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Fit for the job

Most riders do everything they can to ensure that their horses are happy and comfortable, so the announcement that British Dressage is cracking down on too-tight nosebands will be welcomed.


We’ve all seen pictures of horses whose mouths have been strapped shut so tightly they can’t relax their j...


It’s all a matter of time

Ask a non-horsey person what difference daylight saving time (DST) makes to them and you’ll probably get either a blank look or a mild grumble about days getting shorter. Ask a horse owner and be prepared for a long list of complaints.


For many owners, it means fewer chances to ride. For an unlu...


Breaking through the age barrier

Do you ever feel that you and younger members of your family live on different planets? Or worse, that you’re saying all the things that made you cringe when your parents said them to you?


Then the talk turns to horses – and everything fits into place. One of the many benefits of being around ho...


Horse Clips: A Cut Above The Rest

There’s something ironic about the fact that we’re putting our coats on – and getting ready to take our horses’ coats off.

It's now time for your best horse clip design!


Yes, it’s clipping time – a chance to marvel at how horse hair can find its way under the tightest clothing, even if you fast...


Beware mud monsters

I can’t include a sound effect with this blog, so please imagine a cross between the theme from Jaws and the gloopy sound when you lose a wellie boot in wet ground.


That’s right – it’s the season to be concerned about mud fever.

Before your eyes, that smart, sleek summer pony will metamorphose ...


It’s all change here at Watergate Endurance!

Nothing with horses is ever simple.  After the Masters I religiously hosed Chiara’s right fore three times a day for a week then took her to the vet to have the leg scanned.  Even this didn’t go according to plan!  After trotting up and down on a hard surface, lunging her on both reins and flexion t...