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Devil's Claw

Soothing relief to maintain soundness and flexibility

39 reviews. 4.9 / 5
Guest - 22/04/2024 21:22
Fantastic it works on old stiff joints & makes it easier for movement. I think it must taste okay as they both eat it with no fussing
Guest - 04/04/2024 10:21
great value for money and has helped with horses arthritis in this weather
Suzanne - 28/02/2024 13:53
Brilliant product works well
Guest - 14/02/2024 18:21
I have a 23 yr old show jumper that absolutely lives for jumping. Despite his age, devils claw allows him to carry on doing what he was born to do. Loving life!
Guest - 26/07/2023 15:45
Works well for laminitics instead of bute. Not safe for horses with ulcers though.
ALLISON - 14/06/2023 15:35
We have a stiff older pony and this product seems to be keeping him a bit more active.
Trusted Feefo Customer - 13/10/2022 09:32
My horse resonds well to this
Jeanette - 15/09/2022 04:41
I am feeding this product alongside Devils Claw, staff were very helpful and I am hoping for positive results but it is early days. My only concern is it isn’t very palatable and my pony is fussy.
Beverley - 01/08/2022 07:45
Really helped with mobility in my 18 year old horse
John - 25/07/2022 12:51
It has helped my wife’s old pony to be more comfortable

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Feeding Guide

Weight of Horse/Pony Amount per day                            
Up to 400kg ¼ scoop
Over 400kg ½ scoop


1 level (50ml) scoop of Devil's claw weighs approximately 40g

Unsuitable for pregnant mares.
Do not feed if gastric ulcers are suspected.
Not suitable for horses competing under FEI or racing rules.
Please allow a minimum withdrawal period of 48 hours.

Feed supplements should be fed according to body weight. Introduce to the horse's diet gradually, splitting between feeds (when applicable).

Devil's claw is a complementary feeding stuff for equine animals.

Nutrition Information

Devil’s claw is a native plant of Southern African countries, and is known to be a bitter tonic. The root of this plant is often fed to horses with joint problems and muscle tightness, due to the soothing nature of the active components Harpagosides.


Calcium carbonate (for product consistency), Devil's claw root powder (Harpagophytum procumbens) (25%).


Crude protein 1.0%
Crude oils & fats 0.3%
Crude fibre 5.7%
Crude ash 75.3%
Sodium <0.1%
Calcium  33.4%

Can I feed this when I compete under rules?

Devil’s Claw is not allowed under competition rules and should not be fed for at least 2 weeks prior to competing.


Is it safe to feed this when my horse has gastric issues? 

It is not recommended to feed Devils Claw to horses with gastric problems, as it is thought to increase stomach acid production.


My horse seems to have both muscle and joint issues: is this what you would recommend or would Activet or Boswellia be a better option?

For joint and muscle support we would recommend feeding ActiVet.