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Powerful nutrients for healthy blemish-free skin

62 reviews. 4.6 / 5
Chris - 12/04/2024 09:15
Guest - 29/03/2024 11:18
Good as pony has kept free of sarcoids
Guest - 13/12/2023 16:48
I have only used this for 3 weeks so need to use it longer to comment further. I previously used turmeric gold of different brand.
Guest - 28/09/2023 15:03
I've been using SarVoid for many years. My horse had sarcoids in the past but he hasn't had any re-appear since I've been using this food supplement.  He always cleans his bowl so it's a regular purchase for me.
Guest - 27/09/2023 16:30
This is a good supplement for my mare who has been treated with sarcoids in the past. I have fed her this alongside other supplements this year and the sarcoids that started growing at the start of the year have shrunk.
Sue - 18/12/2022 19:15
I have a grey and he has been on this for 3 years it keeps any sarcoids from getting worse and they often disappear completely
Allison - 15/11/2022 14:11
very palpable, all my horses like it and they all look well
Allison - 09/09/2022 08:43
Not used for that long but at least my horse eats it with no problem
Sue - 01/09/2022 14:35
The products in my experience do what they say, owning a grey the Sarvoid is amazing. Also the no fill fantastic product which works and everything is made with natural ingredients
Angela - 17/08/2022 21:36
Iv been using this now for just over 3mths and the Sarcoids that my horse had on his face have started disappearing, and the ones on his body have shrunk insize, i believe it has also aided the healing of the ones that I had banded... he also has suffered for several years with really dry scabby skin in his armpits which has been treated with various lotions and potions with nothing working, and this has now also started clearing up.

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Nutrition Information

Around 5% of the UK population of horses have visible blemishes on their skin (Blue Cross Survey 2016). These blemishes are not only unsightly, but in certain places they may cause tack and straps to rub and further complications can arise. SarVoid™is a blend of traditionally used ingredients, including Turmeric, Burdock root and Red Clover flowers, which combine to help keep skin free from these unattractive flaws. Linseed and Clivers are essential for normal skin cell reproduction and help to keep skin healthy. In addition to these skin health optimising herbs, Astragalus helps to support the immune system, and Black pepper extract helps the body to best utilise the active components of these ingredients. 


Micronised linseed, Astragalus root powder, Turmeric, Red Clover flowers, Burdock root, Clivers, Black pepper extract


SENSORY ADDITIVES (per kg): Black Pepper extract 0.6g


Crude protein 22.5%, Crude oils & fats 12.7%, Crude fibre 15.2%, Crude ash 6.5%, Sodium 0.05%

Feeding Guide


Weight of Horse Amount per day       
Up to 250kg 1 scoop
250 - 400kg 1 ¼ scoops
400 - 600kg 2 scoops
Over 600kg 3 scoops


1 level (50ml) scoop of SarVoid™weighs approximately 23g

Unsuitable for pregnant or lactating mares.

Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight. Introduce to the horse's diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable).

SarVoid™is a complementary feeding stuff for equine animals. Feedmark uses nothing in the formulation of this product that contravenes competition rules.