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Powerful joint and digestive aid with soothing properties

122 reviews. 4.8 / 5
Guest - 21/09/2023 21:53
My mare has been on this for a few months and seems to be working
Christine - 20/09/2023 16:00
Useful joint supplement and natural herbal product.
Guest - 12/07/2023 15:29
Seems to do what it says on the tin. I use it for my competition horse and elderly one who suffers with arthritis .
Guest - 12/05/2023 10:50
Excellent product and seems to be working
Linda - 03/05/2023 15:45
My pony eats the pure form and I swooped to this after he started refusing feed with the Best Flex in
Teresa - 05/04/2023 16:15
Used Boswellia for years.  If my horse has ever had a break from it I see a negative result hence my continuous feeding it.
Guest - 20/03/2023 06:57
Not received the order yet?
Julie - 12/02/2023 20:55
The best and highest content of Boswellia I have seen.
Lisa - 06/02/2023 19:48
The Boswallia seems to be working but I think to see even better results it needs to get really be taken for longer
Guest - 05/01/2023 18:27
Have been using this product for a month or so and seems to be helping my QH mare who injured herself last year,  have now started exercises and hopefully will be riding again before too long 🤞🏻
Guest - 11/12/2022 08:35
Been on it for a couple of weeks now and seems to be helping
Tracy - 30/11/2022 20:24
Excellent product and price
Guest - 09/11/2022 19:48
This particular Boswellia is of high quality and there have been no problems with palatability.
Linda - 30/10/2022 19:29
Good quality, easy to use product which I use on my 18yr old Highland pony doing elementary /novice Dressage to help his joint comfort while in higher level work.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/09/2022 20:41
Does exactly what it says on the tub… happy with the way my mare responds to this.
Kathryn - 19/08/2022 17:19
very good for my horse with joint probems
Lorraine - 10/08/2022 20:53
Fast service and always helpful customer service.  Products are first class
Trusted Feefo Customer - 29/06/2022 22:56
Too soon to tell but once I know I will update accordingly
Trusted Feefo Customer - 29/06/2022 21:49
Seems to have made a difference in my old horses ease of movement
Trusted Feefo Customer - 16/06/2022 14:06
Only recently introduced. Very palatable which is why I've given 4 stars.  Will wait to see evidence of benefits
Liz - 08/06/2022 20:58
Excellent supplements....
Trusted Feefo Customer - 26/05/2022 12:57
Very good reliable product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 11/04/2022 07:55
Our horse has been on this for a few years now and he is much better
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/04/2022 13:48
Have been using this supplement for several months now and it does seem to be helping my boy stay sound.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 16/03/2022 20:09
palatable  and also very effective
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/03/2022 13:13
Using product on my 32  year old and he is less stiff
Trusted Feefo Customer - 16/02/2022 19:37
Fantastic product, would definitely recommend.
Amanda - 26/01/2022 19:17
This product is phenomenal it has had a dramatic impact on my horse. He is 26 and arthritic and was struggling since using this he is happy in his work and much freer on his movement.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 05/01/2022 20:20
Purchased this time for a friend's horse as did wonders for my old TB in her late 20's.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 05/01/2022 19:24
This is my third purchase of Boswellia found it effective  for my horses arthritis
Nicolette - 29/12/2021 20:14
We’ve seen a marked improvement in the movement of both our horses. We’ve only been using it a couple of months
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/12/2021 19:17
Top quality product that does what it's meant to
Rachel - 02/12/2021 10:17
The bosawella is proving to be very good
Trusted Feefo Customer - 24/11/2021 20:39
My horse is really benefiting from tbe Boswellium
Simone - 17/11/2021 20:10
Not been using it for long, hopefully I will see changes in my arthritic horse
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/11/2021 21:54
Great product that helps with joint mobility and appears to be supper palatable
Trusted Feefo Customer - 01/11/2021 15:34
Product excellant - makes a difference to my horse
Barbara - 31/10/2021 21:21
To soon to tell if having any affect. Weather and ground conditions have halted riding.
Emma - 20/10/2021 22:30
Only just started to use it but my two old boys haven’t deteriorated at all since I swapped to this abs they eat it with no problem
Trusted Feefo Customer - 07/10/2021 19:44
My horse finds it very palatable.  He seems a lot more settled generally since using the supplement
Poynters - 04/10/2021 10:43
This is excellent .My pony does not have any joint problems ,but has an inflamation of the nerve running down his nose ,exacerbated by sunlight.We have tried many things (under vet supervision) but Boswellia is the most effective and I would really support this as helping with any type of head-shaking
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/09/2021 10:20
I’m continually rehabbing my 10yr old gelding after a nasty accident a few years ago, resulting in a bad hind leg injury.  Ive recently upped his workload and the Boswellia is definitely helping with any soreness & stiffness. We’ve also had a recent issue with wet droppings which I’m sure is due to the rich autumn grass. The Boswellia has also helped firm up the loose poos.
Sarah - 15/09/2021 20:44
Good quality product easy to use
Anneli - 15/09/2021 20:22
Excellent!  palateble and effective.
Gwen - 14/09/2021 19:09
Excellent product that does what it says.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 12/09/2021 11:48
Only been using for couple of weeks, so although he still stiff he's a lot more relaxed so it's helping something
Tracy - 29/08/2021 20:11
Seems to be working and palatanle
Trusted Feefo Customer - 05/07/2021 12:37
My horse is moving much more freely since being on boswellia and the clicking from his stifles has decreased.
Jean - 01/07/2021 15:49
Same as for the Extra Flex HA +
He is doing well.
Linda - 16/06/2021 22:16
I use this product for joint support, so this was a reorder.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/05/2021 09:30
Great joint supplement, my old horse is doing really well with this in her diet
Susan - 06/05/2021 12:08
I don't use this product for my horse but my daughter who does seems to be very satisfied
Elizabth - 05/05/2021 20:31
It works. My emotional mare had started weaving she was so tense and I worried about ulcers so I chose Steady up which works for her.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/03/2021 13:10
We use this with Easiflex and our horse is doing really well
He has kissing spine and arthritic hocks, he seems to be more sound and not as reactive since using these products
Trusted Feefo Customer - 03/03/2021 19:29
Horse eating Boswellia v well - no probs with palatability. Sees at ease and comfortable in joints
Zena - 02/03/2021 16:39
Very palatable for horses.
And a really good natural pain relief
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/02/2021 19:22
Known product always good quality
Traceyann - 10/02/2021 19:45
My boys are benefiting so much from this product they are 22 yrs old live out as one has cpod  rugged up , field shelter , food and hay plus thus product they are doing well
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/01/2021 20:22
Great product and horses love it and it shows in their condution
Trusted Feefo Customer - 21/12/2020 19:50
To early to say yet ,but seems to be working
Stephanie - 21/12/2020 19:44
Good product, but bag not easy to re-seal
Sue - 17/12/2020 21:03
Good quality at decent price
Caroline - 17/12/2020 19:37
Good value for a product that works
Julie - 01/12/2020 23:38
my horses have done very well on this product
Trusted Feefo Customer - 25/11/2020 22:19
Horses love it and that's a start just waiting on improvement which is there but slow as it is with herbs , but so far looking positive
Trusted Feefo Customer - 25/11/2020 21:30
Sample didn’t smell as strong as expected and my fussy boy ate without problems. Noticed the 2kg was quite smelly when i unpacked it but not started feeding it yet. Good value with YHL offer
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/11/2020 19:57
Bit early to tell, but he seems to have a better spring in his step, though he is on bute for arthritis too
Linda - 18/11/2020 19:23
I use this as my pony suddenly went off Best Flex. I use it to maintain his mobility after hock surgery as he competes at Elementary level and is now a veteran.
Laura - 11/11/2020 19:47
Good quality and nice to be able to buy in large quantity as feed to several horses.
Rebecca - 19/10/2020 20:49
My 23 year old has joint issues and was on 2.5 bute a day to keep him comfortable. It took a bit of gradual introduction following his initial reaction of 'im not eating that' as I'd started with the full dose.
However once on the right quantities, he went from his 2.5 bute a day to half a sachet.  Such a miraculous change.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 09/09/2020 10:20
Only been using Boswellia but definitely noticed an improvement. My horse loosens up more quickly and is moving more freely. Will continue to use as seems to be still improving.
Carol - 08/09/2020 12:44
Excellent product really makes a difference to my horse
Lucy - 07/09/2020 19:02
This is a good quality product and works well for my horse
Trusted Feefo Customer - 06/09/2020 23:29
Good quality  boswellia and economical
Lara - 17/08/2020 11:08
Only just starting to use it but smells lovely and both older horses are eating it easily.
Gillian - 12/08/2020 22:37
Larger tubs better value and great offers.
Caroline - 12/08/2020 20:47
Have only been using three months but already improvements have been noticed in my mare
Trusted Feefo Customer - 06/08/2020 05:54
Boswellia keeps my boys comfy without having to use Bute.
Chrysoulla - 02/08/2020 21:47
Fantastic product. Has really worked to help my arthritic ex advanced dressage mare to stay sound and return to work and she is enjoying life again.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 01/08/2020 12:49
Boswellia is an excellent all-round protective for joints. Simple to use and not too much strain on my pocket
Trusted Feefo Customer - 22/07/2020 20:22
Boswellia is a great product, nicely packed and the herb itself is effective, with no unpleasant side effects
Caroline - 08/07/2020 20:16
Having been using the boswellia for five weeks now and noticed a difference in my mares movement, more supple and less stiffness when she comes out of her stable
Caroline - 28/06/2020 21:05
Have already noticed in three weeks of using this product a difference in my mare, the stiffness has eased considerably and would recommend this product
Carol - 10/06/2020 20:28
Really can see a difference
Rachel - 04/06/2020 06:20
It’s made a huge difference to my 17 yr old mare, she feels more supple whilst on this product.
Sandra - 03/06/2020 20:29
Need more time to assess the benefits
Madeline - 27/05/2020 20:24
Works well for my arthritic horse, he stays happy and comfortable using it
Trusted Feefo Customer - 20/05/2020 23:27
Both horses are happy to eat it even though they can be fussy. Early days to know how effective it is.
Debbie - 07/05/2020 07:44
Huw has been on boswellia for a week and I have already noticed a difference in him he has arthritis and really suffers in the summer due to the hard ground he's back to being his cheeky naughty self
Trusted Feefo Customer - 06/05/2020 21:57
Helps my daughters horse, excellent product
Combined with the other supplements I know he is well looked after
Trusted Feefo Customer - 04/03/2020 20:31
Susan - 19/02/2020 13:04
I was recommended to use Boswellia by friend as an all round Joint supplememt.. He has no joint problems but am keen to try and stop any before.they happen
Trusted Feefo Customer - 31/01/2020 19:39
I've been buying this for over a year, and convinced friends to try their horses on it too, as it certainly seems to help my almost 30 year old TB mare better than any other product that's formulated to help the old joints.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 14/01/2020 17:03
Trusted Feefo Customer - 08/01/2020 19:31
Product as described, available in a 4 month supply which avoids too many repeat orders
Helen - 02/01/2020 20:21
We're already using this ingredient  in another product from a different company. Looking forward to adding it on its own to our ponies feed.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/11/2019 18:48
Early days but seems to be making a difference, I use it in conjunction with Extra flex with RH
Trusted Feefo Customer - 11/11/2019 23:22
Seems to help my athritic  horse and pony. The pony seems to breathe better when taking boswieelia
Trusted Feefo Customer - 03/11/2019 07:31
I have her on every supplement thought to be a help for arthritis, so not sure if it’s Boswellia that’s working, but something is
Trusted Feefo Customer - 30/10/2019 16:25
The Boswellia has been great for my old horse, who has joint issues.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 23/10/2019 15:23
It simply does what it says on the tin, I found it really helps my horse
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/10/2019 08:32
Made a noticeable improvement to my horse
Elizabeth - 02/10/2019 20:35
smells lovely, My horses all seem to do very well on this
Karen - 18/09/2019 21:48
Boswella really seems to work very well
Trusted Feefo Customer - 18/09/2019 16:52
Though not cheap, seems to be helpful to my mare, so worth it.
Susanne - 28/08/2019 19:40
Have not had the opportunity to try it yet.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 27/08/2019 20:14
Recommended by my vet.for elderly arthriticy mule. Difficult to assess success as no control but her mobility has stabilised.
Samantha - 21/08/2019 15:31
Best one I have tried very palatable
Trusted Feefo Customer - 19/06/2019 15:00
This product helps keep my old competition horse comfortable and moving. I also think that it helps with his breathing as his warm up cough has improved since using it.
Rebecca - 08/05/2019 17:45
Good value for money. Product that definitely works!
Linda - 08/05/2019 14:21
Works for my horse so ordered more including some for my friend's horse.
Jean - 21/04/2019 22:33
My 23 year old horse is looking marvellous, and his arthritis appears to be less bothersome - he has more freedom of movement.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 10/04/2019 12:07
I have been using Boswellia for several years years now, it certainly helps to ease the stiffness in my old mare - particularly if she's had a rather busy day out in the field amusing herself!
Teresa - 31/03/2019 08:18
Toni - 27/03/2019 12:37
I trust that Feedmark are supplying  the product that I am ordering.  You can buy cheaper, but I don't  feel confident that a cheaper product is pure.
I give Boswellia to my arthritic Welsh cob  who is 23 years old and can definately see a positive difference in him.
Jean - 21/03/2019 22:05
There has not been enough time to analyse its effectiveness but my horse is looking very well, and appears to be comfortable.
- 21/03/2019 10:42
Excellent product, seems to really help my old mare.
Jean - 22/01/2019 00:34
The product appears to do as it says.
Christine - 08/01/2019 14:03
A 22 year old was getting stiff on his back legs for the farrier but after a few months of Boswellia he's noticably better.
- 19/12/2018 10:56
Very well rated for joint support.
Jean - 04/09/2018 12:22
My 22 year old horse looks well with a terrific coat and strong hooves.
Angie - 17/04/2018 14:14
I have been using this for some time now, my horse seems to be benefiting from the Boswellia better than a combined joint supplement. Because it's such a good quality, only a small amount is required, this is perfect for him being a fussy eater.
Sue - 09/10/2017 12:52
Our pony seems to have responded well to this and I will be re-ordering

Nutrition Information

Boswellia contains Boswellic acids which are well known for their joint supporting and comforting properties. Boswellia has also been shown to help maintain the structural composition of connective tissues.

Boswellia has been researched in both humans and animals, and as well as helping to maintain mobility it also offers digestive support, can help to firm loose droppings, and is also thought to be beneficial for the respiratory system.

In line with our promise to always provide the best possible products, we source the finest quality Boswellia we can from suppliers aligning to the same strict feed assurance schemes as ourselves and with the highest possible levels of Boswellic acid. 


Boswellia powder


Crude protein 0.6%, Crude oils & fats 3.0%, Crude fibre <0.1%, Crude ash 0.6%, Sodium <0.05%

Feeding Guide

Weight of Horse/Pony             Amount per day                                                            
Up to 400kg 4 scoops
Over 400kg 8 scoops
1 level (5ml) scoop of Boswellia weighs approximately 2g

Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight. Introduce to the horse's diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable).

Boswellia is a complementary feeding stuff for equine animals. Feedmark uses nothing in the formulation of this product that contravenes competition rules.