, science based equine supplements - delivering research led, customer focused nutrition direct to horse-owners throughout the UK and overseas. We've been in business for nearly 40 years and continue to go from strength to...


Here’s to a wonderful 2018!


Good evening, Well, I am making a slow start to my New Year’s Resolution’s already, as clearly my main one was to keep everyone a lot more regularly updated on here!! I have been completely useless over the holiday period, and upsettingly cannot even blame the consumption of too much mulled win...


Online chat query: overweight native

Customer: My horse won’t lose weight, even though I have put him on a diet.

The vet has said it’s going to be bad for his health if he doesn’t lose a bit soon - please help!

What do you do about an overweight horse?  


Olivia: I’m sure that we can help you. Can you tell me a bit about your h...


Preparing horses for the 2018 season

Is it just me or this damp, wet, dreary weather, getting a bit boring now? We are very lucky where I live in West Sussex – beautiful views, great hacking, never too much snow. However, I really wish we were not on the deep, heavy clay ground, that just turns to sludge at this time of the year!



How to scrub up like a show pony

As a New Year ball/excuse for a really good party proved, many horsey people can turn themselves out as well as they turn out their horses. I’m used to seeing many of the guests with slicked-back hair and riding hats, and must admit that at first glance, I didn’t recognise a couple of people I know ...


Customers vote for Feedmark to reach national awards finals

Feedmark are delighted to have reached the national finals of the 2018 British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Business Awards. We have been shortlisted as a finalist for the SEIB Retailer of the Year Award under the category of Internet Retailer. The accolade will be awarded on 22nd January at ...


4 tips to keep your horse healthy this winter

We are now in the depth of winter, and lush summer paddocks have long disappeared. Instead, many horses are stabled for numerous hours of the day, and turned out on sparse winter paddocks. Your horse’s feeding regime may need to be altered to keep them healthy through these winter conditions, so her...