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Have you spoken to Feedmark’s Science and Nutrition Department before? We have a fantastic team of Nutritionists who have a great wealth of knowledge and experience to help you optimise your horse’s health, performance and wellbeing…


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Poisonous Plants for Horses

While horses do benefit from consuming a wide range of forage, some plants can have a detrimental effect on your horse’s health and wellbeing.  

Our Nutritionist, Ellie, explains how to recognise common poisonous plants so you can ensure that your horse’s grazing is risk free... 


What Are Supplements and Does My Horse Need One?

Providing a nutritionally balanced diet is the basis to keeping a happy and healthy horse, however some horses may require additional support for number of reasons. There are a large variety of supplements available and choosing suitable products for your horse can seem a little daunting. Our Nutritionist explains exactly what supplements are and how to determine whether your horse may need additional nutritional support…


Supporting Your Horse's Muscles

Our Nutritionist investigates equine muscles, explaining the various types of muscle found within the horse, what they are and how can we support their development. 


Discover some top tips for aiding your horse’s muscle health and development through nutritional support…


What Are Feed Balancers and Would They Help Your Horse?

Our Senior Nutritionist investigates equine feed balancers, how they differ from general vitamin and mineral supplements and what types of horses may benefit from them. Whether you have a good doer, competition horse, or a pony on box rest, find out whether a balancer would suit your horse’s diet…