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Fussy Feeder

A blend of tasty herbs to encourage picky eaters

8 reviews. 5 / 5
Melanie - 26/04/2023 15:56
This works - I have the fussiest horse in the world - he is 34years old and very smart and worldly wise and knows when I am trying to introduce new stuff. This support really helps.
Guest - 12/02/2023 19:09
I have the fussiest horse in the whole world and he will eat this
Trusted Feefo Customer - 17/08/2022 23:30
Horse ears more when Fussy Feeder is added to his feed
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/02/2020 20:36
Best Flex HA has proved to be the very best product on the market for keeping my old mare comfortable as she heads for 31 this year.  She never refuses it in her feed and looks a happy girl in her retirement.
Marcelle - 04/01/2020 11:51
Susan - 06/11/2019 14:16
Helps my very picky feeder to clean up all his feeds.
Joy - 22/05/2019 15:39
After a chat online I was sent sample to try out ordered a tub brilliant stuff anf my horse is a terrible fussy feeder and I need him to get his zero bute....clean plate every feed
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/08/2018 12:17
Keeps our fit event horses eating and clearing up.

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Feeding Guide

Per Feed - 1 scoop

1 level (50ml) scoop weighs approximately 21g

If your horse is still reluctant to eat or you need to mask an unpleasant taste in the feed, Fussy Feeder can be fed at a higher rate.

Unsuitable for pregnant mares. 

Fussy Feeder is a complementary feeding stuff for equine animals. Feedmark uses nothing in the formulation of this product that contravenes competition rules.

Nutrition Information

Fussy Feeder is a combination of Mint, Linseed and Fenugreek, blended with added Peppermint oil to provide a fragrant, tasty treat to encourage your horse to eat. It combines the most commonly used equine appetite stimulants, Mint and Fenugreek, which have the added bonus of being digestive aids. By popping Fussy Feeder in your horse’s feed, the pleasant aroma and taste can help to mask any more unpleasant additions, encouraging your horse to eat.

Please introduce slowly. Palatability samples are available, simply add this option to your basket and complete your order. In the unlikely event that your horse does not enjoy Fussy Feeder please contact us, our Nutritionists can help you to find the best supplement to encourage your horse to eat.


Fenugreek seeds, Micronised linseed, Mint leaves.


  per kg
Peppermint oil 5.0 g



Crude protein 23.1%
Crude oils & fats 19.3%
Crude fibre 19.7%
Crude ash 4.1%
Sodium <0.1%

Can Fussy Feeder be fed long term?

Yes, Fussy Feeder can be fed for as long as you need it.


How would this encourage my horse to eat more?

Fussy feeder delivers Mint, Linseed and Fenugreek, which are all highly palatable, and addition of a mint scent helps to mask any unpleasant additions to the feed bowl.